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How to Build a Home Gym on Amazon for $100

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Home gyms present a way to do so comfortably for people who are stepping into fitness for the first time—dipping their toes in the water without the fear of being judged or feeling awkward. This is why so many decide to build a home gym.

However, trying to develop the “right” tools for building a starter home gym can be just as overwhelming as walking into a public gym for the first time. Similar to being inundated by all the machines, weights, noises, AND people at a public gym, purchasing home gym equipment can also create a similar sense of over-stimulation.

The fitness industry thrives on big promises and even bigger price tags. These companies know the right things to say to get the fitness-hungry public to pull the trigger and pay for untested equipment and supplements, which often end up unused and eventually on a table in a garage sale.

So what I did was put together a shortlist of what I would consider excellent first gym purchases. These will not only target your whole body for getting a good workout and provide plenty of variety for different workouts but will also be a very low-risk entry into the world of fitness.

All with only a $100 total price tag. Let’s get started.

** Please note, as an Amazon affiliate, I may make commissions on qualifying purchases.

Let’s Build a Home Gym (for cheap)…

1. HPYGN Resistance Bands Set, Ankle Straps and more (less than $21)

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This is the basis for this entire list. The price is around $20 for the whole set. It comes with five different resistance bands, which means you can combine cables to increase your weight resistance, giving more opportunities for heavier load workouts. Additionally, this set comes with ankle cuffs and a door adapter, which means you can get a great leg workout with these same bands.

Additionally, there are a few upgrades you can get (at a higher price point, of course) in case you were finding some heavier weight resistance.

With over 3,000 reviews and almost a 4.5-star rating, this pack is one of the most popular on Amazon.

A total body workout at a $20 price point? Yes, please.

Click HERE to get it now on Amazon.

2. Day 1 Fitness Weighted Slam Ball (less than $26)

When I considered what to add to my list, I wanted only to add items with multiple purposes. Meaning using the items in several ways. This way, one thing might be able to be incorporated in ways that might be unintended but still beneficial.

But I also wanted to make sure to add unique workout options. As such, I wanted to add something for power movements.

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Power movements are movements that consist of quick, powerful bursts of motion. So, exercise balls seemed to make the most sense to add here.

Wall balls and slam balls are great for this type of activity. Forcefully throwing heavy balls against walls or slamming them on the floor creates an intense workout and a great way to build strength and agility.

And the great thing about these types of balls is that they make for great core workout partners, similar to how one might use a medicine ball. Doing sit-ups while holding a 25-pound ball takes your workouts to the next level!

Tip: Amazon will often discount various colors of many of these types of items. Click around and see if you can find a deal on a different color.

Click HERE to get it now on Amazon.

3. Yes4All Combo Cast Iron Kettlebell Weight Sets + Bands (less than $40)

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So, at some point, while making this list, I felt like I need to add some actual weights to lift. However, I felt like something as simple as dumbbells, while undoubtedly valuable, was too limiting. They didn’t fit the “versatility” requirement to make the list.

However, Kettlebells have great versatility and are often at a price point cheaper than what you can buy dumbbells of the same weight. Often, stabilization exercises incorporate kettlebells and some slower rep cardio exercises. Additionally, standard weight lifting type movements also often include kettlebells.

This fantastic 3-piece kettlebell set might not be the heaviest out there, but it does give you added weight and versatility on what you can incorporate these bells into.

This comes with 5 “booty bands,” which is an excellent addition to your overall body workout.

Click HERE to get this package now on Amazon.

4. Pure Fitness Multi-Purpose Doorway Pull-Up Bar (less than $16)

I also wanted to add something that allowed for a compound movement of some sort.

A compound movement is a movement or exercise that works out multiple body parts simultaneously.

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Enter the doorway pull-up bar.

This inexpensive piece of home gym equipment affords its users the compound movement action but in a very low impact way.

Additionally, a bonus usage of these bars is that they are great for wrapping your resistance bands around (as mentioned above) and doing resistance upper body exercises from a “high-to-low” motion versus the more common “low-to-high” range of motion.

This specific bar has over 2,000 reviews and almost a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

Click HERE to get it now on Amazon.

These are just recommendations…

These items I selected are what I would pick if I had to build a $100 gym. Now, don’t get me wrong…I realize there are no “traditional” weights, no squat racks, barbells, etc. But, on a $100 budget, there is no room for any of those. With $100, you have to be smart with each dollar.

You also have to realize that this is just the beginning for you. This is the first step. You will graduate with more complex and intense tools. But, even when you move forward, you will not move on. These items on this list are legit workout buddies. They WILL get you a good workout. So when you move into greener pastures, you’ll be carrying these with you, and you may even be a little sore from the awesome workouts you have already done.

It’s not on the list, but one of my home gym staples is the Sweet Sweat waist trimming belt. It’s great for keeping the mid-section tight and providing extra stability when I’m working out. Click HERE to see my review of it.

Getting started isn’t easy, but you can do it. Check out my article “Do You Know What You Are Capable Of?

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