Too much chicken???

I really didn’t think I could make TOO MUCH chicken…hello leftovers!

Stopped by the local meat market tonight to snag something to cook for dinner. Might I say, I had no idea the difference between like…meat market quality and WalMart quality until the pandemic of 2020 forced me to start looking at different places to get my food.

But holy cow, it is SUCH a difference. In fact, it’s such a difference that I can tell just by the texture of the meat where it was purchased from. So now, I think I might have become a bit of a meat quality snob. But not without good reason.

Wifey and I hit the gym today at noon….I don’t know what it is about having the pressure of a short workout looming over your shoulder, but I feel like maybe I move faster between sets, or between machines….I dunno…but there is no lack of sweat, even on these shorter workouts. I guess it’s one of those things where…if I ain’t gonna sweat, I shouldn’t even be there, so get to work!

I am also starting to prepare the home gym for this next winter season. I am not a fan of leaving the house too much when it’s cold, especially just for a workout, so having a good setup here at the house becomes extremely important. I’m on the lookout for a new weight bench to slide into the pull up cage….say tuned.

New video also up on the YouTube channel. Today’s video is my walkthrough of my food plan for the day, including macro and calorie counting. If that’s up your alley, click the pic below to give it a peek. resizeimage 18

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