How We Approach Reviews

At, we’re committed to delivering honest and transparent reviews in the health and fitness arena. Our guiding principle is straightforward: to provide you with reviews you can trust, always rooted in honesty and integrity.

The Core of Our Reviews: Honesty and Truthfulness

As this website’s founder and primary reviewer, my personal ethos of honesty and truthfulness is at the heart of everything we do. When you read a review here, rest assured that it represents my genuine opinion, shaped by years of experience and expertise in health and fitness.

Disclosure: Paid Reviews and Free Items

Transparency is key. Occasionally, I’m compensated for my reviews or receive free items from brands for review purposes. In these instances, I’ll always disclose this information in the review. This ensures you know exactly where each product stands regarding my relationship with the brand.

Purchased Items: Our Unbiased Approach

Many items reviewed on our site are ones I’ve purchased personally. Whether an item is paid for, received for free, or bought with my own money, the review process remains consistent. The goal is always to offer you transparent and unbiased insights.

Our Review Methodology

Not every review is based on firsthand experience. Leveraging my background as a certified personal trainer with ASM and a certified nutrition coach, along with extensive market knowledge, I provide comprehensive information about products I believe are the best in their class. This approach combines professional expertise with a deep understanding of the fitness and health market understanding.

Trust and Value: The Pillars of Our Content

Your time and money are precious. With that in mind, our reviews aim to offer valuable insights based on my extensive experience and expertise. Whether it’s a product I’ve used personally or one I’ve researched thoroughly, the objective remains the same: to help you make well-informed decisions. Our commitment is to be a reliable source you can turn to for unbiased and honest reviews in the health and fitness world.

At Fizzness Shizzness, we’re more than just a review site. We’re a trusted partner in your health and fitness journey, ensuring every review we publish upholds the values of honesty, transparency, and value. Thank you for choosing us as your guide in navigating the complex health and fitness products world.