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The Planet Fitness Dress Code: What You Need To Know Before You Go

Planet Fitness gets a lot of guff over what many perceive as strict rules, and the Planet Fitness dress code is lumped with the rest.

But many new gym members don’t know their dress code, so before you trek down to your nearest Planet Fitness location, I wanted to break down the dress code at Planet Fitness for you. This is not just about helping to keep you prepared before you go to Planet Fitness but showing you that their rules are pretty common in most gyms and nothing to be concerned about.

This is not a strict dress code for Planet Fitness, but you should know about it before your next Planet Fitness trip.

The Planet Fitness Dress Code Rule

Is there a dress code at Planet Fitness?

Below, we will show you word-for-word what Planet Fitness has stated on its website as to the actual rules. Remember that the Planet Fitness rules apply to all their stores, so you don’t have to wonder if some have different rules.

Let’s get into Planet Fitness’s dress code policy and all the ins and outs.

The Planet Fitness Main Rule

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Planet Fitness states on its site the following:

Planet Fitness strives to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all members. As such, clothing with offensive messages and clothing that may present health or safety hazards or damage club equipment, is not allowed.

That sounds pretty reasonable, right? It does to me. Don’t wear stupid stuff to Planet Fitness; you’ll be fine.

But the problem is stupid, offensive language, or unsafe; those words can mean many different things to many people. So, Planet Fitness went a few steps further and laid out specific examples of what could fall under each category to help take some of those differences in definition away.

Safety Example #1

The PF website gives some examples regarding safety and types of clothing to consider. The first example is given as such:

Open-toed shoes or sandals pose a safety hazard for members working out;

So, this one is a bit of a head-scratcher for me. Not that I have seen this at the Planet Fitness gym (yet), but I don’t see any situation where an open-toe shoe or sandal would be any more of a safety risk to your feet or body than regular shoes. Either way, if you drop something on your foot, it will be a problem.

This rule has more to do with being “gross” than with safety, but that’s just my opinion. You shouldn’t wear these types of shoes to the gym anyways.

Safety Example #2

The second example is another one where I think the dress code at Planet Fitness is reaching a bit. Per their website:

Jeans or pants with prominent grommets may damage equipment;

I’m not exactly sure what a “prominent grommet” is, but if you have something sticking so far off your jeans that it’s a safety issue, perhaps consider getting new jeans.

And a side note, I see people in my Planet Fitness fairly often wearing jeans. That’s not to say it’s allowed within the Planet Fitness dress code. Still, some locations might enforce this one more than others, depending on the demographics and lifestyle of the local community.

Offensive or Lewd Clothing

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As we said before, “offensive” and “lewd” can mean many things to different people. Some that might find one type of clothing offensive might find something else totally normal that others might find offensive.

It’s a slippery slope.

Planet Fitness has tried to define the dress code a little, though:

Clothing with hateful, lewd or offensive messaging undermines our welcoming environment.

Well, it sorta defines it.

I think you could probably put here any clothing or T-shirt with a standard curse word or sexual references or photos; those seem obvious. Strong political statements or statements of violence might get the Lunk Alarm sounded on a person.

I think this is a situation where common sense should prevail. If you have clothing you are unsure if it would be a problem, asking the staff about the dress code Planet Fitness has before you wear it to the gym never hurts.

Or, for that matter, save it for other times.

But notice something is missing from the statement about “offensive” clothing…this part of the dress code doesn’t mention showing too much skin or “provocative” clothing. That’s because Planet Fitness is trying to avoid that conversation and present more of an “open arms” mentality regarding the dress code.

Otherwise, Wear What You Want!

dress code planet fitness

Planet Fitness wants members to be comfortable and not feel too restricted, so they felt the need to create messaging that aligns with that sentiment.

Members may exercise in a wide variety of attire. Crop tops, sports bras, bralettes, wear leggings, short shorts, wear tank tops, long pants, and collared shirts are all welcome! 

So basically, as long as you are not breaking one of the rules above, Planet Fitness accepts pretty much everything else. Anything from full body coverings to outfits that shows a little (or maybe a lot) of skin, Planet Fitness is giving the green light here.

Although, it’s odd that Planet Fitness mentioned being OK with collared shirts but weren’t OK with blue jeans. They also do not want you wearing work boots, but that has more to do with tracking in mud and work materials in the Planet Fitness gym.

What Happens If You Don’t Follow the Dress Code

OK, what happens if you drive to the Planet Fitness gym, and then once you get there, the staff tells you that your outfit isn’t cut it?

First, they will ask you to change into workout clothes. I’ve even seen times when a person didn’t have extra clothes with them, so the Planet Fitness members offered a Planet Fitness t-shirt so the person could still work out.

But if nothing else, you will be asked to leave if the problem cannot be resolved. And if the issue persists, and it seems you are not interested in abiding by the Planet Fitness dress code, they will terminate your membership (regardless if a Classic or Black Card member).

The Planet Fitness Dress Code vs. Other Gyms

If you look at the rules, they are quite logical and don’t seem to be overreaching. In fact, as an avid gym-goer, I would say these are the general clothing expectations in most gyms I have been in.

Workout clothes can be interpreted in many ways, but some common sense threads of similarities between what to wear and not to wear don’t take much thought.

Even if I find it a bit strange that Planet Fitness made it a point to mention jeans and collared shirts in the dress code, most people who go to Planet Fitness will never have an issue with following the dress code with little to no thought.

The Importance of Wearing Proper Gym Attire

When it comes to gym attire, there’s often a strict dress code policy in place at many fitness centers, including places like Planet Fitness. These dress codes aren’t merely about maintaining a standard clothing aesthetic but are primarily designed to prevent safety hazards. The importance of wearing workout clothes, such as athletic attire, that are both functional and safe can’t be overstated.

Consider this: wearing jeans or clothing with offensive language doesn’t just violate the dress code of the home club but can also present safety hazards. Jeans, while sturdy, aren’t designed for the flexibility required in workouts and can even damage equipment. Similarly, a sports bra is a vital gym attire for women. While some members wear just a sports bra, others prefer tank tops or t-shirts over their sports bras or crop tops. In any case, it’s all about choosing what you feel comfortable in while still adhering to the dress code and ensuring safety.

Footwear is another critical aspect. For example, workout shoes are part of the standard dress code in most gyms. Flip flops, open-toed shoes, or work boots aren’t usually permitted due to the potential risks and the fact that they could damage equipment. Similarly, wearing jewelry can risk damage to the jewelry itself and present safety hazards.

A fitness dress code may seem restrictive, but it serves a purpose. The staff t-shirt, black pants, and black shoes are common in many gyms, reflecting a professional and welcoming environment. This is not only the norm in the home club but also in other gyms and even those in other countries.

Whether it’s the decision to wear leggings or not, to wear tank tops, or whether sleeveless shirts or string tank tops are allowed, the bottom line remains the same. The dress code policy, even when it comes down to the equipment cloth worn underneath the standard clothing, creates a safe, welcoming, and productive workout environment. Thus, appropriate clothing contributes significantly to the overall experience and safety in a place like the gym.

So, Does Planet Fitness Have a Dress Code? Final Thoughts

just a sports bra

The dress code at Planet Fitness is relatively simple and straightforward. The main rule regarding athletic attire is to avoid wearing offensive or unsafe clothing that could damage equipment or present a health hazard.

The Planet Fitness gym has provided specific examples of clothing that are not allowed, such as open-toed shoes, jeans with prominent grommets, and clothing with offensive messages. However, Planet Fitness encourages its members to wear whatever they feel comfortable in, as long as it does not violate any Planet Fitness clothing rules.

If you are considering signing up at Planet Fitness, just signed up, or maybe part of the High School Summer Pass program, and are unsure whether a particular piece of gym attire is allowed, it is best to ask the staff before wearing it to the Planet Fitness gym. Remember that the dress code rules are implemented to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all members.

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