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Baby Steps To Big Time Goals

Reaching the top of the mountain is what gets all the glory. It’s not the trudging up the mountain through horrific terrain or the sacrifices and missteps made along the way.

Nor is it the preparation and planning that went into accomplishing such a feat. No one wants to think about those parts of the journey. Those parts of the story don’t make for good Instagram posts. 

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But ask anyone who has reached the pinnacle of a mountain, set a world record, or reached a personal goal they have held for themselves what the most essential part of their journey was.

They will undoubtedly tell you that all the hard work leading up to the ultimate finish matters most.

The baby steps they took along the way led them to their final destination. 

Baby steps matter in a big way.

The Benefits Of Starting Small And Thinking Big

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The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a goal as “the end toward which effort is directed.”

Understanding that a gap between your current position and the desired outcome is one of the most important parts of going after your goals and dreams. When you recognize a distance between you and the desired result, you have a chance also to acknowledge the efforts and energies needed to bridge that gap. 

This is where baby steps come in.

Understanding the importance of baby steps in any process can make the difference between being able to reach your goals and derailing too soon.

Why Baby Steps Really Matter

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“Think of accomplishing a goal like baking a cake: you can’t throw all the ingredients into a bowl and call it cake.” says fitness instructor and owner of Sweat Remix, Angela Gentile. “The final product is a step-by-step process that starts with eggs, sugar, and flour, then baking soda, extract, etc. You don’t put the frosting on it and serve it right away. It is a process.”

Behind every promise, there is a process.

No cake without the ingredients and baking.

No mountain top without the training and the climb.

No promise without a process.

Micro-Goals For The Major Win

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The most significant achievements and goals met are made extra sweet by looking back and seeing how all of the small steps and circumstances were handled one at a time and one step at a time.

It’s one of the best ways to know what we are capable of.

Journeys are just as much about what got you to your destination as the destination itself. The stories you tell about your achievement will be about what got you there more than actually getting there. 

Plam your baby steps and be mindful of them. Without them, there is no journey, just an unreachable goal, distanced from you by a gap you underestimated.

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