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I started the Fizzness Shizzness Podcast to talk about health, fitness, mindset, motivation, and learning through progress.

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Ep. 11 – When is the Best Time to Start a New Fitness Plan? | 11/26/23

Ready to turn over a new leaf, but not sure when to start? This is the episode for you.

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Ep. 10 – Scared of Success or Scared of Failure | 06/08/23

Everyone around you is scared of your ability to succeed, but many are just as scared of what happens when you fail.

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Ep. 09 – Someday Everything You Love Will Die | 04/26/23

Sometimes, we need to be reminded that the things we take for granted won’t be here forever, and some of them might already be gone.

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Ep. 08 – Not All Friends Are Meant to Last Forever | 03/24/23

Some people in our lives are only good for a short time. Recognizing when that time comes doesn’t come easy.