Fresh site, same shit….

Aight everyone…..time for an upgrade.

I had been doing a rinky dink blog somewhere else on the webs, but honestly, I put little effort into it and it just became a place for me to repost my YouTube videos (you can follow me HERE on YouTube).

So, I decided to upgrade and actually get serious with my site. Lots of cool things coming and in the works, excited to share it with you all.

Oh, and I’m still going to repost my Youtube videos here….just because thats how I roll.

I’m still busy quite a few times a week with my Macro counting videos and instructional vids on how to track and count macros for your food plan. I still can’t recommend that you get the MyMacros+ app for that….great tool to track.

Anyways, here is today’s vid. Stay tuned for more…

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