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I Got 6 More Amazon Shorts For Dudes; Let’s Try Em On! | Amazon Haul

We are back with another Amazon Haul, this time all workout and running shorts for men.

Check out these men’s workout and running shorts from Amazon. We’ll take a look at six different pairs and give you our thoughts on each one. We will be looking at the comfort, fit, style, material, and overall value of each pair of workout and running shorts from Amazon.

I have also done a video try-on for your viewing pleasure of these shorts, which you can see at the bottom of this article.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind About These Workout And Running Shorts

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I should make a couple of points before getting into the workout and running shorts review.

First, I am just over 6’3″ and 224 pounds. The fit on each pair of workout and running shorts will be Large unless otherwise noted.

Pricing Information

The prices can fluctuate at any given time; however, the range I gave was applicable at the time of this article.

Also, there are times that certain colors or styles of the same pair of workout and running shorts might be priced lower or discounted, so when looking at an item, flip through the various style options to see if you can save a few extra bucks.

You can click each button to check out the current pricing.

Ok, enough blabbering. Let’s look at the best mens gym shorts on Amazon.

As an Amazon affiliate, I may make commissions on purchases via the links below at no additional cost to you.

6 Pair of Workout and Running Shorts from Amazon Try-On

1. LRD Sweat Shorts for Men 7 inch Inseam Casual Athletic Pocket Jogger Shorts

image 32

Best Running And Workout Shorts For Men Of The Amazon Haul

Sometimes, my favorite pick from the Amazon Haul is also the least expensive from the Amazon Haul.

That’s precisely what has happened on this Amazon Haul. As soon as I put the LRD shorts on, I knew they would be the best of the haul.

These 100% polyester workout shorts are excellent material and felt like high-quality running shorts, even more so when I put them on. The fit around the waist was perfect, as these shorts have one of the best waistbands I have ever seen on a pair of workout shorts. The waistband is a bit of a high waistband, with plenty of drawstrings, which gives a high-quality feel.

The length is a 7-inch inseam, but they fit me more like a 5 or 6-inch inseam, exactly where I want it to be.

Oh, and did I mention these shorts were the cheapest of the running short Amazon Haul? At the time of the article, these shorts run right around $16 a pair.

These workout shorts come in a few different styles, from solid to various prints.

I can’t recommend these shorts enough.

2. Oakley Men’s Performance Rc Short

image 33

The Oakley Men’s Performance Rc Short is an excellent pair of running shorts.

They are made with 100% polyester and have a mesh fabric built into the sides of the shorts, making them lightweight and breathable.

The fit is true to size, and they have an internal drawstring waistband for a secure fit. These shorts also have pockets on the back and sides, which is great for holding your keys or phone while running. The inseam on these shorts is about five inches.

The only downside to these shorts is the price; they are at the higher end of the spectrum for workout and running shorts. But if you’re looking for a quality pair of running shorts, these are a great option.

3. adidas Originals Men’s Standard Adicolor Classics Trace Shorts

image 34

I have had some Adidas shorts in some of my other Amazon Hauls that I loved, so I had high hopes for these shorts.

Unfortunately, these running shorts didn’t pan out for me.

The Adicolor Trace shorts are a brilliant blue (sky rush) with the classic adidas 3-stripes down the side. The material (100% polyester) felt fine, and the length was great, sitting at about a 5-inch inseam. The shorts also had an inside liner that was more of a swimming trunk type of liner, which I didn’t love.

My biggest complaint about these running shorts was just the fit. They felt oddly cut and sloppy. There wasn’t any form to them, in my opinion.

4. MIER Men’s Workout Running Shorts Lightweight Active 5 Inches

image 35

The MIER workout shorts on Amazon look great. They state they have a 5-inch inseam and are high stretchy.

If these fit in real life the way they do on the picture on Amazon, I would be super excited. But as you know by now, the thing I am most excited about often ends up being not so great.

The length on these was great, and they were comfortable shorts. However, I didn’t care for the feel of the material (90% polyester, 10% spandex), and the fit was just awful.

There was too much material around the crotch area, which gave the shorts an overall baggy and sloppy look. I want shorts that fit better for the price, so these are a pass for me.

5. Superdry Men’s Code Tech Short

image 36

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Superdry Code Tech Shorts. I am familiar with Superdry, but this product didn’t have any reviews on Amazon, so I was entering into a bit of an unknown.

Lucky for me, the quality I have come to expect from Superdry totally came through on these shorts.

As soon as I took them out of the package, I could tell these were well-made, high-quality shorts. Putting them on, my expectations were exceeded. The 100% cotton shorts were a tad heavier than some of the other shorts I tried on, but not in a negative way. They just felt sturdy.

The inseam fit me more like a 7-inch inseam, so a bit longer than the other pairs.

The color was a little off, as I ordered the grey, and it was closer to white than I expected.

But overall, great fitting and feeling pair of workout shorts for men on Amazon.

6. LRG Lifted Research Group Men’s Fleece Sweat Shorts

image 37

LRG is more of a lifestyle brand than a fitness apparel company, but these shorts intrigued me enough to give them a shot.

This pair didn’t work out for me. They looked like swimming trunks and felt like swimming trunks.

The overall quality of the shorts was just fine, but nothing that stood out to me. These were a pass.

Why Amazon Shorts Are Awesome For Working Out

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of mens athletic shorts for working out, Amazon has a wide variety of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for men’s athletic shorts for running, weightlifting, or any other type of physical activity, Amazon has a selection of shorts that will meet your needs.

One of the biggest advantages of shopping for athletic shorts on Amazon is the wide range of sizes and styles available. From slim fit to loose fit, Amazon has a variety of men’s active shorts to choose from to ensure a perfect fit for any body type.

Another great feature of Amazon’s selection of athletic shorts is the use of sweat-wicking material. This type of material is designed to pull sweat away from the skin, keeping you cool and dry during intense workouts. Moisture-wicking technology is also a common feature in many of Amazon’s athletic shorts, which helps to keep you comfortable and focused on your workout, rather than worrying about feeling damp or uncomfortable.

In addition to comfort and fit, Amazon also has a great selection of athletic shorts in terms of style and design. From solid colors to bold prints, there is a wide variety of options to choose from to suit your personal style.

Overall, Amazon is a great place to find the perfect pair of athletic shorts for men. With a wide range of sizes, styles, and features to choose from, you’re sure to find a pair that fits your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a pair of shorts for running, weightlifting, or any other type of workout, Amazon has a great selection of athletic shorts that will keep you comfortable and looking good while you sweat.

Final Thoughts On The Amazon Haul For Workout And Running Shorts For Men Amazon

We had a couple of clear winners like the LRD, Oakley, and Superdry shorts, which was a successful haul.

I also did a live video of my try-on for these shorts so you can see them in action.

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