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Counting Macros and Science Are The Same

Ok, not really…

I was chatting with the wife tonight about macro counting. I was struck by something she said. She mentioned how many of her friends still talk about counting macros but feel like it’s too hard to do.

And that does make sense. Doing ANYTHING new seems like rocket science if you don’t know where to start. Not having a place of beginning makes all molehills into mountains. Add in math, which no one really enjoys, and somehow gets more complicated the older you get…well..macros ain’t easy.

But actually, they ARE easy.

Your ability to do macros changes when you realize that the work is already done for you. Apps do all the calculations. The food LITERALLY has the numbers you need for the app on the package. So when it comes down to it, all a person really has to do is type the numbers from the package into the app.

That doesn’t sound too hard, right?

Maybe that’s not the real fear

Counting macros might sound fun, but we all know what it is in the end. Counting macros is a change in diet. It means we can’t just eat what we want. We can’t gorge. And we certainly can’t wing it.

And maybe that’s the real problem why people find it so hard to start. It’s not actually the math or the process. Perhaps it’s the inevitable requirement to sacrifice. Changing sucks, and the human race has a tendency to avoid discomfort.

Change is usually perceived as painful. We believe we must let go of what we enjoy and suffer with what we don’t.

But that’s not what counting macros are about…

In reality, counting macros is just about eating SMARTER. It’s not necessarily about eating less (and in some cases, you may actually be about eating more), but it is about accountability. Counting macros isn’t based on restriction. It’s based on structure. And like most things, the structure is the best path towards goal achievement.

I’m working on a short tutorial on exactly how to get started with counting macros. I will show you the app I use, how to set it up, and how to track your first meals. It’s coming soon…

In the meantime, you can watch the video below with a simpler version of this to at least wet your whistle…

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