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Planet Fitness Raises Membership Price for New Members

It’s hard to believe that Planet Fitness has had the same membership cost for over two decades, so it’s no wonder that some people weren’t happy whenever they announced this week that they would raise their basic membership cost by 50%.

Let’s break down what’s happening and who it will impact.

Is Planet Fitness Raising Its Basic Membership Cost?

For new members, the basic Planet Fitness membership will cost $10 up to $15, a 50% increase.

This will only impact members who sign up after the rate hike, and current members will continue to be grandfathered into their original basic price of $10.

This will also not impact the Planet Fitness Teen Summer program, which allows teens to work out for free during the summer months.

Is The Black Card Price Changing?

While there have been some rumors circulating about an eventual Black Card rate increase, none are on the table at this time. In fact, some believe that the Black Card price will remain the same and that new members will opt for the Black Card instead of the basic membership since the price gap between the two has decreased.

Why Is Planet Fitness Raising Basic Member Pricing?

Since they haven’t raised their prices in over twenty years, it’s reasonable to think this might be slightly overdue. While we have become accustomed to the lower-priced membership, Planet Fitness has created a successful business model despite the rising construction costs and overall inflation increases.

Will This Impact Planet Fitness Success?

Unlikely. Even at the new rate of $15, Planet Fitness still offers one of the lowest-priced full-access memberships available. So, while some might be off, put by the increase, they would be hard-pressed to go somewhere else and find a less expensive gym membership.

Basic Vs. Black Card Membership at Planet Fitness

There’s speculation that part of this increase is to make the higher-priced Black Car membership more enticing to new members. Now, with only a $10 difference between the two, the extra perks of the Black Card and the smaller gap between memberships might make new members more apt to select the higher-end membership.


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