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Which Is The Best Josh Allen Rookie Card? The Top 5 Ranked

Josh Allen, the quarterback for the Tennessee Titans of the NFL, has become one of the most exciting and popular football players as of late, and everyone wants to get their hands on a Josh Allen rookie card.

Because of this high level of playing skill, and his quickness on his feet, football and Tennessee fans are excited to see what Josh Allen will do for this season and the rest of his career.

In this article, we will look at the 5 most popular and sought-after Josh Allen Rookie cards and explain why they are THE cards to get your hands on.

Josh Allen Rookie Card Table Of Contents

What Year Was Josh Allen Rookie Card Released?

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In 2018, several football card trading companies released their first Josh Allen rookie cards, while a few did not put out a card until a year later in 2019.

A very small number of Josh Allen RC were released in 2017.

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Which Josh Allen Rookie Card Is The Best Rookie Card?

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2018 Panini Donruss Rated Rookie Josh Allen RC #304

There is a lot to love about this Donruss Josh Allen rookie card.

Not only is it considered one of the primary Josh Allen rookie cards of 2018, but it’s the classic “Rated Rookie”, originally popularized from baseball trading card sets of the ’80s.

While not as valuable as the closely associated Donruss Optic Josh Allen rookie card, this Panini Rated Rooke Josh Allen is a bit easier on the pocketbook and highly collectible.

As we have seen in most common rookie cards, the Panini has a decent amount of parallels, short prints, and variations for collectors to choose from, including the incredibly rare Press Proof Black Die-Cut, a rare 1-of-1 rookie card.

Even if you are not lucky enough to land the one-of-one, several other parallels have short-print counts less than /100.

Because this Josh Allen rookie card if a bit easier to find on the market, it’s also a bit easier to grade since there are more on the market to purchase and submit to PSA or grader of choice for your shot at a perfect 10.

image 13
image 14

2018 Donruss Optic #154 Josh Allen Rookie Card

While it may look the same or similar to the above-mentioned Rated Rookie card, the Donruss Optic Josh Allen rookie card is a bit harder to find and, this way, a bit more costly than the Panini version.

The Donruss Optic series has a slightly different finish, a bit more glossy than the above-mentioned rookie card.

The graded version of this card also fetches a higher price than the Panini version, but landing a Gem Mint 10 is not as easy due to the lower overall card population.

From a Josh Allen rookie card variation standpoint, the Donruss Optic has fewer to collect, proving it’s a slightly harder card to collect.

But it does have a very rare 1-of-1 Gold Vinyl release and several other short-print options, with several less than prints of 100 available.

This is a great choice for the collector who wants a Josh Allen rookie card but one with a slightly harder scope to collect.

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image 16


So when we talk about Josh Allen rookie cards, including the 2018 Donruss Optic Downtown card is a must-add to this list for several reasons.

First, the “Downtown” series from the Donruss Optic sets is one of the most popular and hard-to-find themes, creating a higher price point for these cards.

Even the ungraded versions of this card command a pretty penny, but the high-graded versions of this RC are often listed on eBay for over $10,000.

While the price point puts this card out of reach for many football card collectors, for those who have the pocket change available to fork over, this card is sure to turn heads at any trading card show.

Each card has a unique background based on the player’s team, and this card has a great Buffalo theme.

image 17
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2018 National Treasures Josh Allen Rookie Patch Auto RPA #/99 Short Print

Autograph cards are a big deal in sports card collecting, especially when those autographs are on rookie cards.

This rings true for the Josh Allen rookie cards as well. His rookie cards are so highly collectible that you will commonly find them going for top-dollar and some crazy dollar amounts on eBay.

There were a couple of different Panini National Treasure rookie cards for Josh Allen in 2018, but card #163 is often thought of as the top dog to collect.

However, like we have seen with other cards for other players, collectibility often leads to higher value and price points, which are great if you want to sell a card you own, but tough if you want to own one, and need to purchase one.

You can click the button below to see the cards currently available on eBay, but be prepared for sticker shock, some of those bards are listed for over $100,000.

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2018 Panini Contenders Optic Josh Allen Rookie Card Rookie of the Year ROY

The 2018 Panini Contenders is easily one of the most popular Josh Allen rookie cards for football card collectors and sports collectors in general.

Panini Contender has gained a name as one of the most popular companies and sets in football card trading, having the biggest stars in the game doing autographs for many years.

The 2018 Panini Contenders has a few card variations, such as the 2018 Panini Contenders Optic. Still, the standard Panini rookie card is the one more desirable by fans and collectors.

As with other Allen rookie cards, the high demand results in high prices, with cards sometimes going as high as over $10,000 on eBay.

Still, sometimes, you can get a decent deal on a non-graded version to add to your trading card collection.

Who Is Josh Allen, NFL Superstar?

Josh Allen is an American football quarterback for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League (NFL).

He played college football at Wyoming and was drafted by the Bills in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

Josh Allen was born on May 21, 1996, in Firebaugh, California.

He began his career as a three-sport athlete in high school, playing football, basketball, and baseball.

However, it was clear that his future was in football, and he earned a scholarship to play quarterback at Wyoming. After redshirting his first year, Allen became the starter in his second season.

He quickly established himself as one of the top quarterbacks in the country and decided to declare for the NFL Draft after his junior year. The Bills drafted Allen with the seventh overall pick, and he has since become one of the most exciting young players in the league.

In 2019, he was named the NFL Most Valuable Player and led the Bills to their first AFC Championship game since 1993.

Josh Allen is a superstar quarterback, and it is only a matter of time before he leads the Bills to a Super Bowl victory.

Josh Allen’s Background

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Josh Allen was born on May 21, 1996, in Firebaugh, California.

He attended high school at Firebaugh High School, where he played football and baseball. He was named his district’s Co-offensive Player of the Year in his senior year. He also earned All-Conference and All-State honors in baseball.

After graduating high school, Josh attended Reedley College for one year before transferring to the University of Wyoming.

As a junior at Wyoming, he was named the Mountain West Conference Defensive Player of the Year.

Josh Allen’s parents are Dick and Kristen Allen.

Dick played football at the University of Wyoming, and Kristen was a cheerleader. The two met while they were students at the university.

Dick and Kristen have been married for over 20 years and have three children. Josh is the middle child, with an older sister named Courtney and a younger brother named Blake. Both of his siblings also play football. Josh’s parents have always been supportive of his athletic career.

They have attended all of his games, both in high school and college, and have been instrumental in helping him develop his skills.

Josh credits them with instilling in him a love for the game of football. He has said he would not be the player he is today without their support. Dick and Kristen Allen are truly proud parents of an incredible son.

Josh Allen And College Football At Wyoming

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Josh Allen was a quarterback at Wyoming college. He played in 12 games as a junior, completing 56 percent of his passes for 1,812 yards, 16 touchdowns, and six interceptions.

He also ran for 523 yards and seven touchdowns.

As a senior, he completed 62 percent of his passes for 3,203 yards, 28 touchdowns, and 15 interceptions. He also ran for six touchdowns.

Allen was not highly recruited out of high school, but he improved his draft stock with strong performances at the Senior Bowl and the NFL combine.

Josh Allen’s Rookie Year And Getting Drafted

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Josh Allen was drafted seventh overall by the Buffalo Bills in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Josh Allen had an up-and-down rookie season with the Buffalo Bills, showing both moments of brilliance and periods of struggle.

He completed 52.8% of his passes for 2,074 yards, 10 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions. He also ran for 631 yards and 8 touchdowns.

Allen’s best game came in Week 12 against the Jets when he threw for 3 touchdowns and rushed for another in a 41-10 victory.

However, he also turned the ball over a total of 4 times in losses to the Patriots and Dolphins.

Josh Allen Becomes A Football Star In His Second Season

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Despite his inconsistencies, Allen showed enough potential to be named the Bills’ starting quarterback for the 2019 season.

Josh Allen’s second season in the NFL was a success.

The Bills quarterback led his team to a 10-6 record and their first playoff berth since 1999.

Allen threw for 3,089 yards and 20 touchdowns while also rushing for nine.

He proved to be a dual-threat quarterback and helped the Bills’ offense become one of the best in the league.

Allen’s second season was a vast improvement over his rookie year, and he has established himself as the Bills’ franchise quarterback.

What Does The Future Hold For Josh Allen?

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He has all of the tools to be a successful NFL quarterback. His arm strength is elite, and he has shown the ability to make all the throws. His accuracy has improved each year, and he should continue improving in that area. He is also a very good athlete who can extend plays with his feet and pick up first downs with his legs.

The biggest question mark with Josh Allen is his decision-making.

He tends to force throws into tight windows and take unnecessary risks. If he can improve his decision-making, he has a chance to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Josh Allen, but he has the talent to be a great quarterback in this league for many years.

Josh Allen Career Accomplishments and Awards

image 27

After playing college football for the University of Wyoming, he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

Allen was named to the PFWA All-Rookie Team in his rookie season after completing 52.8 percent of his passes for 2,074 yards and 10 touchdowns.

The following year, he was named the Bills’ starting quarterback and led the team to a 10-6 record and a playoff berth.

In 2020, Allen was named to his first Pro Bowl after completing 69 percent of his passes for 4,544 yards and 37 touchdowns. He also ran for 421 yards and eight touchdowns.

Allen is one of the NFL’s most promising young quarterbacks and is considered one of its brightest stars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Josh Allen?

Josh Allen was born on May 21st, 1996. He is currently 26 years old.

Where did Josh Allen go to college?

He went to Reedley College for one year and then to the University of Wyoming.

When was Josh Allen Drafted?

He was drafted on July 25th, 2018, by the Buffalo Bills.

How tall is Josh Allen?

Josh Allen is 6’5″. That’s quite tall for a quarterback.

Where is Josh Allen from?

Josh is from Firebaugh, California.

Where does Josh Allen live?

Josh Allen lives in Orchard Park, NY.

Final Thoughts on the Best Josh Allen Rookie Card

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Collecting Josh Allen rookie cards can be exciting for collectors, and even a great investment. The trajectory that he is on means that only a Josh Allen rookie card could end up paying off big in a few years.

However, there is no guarantee in sports card collecting, so make sure to always do it for the fun of the hobby more than anything else.

Whichever Josh Allen rookie card you choose, make it one that is a great complement to your football card collection.

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