Another day, another dollar…

Well, at least another day. And in days like these, that’s worth something.

Jodi and I did a quick 30 minute workout today at Planet Fitness during lunch hour. And I mean “QUICK”.

We live about 20 minutes from the gym, so to try to squeeze in a 30 minute session in an hour…well…we MAY have been a little over on time.

30 minutes can be difficult for some to get a full workout in, or at least, a workout where you feel like you actually…you know…did work.

But, for me, when I am short on time, I do arms, and only arms. Cool thing about arm exercises is that, you can basically get a full arm workout without having to change a bunch of weights or jump machines.

Bicep curls turn into overhead tricep press. Tricep push downs turn into bicep pull ups (with just a flick of the lever). You can superset the hell out of arms without switching up too much of your equipment, which saves valuable time when you are crunched

Speaking of valuable time…

I’ve committed to doing more Bowflex videos…seems alot of people struggle to get the machines and actually convert their desire to work into actual work.

Tonight, I posted up a new video for the Bowflex faithful…all about simple shoulder and back exercises. Here ya go….enjoy…

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