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The 4 Best Electric Shaker Bottle Choices

Are you researching to find which is the best electric shaker bottle? The best electric bottles are affordable, durable, and pretty cool. The shaker bottles can perfectly mix the best protein powders for protein shakes or other powders such as pre-workout, BCAA’s, and post-workout.

Have you ever seen electric blenders and USB-powered shaker bottles pop up everywhere? They’re the new thing in sports bottles. Think they’re just a show? Think again. They’re popular because they’re genuinely awesome. I was sold the minute I tried one. And here’s a fun fact: some of the top-rated shaker bottles in the fitness world are electric.

What is an Electric Shaker Bottle?

An electric shaker bottle is a powered cup that mixes powders and liquids without requiring manual shaking or mixing balls. This is typically done by charging a detachable base (or sometimes directly the bottle itself) and using the power from the charge to mix the drink.

Let’s look at some portable blender bottles.

The Best Electric Shaker Bottles


1. VOLTRX Premium Electric Shaker Bottle

The highly effective Voltrx Vortexboost mixing bottle was the first electric blender bottle I've bought, and now I own two because it is such a quality electric shaker bottle.

It is our top pick for the best electric shaker.
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Heard of the Voltrx vortexboost mixing bottle? It boasts the kind of high-quality build you’d expect in its price range. Plus, with various colors (some even on random discounts) and special editions, there’s something for everyone.

The bottle’s unique feature is its detachable base. Once charged via USB, press the button and let the blending commence. The eye-catching glow isn’t just cool—it’s also a nifty battery level indicator.

Voltrx just released a new cup, the Voltrx Gallium, which you can read a full overview and review of HERE.

What sets the Voltrx apart? There are two mixing settings: a quick 30-second blend or a deeper 2-minute mix. This feature alone is a game-changer compared to most electric shakers.

The design is sleek and functional, from its easy-to-clean shape to its spill-preventing domed lid. It can hold up to 24 oz and is BPA-free. Just a tip: the detachable base prefers a hand wash.

Voltrx Pros

  • Awesome LED Multi-Color Lights When Mixing
  • 2 Mixing Setting
  • Auto-Shut Off
  • 1 Month Use from 2 Hour Charge (when used three times a week)
  • Available in Several Colors
  • Over 11,000 Amazon Reviews
  • Made with Tritan Plastic
  • BPA-Free
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Shatter Resistant
  • Dishwasher Safe (Cup Only, Not Base)

Voltrx Cons

  • Electric Base Must Be Charge To Use
  • Can Spill Over When Filled Too High
  • RPM Unknown
Best Upgrade Shaker Bottle

2. Promixx Pro Shaker Bottle (iX-R Edition)

The PromiXX is one of the highest-rated electric shakers on Amazon, both in the number of reviews and number of stars.

And with good reason.
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ProMixx just released the Pursuit, an insulated stainless steel shaker. You can check it out on Amazon HERE.

The shaker bottle stands out with its sleek design and its unique feature: a powder cup that snugly fits inside to store protein powder for those on-the-go shakes. It’s not just functional but fun; the see-through build lets you enjoy the vortex in action.

The ProMiXX differentiates itself with its powerful detachable base sporting a stylish chrome finish. It’s broader and shorter than the Voltrx, catering to those who like a heftier grip. Unlike the Voltrx, this shaker operates with a simple start-stop mechanism without multiple settings.

Holding up to 20 ounces, this vortex blender shaker bottle is perfect for your protein needs, and as a bonus, it’s BPA-free as per its listing.


  • Patented X-Blade Technology
  • BPA Free DEHP Free
  • Integrated Nutripod for Powder/Pill Storage
  • USB-Cable
  • Industrial Look
  • Dishwasher Safe (Cup Only, Not Base)


  • No Automatic Shut Off
  • 1 Mixing Setting
  • All Available Colors Are Shades of Gray
  • No Cool LED Lights When Mixing
  • RPM Unknown
Best All-In-One Electric Cup

3. LeadNear Electric Shaker Cup

The LeadNear electric blender is slightly different from the others in that the electric protein cup resembles a mug shape than most shaker bottles.
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This shaker bottle’s design differs from others, holding up to 22 oz with a broader, shorter stature. It’s built as a single unit, with the USB port seamlessly integrated into the base under a protective plastic lip. Notably, it’s not dishwasher safe, so keep that in mind.

Its efficacy in blending protein powder, pre-workouts, and whey protein shakes rivals other electric shakers. And while the listing doesn’t explicitly recommend hot drinks, there’s a nod to hot coffee in the description.

With a sturdier feel attributed to its unique shape and clear plastic sides for an easy vortex view, it may lack the flashy lights of other models but stands out in its own right. Plus, it’s crafted from BPA-free plastic.

LeadNear Pros

  • No Detachable Base
  • Innovative Cool-Flow Technology
  • 100% Tritan Plastic
  • BPA-Free
  • IPX5 Waterproof Design
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • USB-Cable

LeadNear Cons

  • Only 3 Color Options
  • No Cool LED Lights
  • Whole Cup Needs Handwashed
  • Wider Base, May Not Fit Some Cupholders
  • No Automatic Shut Off
  • Only 1 Mixing Setting
  • RPM Unknown
Best Budget Electric Shaker

4. BLACKUBE Electric Protein Shaker Bottles

The Blackube shaker bottle is one of the electric protein cups with more ratings than other shakers, so it's pretty popular.

The electric blender is very similar in overall build to the Voltrx above, using a detachable base for charging and a similar overall style.
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I might earn commissions on sales made via this link.

The unique feature of this electric shaker bottle is its screw-on lid with an added “locking” mechanism. While I found the lock a tad redundant, some might find it handy. The Blackube stands out with its 24 oz capacity, BPA-free plastic, and it’s safe for dishwasher use.

Its construction is on par with top shaker bottles, and it boasts a dual timer feature, reminiscent of the Voltrx. With settings for 30 and 100 seconds, it ensures your drinks mix seamlessly. It’s a convenient touch, letting you start the mix and move on to other tasks.

Beyond functionality, this is a good shaker bottle with a visual treat with its cool lights. Watching the vortex as it blends your drinks is quite the sight. Plus, you have the perk of picking from various colors for the bottle.

Blackube Pros

  • Several Colors Available2
  • 2 Mixing Modes
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Tritan Plastic
  • BPA Free
  • Spins at 4800 RPM
  • Locking Cap
  • Magnetic Socket Contact Charging
  • 2 Months of Use From Single Charge (based on 3x a week usage)
  • Cool Lighting Effect When Mixing
  • Over 5,000 Amazon Reviews
  • Unique Diamond Cutting Design
  • Dishwasher Safe (Cup Only, Not Base)

Blackube Cons

  • Only 1 Mixing Setting
  • Charging Cable Hard To Replace

The Benefits of Using an Electric Shaker Bottle

electric shaker mixer at the gym

Traditional shaker bottle has become highly inexpensive. You can often find them for under $10 for a protein shaker bottle or even for free, as many companies now use them as branded giveaways.

But, this is primarily possible because many of these protein shakers are poorly made. The plastic on these conventional shaker bottles is getting thinner, and the lids break more often.

The old-school shaker bottle is often cheaply made. And really, it’s not even the actual “unreliable hand-shaking technique” of the protein shaker cup that’s the problem.

When shaking, the problem is how well a protein shaker does or does not mix your pre-workout, post-workout, or protein powder evenly into the liquid for great whey protein shakes.

Are Electric Shaker Bottles Worth It?

electric protein shake bottle

A quality electric shaker bottle might come with a slightly higher price tag than traditional plastic versions, but the smoothness and consistency of the shakes justify the cost. Ensuring a well-mixed protein shake is vital; these USB-powered bottles excel. They’re convenient for on-the-go use, fitting snugly into car cup holders, and you can charge them via a USB slot in your car or a power bank.

Its ability to seamlessly mix protein powder, pre-workouts, or other supplements without a blender ball sets an electric shaker apart. This feature ensures you get an evenly blended drink every time.

Another plus? Cleaning up is a snap as they’re dishwasher-friendly, though remember to remove the base first. After all, nothing is worse than a poorly mixed shake that ends up discarded before it’s fully enjoyed.


While these little electric power mixing cups are powerful, they do have their limits. Unlike blenders with stainless steel blades, these are typically plastic. They are not great for things like smoothies or peanut butter. They perform best with liquids and powders.

How Electric Shakers Make a Difference

Since these electric protein cups are much more efficient and thorough at mixing your nice protein shake drink, you are wasting less protein powder by getting a higher quality drink mix. You get a bottle that has no problem mixing shakes and smooth the protein powder into smooth whey protein shakes.

And, of course, the lights on the shaker water cup are excellent. Throw one in your gym bag and get to the gym!

I made a top list HERE for comparison for those who want to check out the best of both electric bottles and conventional shaker bottles.

Pros of Electric Shaker Bottles:

  • Super Smooth Protein Shakes
  • No More Clumps or Lumps
  • Reduce Protein Powder Waste
  • Cool and Fun To Use
  • Electric Bottle Blender is Cost Effective
  • Warm Water Mixed With Soap for Super Easy Cleaning

Cons of Electric Shaker Bottles:

  • Requires Charging
  • Bases and Some Cups Not Dishwasher Safe
  • Possible To Lose Charging Cable
  • Electronics Can Go Out Over Time

Final Thoughts on Electric Shaker Bottles

best electric protein shaker bottles bottle
The Best Shaker Bottles Electric Review

The right tools can elevate the experience in fitness and nutrition, and an electric shaker bottle does just that. From its ability to whip up a perfectly smooth protein shake to its top-tier features like being blender ball-free, leak-proof, and odor-resistant, it’s no wonder these bottles have become my daily companions. Seriously, I love my electric shaker bottles. Every day, thanks to their impeccable mix quality and sheer ease of use, they’re my go-to for all things shake-related.

Around my home, the ritual is simple: whenever there’s a need for a protein shake or any mix, I instinctively reach for my trusty electric shaker. Whether you’re an athlete needing a pre or post-workout boost or someone just looking to complement their diet, investing in a high-quality electric shaker bottle is a game-changer. Trust me, once you’ve experienced the convenience and quality, there’s no going back.

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