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[updated] The 8 Best Electric Shaker Bottle Options of 2023

What is the best electric shaker bottle?

best electric protein shaker bottles bottle
The Best Protein Shakers Review

Are you researching to find which is the best electric shaker bottle?

The best electric bottles are affordable, durable, and downright cool. The shaker bottles can perfectly mix the best protein powders for protein shakes or other powders to drink.

The electric blender bottle and USB-powered shaker bottles have become the hot new water bottle trend in sports bottles.

And if you think this type of electronic shaker bottle is just a gimmick, you are wrong.

They are also gaining popularity because they work and work well.

The best electric shaker bottles have become some of the fitness industry’s highest-rated and most bought shaker bottles.

Trust me; once you try an odor-resistant electric shaker bottle, you will never again drink from a traditional bottle.

This guide will walk you through the 8 Best Electric Shaker Cups that you don’t want to go without one.

Let’s look at some portable blender bottles.

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1. Voltrx Electric Shaker Bottle

the best electric shaker bottle

Voltrx electric protein shaker bottle

Most Colorful and Best Shaker Bottle with the Best Lighting.

The Voltrx shaker was the first electric blender bottle I’ve bought, and now I own two because it is such a quality shaker bottle.

It is our top pick for the best electric shaker.

Like other protein shakers in the same price range, the high plastic and build quality are obvious on the Voltrx vortexboost mixing bottle.

This automatic protein shaker cup comes in various colors (some get randomly discounted, so check each color for prices) and introduces special edition blender bottle options.

The automatic blender bottle uses a detachable base which, when charged (via USB), handles the mixing motion by way of a button on the base. This cool luminous base design lights up when mixing.

I like the Voltrx blender because it allows for two different mixing modes: a 30-second and a 2-minute. Most other shakers have a normal one-tap setting.

Having multiple time options on these blender bottles has been a big help, as I can hit the button for the desired setting, then walk away to do other tasks, and the protein electric shaker will stop on its own.

The cup is easy to clean and cool to watch when mixing. The screw-on lid is dome-shaped, which keeps the liquid from coming out the mouth hole when mixing protein shakes, which some cups do not offer.

The shatter-resistant blender bottle touts up to 24 oz capacity and BPA-free per the listing.

The detachable base should be hand washed separately like all on this list.

Voltrx Pros
  • Awesome LED Multi-Color Lights When Mixing
  • 2 Mixing Setting
  • Auto-Shut Off
  • 1 Month Use from 2 Hour Charge (when used 3x a week)
  • Available in Several Colors
  • Over 11,000 Amazon Reviews
  • Made with Tritan Plastic
  • BPA-Free
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Dishwasher Safe (Cup Only, Not Base)
Voltrx Cons
  • Base Must Be Charge To Use
  • Can Spill Over When Filled Too High
  • RPM Unknown

2. PROMiXX Pro Shaker Bottle (iX-R Edition)

promixx electric protein shaker bottle

The Electric Shaker Bottle with a Little Bonus.

The PromiXX is one of the highest-rated electric shakers on Amazon, both in the number of reviews and number of stars.

And with good reason.

The protein shaker bottle looks fantastic and has a feature that other blender bottles do not have in that it comes with a bit of powder cup that fits nicely inside the shaker for easy transport and on-the-go protein shakes.

This well-made electric shaker cup has a thick wall. The entire bottle is see-thru, making for a fun experience when in use, watching the vortex make the drink.

The ProMiXX also uses a detachable base for power, which has a chrome look, a nice compliment to the rest of the blender bottle.

This electric protein bottle is shorter than the Voltrx mentioned above but broader, which might be more desirable for those who prefer a thicker shaker bottle to grip.

It’s also worth noting that this electric shaker bottle does not have multi settings for run time. You push the button to start and stop the automatic protein mixer.

This electric blender bottle holds up to 20 oz of your favorite protein shakes and BPA free per the listing.

  • Patented X-Blade Technology
  • BPA-DEHP Free
  • Integrated Nutripod for Powder/Pill Storage
  • USB-Cable
  • Industrial Look
  • Dishwasher Safe (Cup Only, Not Base)
  • No Automatic Shut Off
  • 1 Mixing Setting
  • All Available Colors Are Shades of Gray
  • No Cool LED Lights When Mixing
  • RPM Unknown

3. LeadNear Electric Shaker Bottle

leadnear electric protein shaker bottle

For Those Who Prefer A Mug Shape.

The LeadNear electric blender bottle is slightly different from the others in that the cup resembles a “mug” shape than most shaker bottles.

The shaker bottle can hold up to 22 oz and is broader and short than other cups.

This shaker bottle does not have a detachable base like the two above. Instead, this is all 1 unit, and the USB port is built right into the bottom of the shaker bottle, covered with a small plastic lip for water protection.

This electric shaker bottle is NOT dishwasher safe, so heads up on that.

This cute protein shaker bottle mixes the best protein powder and whey protein shakes, similar to the other cups mentioned here.

While the listing doesn’t specifically say the cup can handle hot beverages, the description notes hot coffee, so take that for whatever it’s worth.

The shaker bottle feels sturdier than most other shaker bottles, but this is likely due to being shorter and fatter. The plastic on the blender bottle sides is transparent, so watching the vortex work is easier to see.

There are no fun lights on this blender bottle like the others, but it’s still a fantastic electric shaker bottle. BPA free plastic too.

LeadNear Pros
  • No Detachable Base
  • Innovative Cool-Flow Technology
  • 100% Tritan Plastic
  • BPA-Free
  • IPX5 Waterproof Design
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • USB-Cable
LeadNear Cons
  • Only 3 Color Options
  • No Cool LED Lights
  • Whole Cup Needs Handwashed
  • Wider Base, May Not Fit Some Cupholders
  • No Automatic Shut Off
  • Only 1 Mixing Setting
  • RPM Unknown

4. Blackube Electric Shaker Bottle

blackube electric protein shaker bottle

The Electric Shaker Bottle with a Locking Lid.

The Blackube shaker bottle is one of the cups with more ratings than others, so it’s pretty popular.

The electric blender bottle is very similar in overall build to the Voltrx above, using a detachable base for charging and a similar overall style.

The screw-on lid is slightly different, as this electric shaker bottle offers an extra “locking” feature to keep your flip lid closed. I don’t think the lock was necessary, but perhaps some might appreciate the feature.

The Blackube is a 24 oz electric shaker bottle with BPA-free plastic and dishwasher safety.

Exceptional build, similar to the other cups. It also features a dual timer, similar to the Voltrx above, but with a 30-second and a 100-second setting for liquid and powder mixing.

Again, this is great because it allows you to hit the button, walk away while it works, and not worry about constantly running.

This protein shaker bottle also has some cool lights to watch, and you can easily see inside the plastic bottle while creating a vortex to mix your liquid, powders, and whey protein shakes to drink.

This plastic bottle also comes in several colors.

Blackube Pros
  • Several Colors Available2
  • 2 Mixing Modes
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Tritan Plastic
  • BPA Free
  • Spins at 4800 RPM
  • Locking Cap
  • Magnetic Socket Contact Charging
  • 2 Months of Use From 1 Charge (based on 3x a week usage)
  • Cool Lighting Effect When Mixing
  • Over 5,000 Amazon Reviews
  • Unique Diamond Cutting Design
  • Dishwasher Safe (Cup Only, Not Base)
Blackube Cons
  • Only 1 Mixing Setting
  • Charging Cable Hard To Replace

5. KesaPlan Electric Shaker Bottle

image 52

The Affordable Best Electric Shaker Bottle.

The Kesaplan is the only battery-operated mixer on the list, and it’s the smallest capacity, at 15 oz.

It isn’t a cheap shaker bottle, but it makes this list because it is the cheapest option with the most electric shaker bottle reviews.

The electric shaker bottle does not feel like the plastic is as dense as the other protein shakers mentioned, which gives it a slightly flimsy feeling.

The base is detachable and requires 2 AAA batteries to operate. The batteries are known to drain quite quickly after several uses, so keep that in mind.

The style of the shaker bottle is similar to the Voltrx vortexboost mixing bottle and Blackube mentioned above, but without any fancy lights to keep you entertained.

The shaker bottle is dishwasher safe with the base removed, but the listing does NOT mention that the bottle uses BPA-free plastic.

The Kesaplan is an excellent entry-level electric protein shaker cup to dip your toes in the water at a lower price point.

The cup does work well, just with a few drawbacks.

KesaPlan Pros
  • Budget-Friendly Shaker
  • Tritan Plastic
  • Good Beginner or Child Cup
  • Dishwasher Safe (Cup Only, Not Base)
KesaPlan Cons
  • Only Holds 15 Ounces
  • Only 1 Mixing Setting
  • No Automatic Shut Off
  • Requires Batteries (2 AAA)
  • Only 3 Color Choices
  • Bottle A Bit Flimsy
  • RPM Unknown

6. Blend Genix Electric Shaker Bottle

blend genix electric protein shaker bottle

The New Portable Blender Bottle On The Block.

The Blend Genix Premium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle just recently became available on Amazon.

It has many of the same features as other electric shaker cups.

The electric cup uses a detachable base, is made of BPA Free Tritan plastic, and holds up to 24 ounces of protein shake.

What I like so much about this protein shaker is the texture of the bottle body. While the other cups on this list are flat plastic, the Blend Genix has a nice texture exterior, which is nice for extra gripping after a sweaty workout.

You will get the same great mixing quality as you expect from other rechargeable shaker bottles on this list.

Still, that additional touch with the great texture earns this electric protein shaker a spot on this list of the best shaker bottle for electric options.

Blend Genix Pros
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Base Lights Up When Mixing
  • Diamond-Cut Design
  • Tritan Plastic
  • BPA Free
  • Magnetic Charging Cable
  • Safety Lid Lock
  • Dishwasher Safe (Cup Only, Not Base)
Blend Genix Cons
  • Charging Cable Hard To Replace
  • No Automatic Shut Off
  • 1 Mixing Mode
  • Newer Bottle, Minimal Reviews
  • RPM Unknown

7. ZonGym Electric Protein Shaker Bottle

zongym electric protein shaker bottle

Two Speed and Heavy Duty

The ZonGym protein shake maker is often picked as a favorite for making shakes, with a high rating and a great price.

But there is a reason the cup getting such great reviews.

This protein shaker has the 2 speeds option, which I mentioned above in the Voltrx review.

For a quick 30-second mix, click the button once. For a longer 100-second thorough spin, be sure to mix your liquid and protein powder smoothly, double click the button.

The multi-speed function is one of my favorite features of these electric mixers, as it allows me to walk away while the powder mixing takes place and stops on its own.

This automatic shaker is also made of Tritan plastic, as seen above. This is a very strong plastic made for heavy-duty use.

Also leak-proof, the rechargeable battery life of this shaker is great. One full charge of the ZonGym will yield fourteen uses, which is a lot of use for 1 battery charge.

ZonGym Pros
  • Large Color Assortment
  • Tritan Plastic
  • BPA Free
  • Spins at 5000rpm
  • 2-Hour Charge Gets You 1 Month of Use (3x A Week)
  • Dishwasher Safe (Cup Only, Not Base)
  • 2 Mixing Modes
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • LED Light-Up Base
  • USB Rechargeable
ZonGym Cons
  • No Lid Lock
  • Fairly New On The Market

8. FANS-ONE Electric Shaker Bottle

image 79

Heavily Promoted Electric Protein Shaker

These shakers for protein mixes have strong motor power, are assembled with industry-leading technology, and spin at 5000rpm, ensuring super smooth mixing with no lumpiness.

These are excellent for mixing protein powder, and often you can find them discounted in price.

The FANS-ONE electric shaker cup is easy to clean and maintain.

Add warm water and a little dish soap to the protein shaker, screw on the flip lid, and turn on the stirring function. The electric base is waterproofed, so it can be easily rinsed off.

You can remove the electric base and wash it separately with warm water for a more thorough cleaning.

The FANS-ONE has a powerful motor that ensures no chunks of protein powder or other ingredients remain in your shake.

The cup also has an impressive 1-month rechargeable battery life from just a 2-hour charge, making the mixer ideal for busy fitness enthusiasts who constantly don’t have time to recharge their shaker cups.

The protein shaker is also leakproof and made from BPA-free plastic, so you can be confident that your shake will stay fresh and delicious until you’re ready to drink it.

Whether you’re looking for a hassle-free way to make protein shakes on the go or want a durable and reliable shaker cup, the FANS-ONE is an excellent option for mixing powders to make your protein shake.

  • Tritan Plastic
  • BPA and Phthalate-Free
  • Several Colors To Choose From
  • 1 Month Use from 2 Hour Charge (3x A Week)
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Locking Lid
  • LED Lights on Base
  • Diamond Cut Design
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Spins at 5000rpm
  • Only 1 Mixing Mode
  • Some Cups Have Magnetic Port, Some Have USB-C

What is an Electric Shaker Bottle?

image 14
Rechargeable Base On Most Electric Protein Shakers

In 2021, I randomly stumbled across USB-powered electric shaker bottles while looking for a new shaker.

I initially dismissed the idea, chalking the idea of an electric mixer up to a gimmick and a money grab (as mentioned on almost every video review I made in 2022 about these protein shakers).

Why can’t I shake my electric protien drink mixer like every other human on the planet?

But something intrigued me about the idea, and it turns out I’m not alone.

As I started looking at shatter-resistant electric shakers, I saw that several had a LOT of reviews, which means a lot of other people have been asking the same question that I found myself asking…

Why Do I Need An Electric Shaker Bottle?

image 15

Traditional shaker bottle has become highly inexpensive. You can often find them for under $10 for a protein shaker bottle or even for free, as many companies are now using them as branded giveaways.

But, this is primarily possible because many of these protein shakers are not well made. The plastic on these conventional shaker bottles is getting thinner, and the lids break more often.

The traditional shaker bottle is often cheaply made. And really, it’s not even the actual “shaking” of the protein shaker cup that’s the problem.

When shaking, the problem is how well a protein shaker does or does not mix your protein powder into the liquid for great whey protein shakes.

This is where the electric shaker comes in.

Electric shakers are fantastic to watch when mixing drinks; many have great design, build quality, and sometimes flashing lights to entertain you while using the cup.

However, their ability to thoroughly and adequately mix your shakes with no blender ball or shaking makes an electric mixer a must-have for anyone who uses shaker bottles.

Are the Best Electric Shaker Bottles Worth It?

image 61

A high-quality shaker bottle may have some options that will cost more than the standard plastic version.

However, the cups’ quality and the mixed, smooth protein shake they offer are well worth whatever additional cost you might need to get one of these best shaker bottles.

Properly mixing liquids and protein powder is important when using an electric-powered protein shaker bottle.

The best feature of an electric shaker cup is that it does a great job of mixing protein powder evenly in the protein shake drink without the need for a blender ball.

An improperly mixed protein powder ruins a fitness drink and causes the drinker to discard their protein shakes without fully drinking.

The Electric Shaker Makes the Best Protein Shake

image 16

Since these cups are much more efficient and thorough at mixing your nice protein shake drink, you are wasting less protein powder by getting a higher quality drink mix.

You get a mixing bottle that can smooth the protein powder into smooth whey protein shakes.

And, of course, the lights on the shaker water cup are excellent. Throw one in your gym bag and get to the gym!

I made a top list HERE for comparison for those who want to check out the best of both electric bottles and traditional protein shaker bottles.

Electric Blender Bottle Pros

  • Great Protein Shakes
  • No More Clumps or Lumps
  • Reduce Protein Powder Waste
  • Cool and Fun To Use
  • Electric Bottle Blender is Cost Effective

Electric Blender Bottle Cons

  • Requires Charging
  • Bases and Some Cups Not Dishwasher Safe
  • Possible To Lose Charging Cable
  • Electronics Can Go Out Over Time

Final Thoughts On Electric Shaker Bottles

A good electric shaker bottle should deliver a smooth protein powder mix with easy pouring capabilities, a strong motor, and be made of the best materials for durability.

Features like no blender ball, leak proof design, and odor resistance are important in ensuring a convenient and enjoyable mixing experience.

Whether using it for sports and workout applications or to supplement your diet, an electric shaker bottle with these essential features will make your protein shake preparation effortless and enjoyable.

I recently did a review video of my top 3 best shaker bottles over on Youtube, which you can check out here for some visuals on the cups.

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