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43 Best Workout Playlist Cover Songs You’ll Love

Nothing hits at the gym as much as a workout playlist cover song that you didn’t expect.

The right workout music is necessary for many people at the gym.

The right playlist with the right music can take you from feeling lazy to feeling energized and ready to go.

Whether yours hitting it hard or cooling down drinking a protein shake from your favorite electric shaker bottle, the right music is a vibe.

Every playlist needs a few cover songs in it. But, not just any cover song.

Good workout music needs to motivate. Good music puts you in the zone. It helps you focus. It boosts your mood and your energy.

The right workout music will make you move.

The wrong workout music, well, will just have you looking for better music.

So Why Do I Need Workout Playlist Cover Songs?

workout playlist cover

The right cover song just feels different.

Taking workout music you already love and hearing it when it randomly plays while at the gym always helps push us further and get more out of our workouts.

But hearing a fresh take on that same song, mid-workout? Inspiring. It slaps you in the face. This isn’t what you were expecting. It’s a shock to the senses. You feel motivation increasing, your heart rate speeding up.

The right workout music cover song makes a good playlist, better.

Let’s look at the 43 Workout Playlist Cover Songs you need for your next trip to the gym.

43 Workout Playlist Cover Songs You Need Now

1. The Ataris – Boys of Summer

2. Fall Out Boy – Beat It

3. Eagles of Death Metal – Stuck In The Metal

This workout playlist cover song of the Stealers Wheel classic is a curveball, but a must-listen.

4. New Found Glory – Eye of the Tiger

5. Cancer Bats – Sabotage

6. Black Stone Cherry – Don’t Bring My Down

7. New Found Glory – I Wanna Be Sedated

The Ramones workout playlist cover song by New Found Gory is the cover song you didn’t know you needed.

8. Seether – Careless Whisper

9. Avenged Sevenfold – Walk

10. Hugo – 99 Problems

Hugo was a one hit wonder, but this song was a legit release and a worthy workout playlist cover song.

11. Spoken – Time After Time

12. Far – Pony

13. Asking Alexandria – Closer

14. The Anix – Digital Bath

The original song by the Deftones is already on my workout playlist, and this version easily earned an added to my workout playlist cover song rotation.

15. Less Than Jake – Surrender

16. STRFKR – Girls Just Want To Have Fun

17. Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson – Helter Skelter

18. Cake – I Will Survive

19. Reel Big Fish – Take On Me

20. Rage Against The Machine – The Ghost of Tom Joad

21. Alesana – What Goes Around…

22. Goldfinger – Just Like Heaven

23. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Higher Ground

24. Run D.M.C. – Walk This Way

The Aeroesmith and Run D.M.C. was one of the first mashups of rock and rap, and a fantastic workout playlist cover song.

25. Ghoti Hook – Where Is My Mind

26. the bird and the bee

27. Bullet For My Valentine – Radioactive

28. Limp Bizkit – Faith

Not many workout playlist cover songs were popular enough to earn radio play, but the Limp Bizkit cover of the George Michael hit did just that.

29. Architects – Change (In The House Of Flies)

30. Taking Back Sunday – Bullet With Butterfly Wings

31. Chiodos – Flagpole Sitta

32. Artist Vs Poet – Bad Romance

33. Falling In Reverse – Gangsta’s Paradise

34. The Animal In Me – Never Gonna Give You Up

35. Mayday Parade – We Are The Champions

36. Without Me – DCCM

37. Our Last Night – HUMBLE.

38. Archers – The Hills

39. Something You Whisper – Heathens

40. Van Halen – You Really Got Me

41. Chet Faker – No Diggity

Its a smooth version of the Blackstreet classic, but worthy of being on your workout playlist cover song rotation.

42. Crystal Lake – Rollin

43. Marilyn Manson – Tainted Love

What Are The Best Workout Playlist Cover Songs?

There are a lot of good workout playlist covers out there, and certainly, a lot of them are worthy of your workout playlist cover song routine at the gym.

And while a cover song might be a good song, it might not be a song you would want to hear at the gym. A good workout playlist cover song needs to be a song that inspires you to dig deeper, move faster, or give more effort.

A proper workout song keeps you in the mental zone. It makes you want to put in more effort. A good playlist cover gym goers who benefit from the cover songs that push them harder.

Keep in mind, that these songs are not just for working out. These songs also make some great running playlist covers as well.

The right workout music at the right time can take your workout to the next level. So bring the right workout playlist cover song music is a big deal.

Where Can I Hear These Workout Playlist Cover Songs?

Above are direct links to YouTube for each song. Additionally, most of these songs can be heard on Spotify, Apple Music, or anywhere else that has streaming. I personally listen to a Spotify workout playlist cover songs that I have made for myself.

Whatever you use, start adding these songs, and add your own to make your workout awesome!

spotify workout music

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