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The 15 Best Gym Motivation Videos You Need To See

Watching gym motivation videos is a great way to stay motivated, energized, and pumped up for your next workout.

This article will look at some of the best motivation for the gym videos you can find online to help keep you in the zone and reach your goals.

Should I Watch Workout Motivation Videos For The Gym?

gym motivation videos

Finding the motivation to hit the gym or your next workout can be hard.

We often get so busy with our normal day-to-day life that we lose interest in fitness and working out, even though we know its benefits.

This is where videos about workout motivation for the gym can help.

These videos usually have great narration and motivational messages while also showing videos of athletes struggling and fighting their way towards success.

Watching these types of motivation videos will get your heart pumping faster and remind you that even though you might not always feel like hitting the gym or feel motivated to work out, there is a greater goal to consider.

These videos can help overcome those feelings.

We have compiled a list of some of the best inspirational and exciting gym and workout motivation videos to watch.

I recommend watching all of them and listening to the message.

After watching just a few, we are sure you will find your workout motivation.

Our Recommended List of The Best Gym Motivation Videos

1. DON’T QUIT – Motivational Workout Speech 2020

With over 7 million views on YouTube, this fitness motivation video is all about fighting against weakness and the feelings of being overcome and overwhelmed.

It features speeches by Eric Thomas, Jocko Willink, Nathan Harmon, and Les Brown.

2. DO NOT LET THEM HOLD YOU BACK [ANGRY]: A Motivational video

With an introduction by CT Fletcher, this video is about failure, pain, being overlooked and looked down on, and overcoming those circumstances.

It features speaking by CT Fletcher, Nick Walker, and TD Jakes.

3. Weight Loss Motivational Video – You Are NOT Off The Rails

So, a little self-promotion here. I did this video a couple of years ago after talking to someone who told me they had gone “off the rails.”

There is no such thing as being off the rails unless you choose not to get back on.

4. Eric Thomas – BEAST MODE ACTIVATED (Eric Thomas Motivation)

One of our favorite motivational speakers, ET (Eric Thomas), brings a great message about doing whatever it takes to achieve your best possible self.

5. GET IT DONE – Best Motivational Speech Video (Joe Rogan Motivation)

Joe Rogan talks about the importance of planning and creating ways to reach their goals and doing whatever it takes the make sure it gets done.

6. Kobe Bryant’s Greatest Speech | BEST Motivation Ever

This motivation isn’t about the gym per se, but it’s a fantastic series of interviews with Kobe Bryant about his motivations and perception of reaching his goals.

7. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM – Seth Feroce [ANGRY]: A Motivational video (Lifting and gym motivation)

In one of the most intense workout motivation videos on this list, Seth Feroe demonstrates how reaching goals has nothing to do with circumstances and everything to do with you.


One of the most popular figures in bodybuilding and fitness, CT Fletcher relays a great message about overcoming odds and using willpower to reach your goals.

9. BECOME A MONSTER – Powerful Motivational Speech

With a great opening by Jordan Peterson, this video includes speeches by Jocko Wlillink, Chris Ross, Coach Pain, and Mat Wilson.

The video discusses the importance of being aggressive, becoming powerful, and mastering those traits.

A great workout and training motivational video.

10. PROVE THEM WRONG – Motivational Speech

One of the shortest videos on the list (just over three minutes) features spoken words by Steve Harvey, Jocko Willink, Eric Thomas, and Les Brown.

11. GYM MOTIVATION! – Jocko Willink and David Goggins – Motivational Workout Speech 2020


Another excellent workout motivation video, great for getting your heart pumping and ready for the hard work at the gym.

13. WORK HARD IN SILENCE, SHOCK THEM WITH YOUR SUCCESS – Motivational Speech (Marcus Elevation Taylor)

Motiversity puts out a bunch of great motivational videos on their YouTube channel, now with over 2.65 milion subscribers.

This video is one of their most popular workout motivation videos, with over 3 million total views.

14. LISTEN TO THIS EVERYDAY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE – 2022 Motivational Workout Speech by Billy Alsbrooks

With over 6 million views on YouTube, this motivational video set to a gym motivation speech by Billy Alsbrook will surely get you primed for the hard workout ahead.

15. WATCH THIS EVERYDAY AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE – Denzel Washington Motivational Speech 2022

As one of the most popular motivational workout videos on all of YouTube with over 51 million views, this Denzel Washington-narrated video will prepare you to put in some hard hours at the gym to reach your goals.

How To Find Motivation To Workout

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One of the most difficult things about working out is finding the motivation to get started. It can be tough to overcome the inertia of a sedentary lifestyle, but working out and hitting the gym can become its reward once you move.

There are several ways to find the training motivation to work out, and the best approach may vary from person to person. Sometimes, setting a goal and planning can be enough to get you started.

Watching motivational videos or reading self-help books. can get a person motivated.

A specific workout routine you commit to the following can also help you stay on track.

In addition, many people find it helpful to exercise with a friend or join a group fitness class or gym to stay motivated.

Whatever approach you take, remember that even small training changes can make a big difference in your health and get you on the right track.

So start slow and build up gradually, and soon you’ll be on your way to reaching your fitness goals.

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