The Planet Fitness Summer Pass For High School Kids 2023

planet fitness summer pass high school

Are you a high schooler on the hunt for ways to stay active and healthy over the summer? You’re not alone, and the Planet Fitness Summer Pass is here to help.

Summer can be a drag for teens trying to find exciting ways to keep moving. With no school in session and when school activities wind down, school sports programs, academic or athletic activities, and other school activities are not happening. This can take a toll on their mental and physical health.

Planet Fitness has your back with its High School Summer Pass program that will let teens gain access and work out for free, all summer long.

The Planet Fitness High School Summer Pass Program

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So, what’s the deal with Planet Fitness’ High School Summer Pass program?

It’s a summer promotion for high schoolers ages 14 to 19 (must be legal residents) to gain access free pass to sign up and work out for free all summer long at any Planet Fitness location in the US during the summer months from May 16 to August 31. to help keep them active this summer.

Yes, you read that right – FREE GYM MEMBERSHIP ALL SUMMER LONG. This is a program that was available in all 50 states, at any of the more than 2,200 Planet Fitness locations.

Per the Chief Executive Officer Chris Rondeau, “We look forward to providing a welcoming, safe, and Judgement Free environment for high school students to improve their physical and mental wellness.”

It’s a sweet summer deal that gives junior and high school students free access to fitness facilities, workout equipment, and fitness classes without spending a dime. But the benefits of the program go beyond the free membership for all High School Summer Pass participants, regardless of their fitness levels.

It’s also a great way to introduce teens to a gym environment in a non-intimidating environment with a judgement-free zone for the first time, so they can learn the do’s and don’t while having free access to a high-quality fitness experience with their friends.

The program also gives teens access to the Planet Fitness app workouts. There, they have access to 15 trainer-left workout videos and 10 downloadable workouts to watch at home as well.

The free High School Summer Pass program does not include any gym classes, massage beds, or tanning options. It is just for the basic equipment used in the facility.

Why Exercise Is Important for Teen’s Overall Health

Exercise is essential for teenagers’ physical and mental well-being. The CDC recommends that children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 get at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity daily. Exercise can reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes, promote self-esteem, and even help alleviate feelings of depression.

In other words, it’s good for their physical and mental health, both.

The Planet Fitness High School Summer Pass program for teens is an awesome opportunity to develop a fun workout routine and spend time with friends. Plus, it can be especially beneficial for teenage girls.

The Women’s Sports Foundation reports that girls drop out of sports at two times the rate of boys by age 14 due to various factors. The Summer Pass program can give teenage girls a safe space to explore physical activity during the summer months and discover exercise options that will stick with them throughout their lives.

How To Sign Up For the Planet Fitness High School Summer Pass

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To sign up for the Planet Fitness gym free access, the teenager and a parent or guardian (for parent approval) must go to a Planet Fitness location and fill out a few papers. There is an insurance waiver along with a few other pieces of information.

You cannot sign up over the phone for the High School Summer Pass free membership; it does need to be done in person at local Planet Fitness stores.

After sign-up is done, the teenager will have free access to the basic amenities of the gym (tanning beds and massage chairs are not included) via checking in with the free Planet Fitness app and their digital key tag upon entering their local club.


It’s worth noting that the High School Summer Pass can only be used at the local club which the sign-up was done. You cannot skip around to other locations with the free pass.

Some Gym Members Are Not Thrilled With the Program

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Planet Fitness took a lot of heat online from adult gym members about the program. Many complained that this was a public relations stunt, causing the fitness centers to become crowded and that the teens were unfamiliar with gym etiquette.

There were a lot of reports of kids hogging up machines, not racking their weights, and gathering in large crowds.

Paying Planet Fitness gym members voiced concerns that the teens were getting in for free and interfering with paying customers’ workouts. It was often viewed as a promotional prop to appeal to parents to sign up for full memberships, meaning more members paying for memberships.


If your teen goes to Planet Fitness, they need to know about the lunk alarm. We wrote a whole article about it,, which you can read HERE.

In prior years, Planet Fitness had called this program the “Teen Summer Challenge”, and while the premise of the program was the same, it required teens with the free pass to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, which helped to keep the teens in line. The new program does not have the same requirement.

The Benefits of Exercise for Teens

Let’s discuss why physical and mental wellness is crucial, especially during and after the pandemic. The pandemic hit high schoolers hard with disrupted schedules and limited social interactions. That’s why prioritizing our physical and mental health and well-being is more important than ever.

Getting active can boost your mood, improve your physical health, help de-stress, and even help you connect with friends.

Is Planet Fitness Doing the Free Summer 2023?

When the program was first announced in 2022, it wasn’t done until May, right before most of the schools were let out of session.

As of the time of this writing (March 2023), no announcement has been made as to whether there will be a Planet Fitness Summer Pass 2023 returning to fitness centers. Since last year’s program ran from May 16 to August 31, expected an announcement beginning of May.

However, with the success of the first run (including all the media Planet Fitness received), one would have to think it’s a no-brainer to be back in 2023 at each Planet Fitness location.

The High School Summer Pass Sweepstakes

Planet Fitness is a very well-known fitness brand. The company’s mission is to enhance people’s lives by providing a safe, clean, and welcoming environment for teenagers to stay active. They also offer the Teen High School Summer Pass Sweepstakes and scholarships as additional incentives for high schoolers to prioritize fitness

Each teen who signs up for the Summer Pass free membership is automatically entered into the contest, in which Planet Fitness will award one $500 scholarship in each state to one teen, and one grand prize scholarship of $5,000 at the end of the summer.

Final Thoughts On the Planet Fitness Summer Pass

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Even if it is just a public relations stunt, the High School Summer Pass is an awesome opportunity for teenagers to stay active, healthy, and social for free all summer long when there may not be any academic or athletic activities to keep them busy.

It’s free, fun, and a great way to develop a workout routine for the first time in a safe and welcoming environment that can last a lifetime, not to mention beneficial to their physical health and mental health.

That being said, High School Summer Pass participants in the program at Planet Fitness locations need to understand that there are rules and requirements to be able to work out for free all summer long at these Planet Fitness locations, so act accordingly.

Program Pros

  • Gives teens something to do
  • No cost
  • Positive place to socialize
  • Keeps kids active
  • Helps replace athletic activities or programs
  • Mental and physical benefits

Program Cons

  • Some members hate it
  • Only till end of summer
  • Requires parents approval

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