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Do You Know What You Are Capable Of?

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It’s funny…

So yesterday, I wrote a blog post about my running must-haves (you can read that here). Things I take with me to be comfortable. Ways to make sure I don’t get overwhelmed with the urge to quit—basically, ways to pamper myself.

Then last night, I was watching running videos on Tiktok. I came across many videos of people running in crazy weather conditions or on crazy terrains. People were battling the elements, persevering, pushing.

It made me think….could I ever be like that? Could I do that? Nah…probably not. After all, I need things to be done in a certain way. I’m not needy; I’m specific.

I’ve spent a lot of my life assuming I knew who I was and what I was/wasn’t capable of. While I’m sure sometimes being so “knowing” was to my advantage, I know there were also times that it wasn’t. Times that I could have pushed myself into new opportunities and new challenges.

Learning My Lesson

When I started running last year, I said, “I am not a runner.” I would have never started running if I had just let my omnipotent self control my actions. But instead, I disregarded my decree and defied my own rules. I ran. I ran a lot.

At first, it was difficult to hit a mile, even while walking half of it. I kept thinking that, of course, this was not easy. After all, I am not a runner.

I pushed till I could run a mile straight. Then I pushed my mile time to under 7 minutes. Then I pushed until I hit 10 miles.

Don’t let your preconceived ideas and notions of your potential rob you from actually finding out what it is.

Frankly, you have no idea what you are capable of.

I don’t say that I am not a runner anymore. I do say I don’t like running….but…I am a runner.

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