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The 5 Best Travis Kelce Rookie Cards For Collectors | 2023

Everyone wants a Travis Kelce rookie card because there is no doubt that Kelce is one of the most exciting players in the NFL today. He has already made a name for himself as a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, and there is no telling what he will be able to achieve in the future.

This article will look at the best Travis Kelce rookie cards on the market and Kelce’s journey from college football to the NFL. We will also discuss his skills and what makes him such an exciting player to watch.

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What Year Was The Travis Kelce Rookie Card Released?

best travis kelce rookie card
Travis Kelce On Card Signature – National Treasures

The Kansas City Chiefs drafted Travis Kelce in the 2013 NFL Draft, and his rookie cards were released in 2013. However, there are several different versions of Kelce’s rookie cards, so the exact year of release may vary depending on the specific card.

For example, some of Kelce’s rookie cards were released as part of the 2013 Panini Prizm set, while others were released as part of the 2013 Topps Chrome set. Autographed versions of Kelce’s rookie cards were also released in later years.

Which Travis Kelce Rookie Card Is The Best RC?

Travis Kelce is a standout tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and his rookie cards are highly sought after by collectors. If you’re considering adding a Kelce rookie card to your collection, you may wonder which one is the best investment.

Let’s look at some of the top Travis Kelce rookie cards.

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2013 Travis Kelce Topps Chrome RC #118

The 2013 Topps Chrome Travis Kelce rookie card is an popular choice for collectors.

The refractor parallels, which their border colors can identify, are particularly valuable. The red refractor is the most visually appealing option, with a red and gold bottom portion.

Although the Topps Chrome brand is highly respected in the hobby, football cards from this particular year may not be worth much and can be obtained for a modest price.

The 2013 Topps Chrome card features Travis Kelce catching a pass in a staged photo shoot while wearing an Under Armour shirt, which was later sought out and purchased by Mahomes.

This card has a variety of parallels available, including the Refractor, X-fractor, Orange, Blue Wave, Purple (limited to 499 copies), Military Camo (limited to 499 copies), BCA Pink (limited to 399 copies), Prism (limited to 260 copies), Black (limited to 299 copies), Blue (limited to 199 copies), Sepia (limited to 99 copies), Gold (limited to 50 copies), Red (limited to 25 copies), the rare SuperFractor edition (1 copy), and Printing Plates (1 copy).

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image 197

2013 Panini Contenders #187 Autograph RC Rookie Ticket

The 2013 Panini Contenders range offers a high-end option for collectors of Travis Kelce rookie cards, which is included in the Rookie Tickets set.

The Rookie Tickets are one of Panini’s most popular inserts, not just in football cards.

The card features a large image of Kelce on the left side and a stickered auto on the right, with several variations and parallel images available.

These football cards are highly valued by collectors and an ungraded version can usually be purchased for $150-$250. The rookie card variations depict Kelce in different poses, including one with his knees visible and one with his knees not showing.

The card has only a few parallels available, including the Playoff Ticket (limited to 99 copies), Cracked Ice Ticket (limited to 21 copies), the rare Championship Tickets (1 copy), and Printing Plates (1 copy).

image 198
image 199

2013 Travis Kelce Panini Prizm RC #292

The Panini Prizm set has a Travis Kelce rookie card featuring Kelce holding a football and surveying the field.

The Panini Prizm has a layered image with a skewed Prizm border, player information on a white tab at the bottom, and RC and “Rookie” logos.

Several interesting parallels vary in the color of the outer background, including rare and easily damaged die-cut cards.

The Panini Prizm RC card has recently gained popularity among collectors and can now often sell for $30 or more. It features the classic silver shine found on all Prizm cards and prominently displays the RC and “Rookie” logos.

The available parallels for this rookie card include Prizm, Camouflage, Red Pulsar, Blue, Blue Pulsar, Green, Light Blue, Orange Die-Cut (limited to 50 copies), Purple Cracked Ice (limited to 40 copies), Die-Cut Light Blue (limited to 15 copies), Gold (limited to 10 copies), and the rare Finite edition (1 copy).

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image 203

2013 Panini Score Rookie Card #431

Score doesn’t appear on many “best of” lists, as it is often considered a lower end product and not as well made as other football card sets. But the Kelce RC changes that.

The 2013 Score RC card featuring Travis Kelce is a great value option for collectors. It features a close-up headshot of Kelce with a not-so-happy expression and includes his name in the bottom left corner and the KC Chiefs helmet in the bottom right corner. The card also displays the words “2013 Rookie” in the top right corner and the Score logo in the top left corner. It is numbered #431.

This Travis Kelce rookie card has several parallel versions available, including the Blue version (available at Walmart), Red version (available at Target), Purple (limited to 99 copies and available in hobby packs), Black (limited to 25 copies and available in hobby packs), and the rare Printing Plates edition (1 copy).

image 194
image 195

2013 National Treasures Century Signatures RC /99 Chiefs

The 2013 Panini National Treasures Football is a highly sought-after product in the ultra high-end football market. It features on-card rookie signatures and unique inserts, including Jumbo Prime Booklets, Hats Off, NFL Gear, and Colossal Jersey Numbers. These inserts showcase some of the top rookie players from 2013.

Travis Kelce might be the biggest name in the group.

This Travis Kelce Rookie Auto is one of the most popular, and hardest to find, with only a few copies floating around on eBay.

Which of course, drives up the price. But if you can afford it, it’s a fantastic addition to any Travis Kelce rookie card collection.

This card has several parallel versions available, including the Gold Signatures (limited to 49 copies), Black Signatures (limited to 25 copies), Blue Signatures (limited to 5 copies), the rare Red Signatures edition (1 copy), and Printing Plates (1 copy).

Overall, the popularity and value of a Travis Kelce rookie card can vary based on factors such as the card’s condition, the rarity, and the card’s demand among collectors.

In general, football cards graded PSA 10 (perfect condition) and feature autographs or parallel variations tend to be the most valuable and popular among collectors.

Who Is Travis Kelce, NFL Superstar?

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Travis Kelce is a professional American football tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL).

He played college football at the University of Cincinnati and was drafted by the Chiefs in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Travis Kelce is a three-time Pro Bowl selection and was named a first-team All-Pro in 2016 and 2019.

He has also been named to the NFL Top 100 Players list four times, ranking as high as number 12 in 2019. Travis Kelce is known for his size, speed, and reliable hands, making him a valuable asset in the passing game. He is also a vocal leader on and off the field, helping to guide the Chiefs to numerous playoff appearances and a Super Bowl victory in 2020.

Travis Kelce’s Background And Where He Came From

image 209
Travis Kelce On Card Auto

Travis Kelce was born and bred in Ohio, destined for greatness from an early age. He proudly represented Cleveland Heights High School on the gridiron and hardwood – no easy feat as a two-sport athlete!

His excellence earned him all-state honors, leading to his matriculation at Cincinnati University. Once there, he shined both on the field with exceptional physicality as well off it by further honing into one of football’s most complete tight ends: able to receive, block, and lead teams when they needed him most.

Travis Kelce And His College Football Career

At Cincinnati, Kelce played four seasons of college football, earning first-team All-Big East honors as a junior and senior. In his final season, he caught 45 passes for 722 yards and eight touchdowns, helping lead the Bearcats to a share of the Big East conference title. Kelce also earned Academic All-American honors for his performance in the classroom.

Travis Kelce’s Rookie Year And Getting Drafted

The Kansas City Chiefs selected Travis Kelce in the third round (63rd overall) of the 2013 NFL Draft. He made his NFL debut in Week 1 of the 2013 season and played in all 16 games, catching eight passes for 87 yards and a touchdown. Kelce quickly established himself as a reliable target in the Chiefs’ passing game, and by his second season, he was a full-time starter.

Travis Kelce Becomes A Football Star

image 206

Travis Kelce improved each season, setting career highs in receiving yards and touchdowns in 2015, 2016, and 2017. In 2015, he was named to the Pro Bowl for the first time after setting a career high in receiving yards with 862. He followed that up with another Pro Bowl season in 2016, and was named a first-team All-Pro for the first time after leading all tight ends in receiving yards (1,125) and touchdowns (four). Kelce was named to the Pro Bowl again in 2017 and 2018, and in 2019, he was named a first-team All-Pro for the second time after leading all tight ends in receiving yards (1,229) and touchdowns (10).

Travis Kelce’s Career Accomplishments and Awards

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In addition to his three Pro Bowl selections and two first-team All-Pro honors, Kelce has also been named to the NFL Top 100 Players list four times, ranking as high as number 12 in 2019. He has set numerous Chiefs franchise records, including most receptions and receiving yards by a tight end in a single season. Kelce has also helped lead the Chiefs to the playoffs in each of the past four seasons, including a Super Bowl victory in 2020, where he was named the Super Bowl LIV Offensive Player of the Game.

Travis and Jason Kelce

The star-studded Kelce brothers, Travis and Jason, made a proud statement with their 2021 Walter Payton Man of the Year award.

Both professional athletes have used their platform as NFL players to give back in meaningful ways through their 83 & U Foundation–dedicated to providing support and resources for families affected by congenital heart disease so that children may receive care despite the medical challenges they face.

As recipients of this prestigious award acknowledging community service activities and excellence on the field from an NFL player, these two role models shone brightly among all others nominated; truly embodying what it means to be exemplary members of society both in sportsmanship and humanitarianism alike.

Travis Kelce Career Stats (Regular Season)

During his lengthy career with the Kansas City team, this talented athlete played 144 games, starting 137 of them.

He consistently demonstrated strength and skill on the field – except for one year when he had zero rushing attempts – but really shined in 2020 by having a record-breaking 1,416 receiving yards and 105 receptions; additionally recording 10 touchdowns from 2018 as well.

His performance was impressive across all seasons, equalling an outstanding 69 touchdown catches throughout his entire span, plus 8 additional scores recorded via running plays. Ultimately wrapping up 12 total fumbles (10 being lost).

Postseason Stats

Travis Kelce is a force to be reckoned with in the postseason.

His career spans 16 remarkable games where he has made 120 catches for an impressive 1,389 yards – netting him 14 touchdowns along the way!

The Pro Bowl Tight End’s best performance was during last year’s playoffs when he caught 23 passes for 299 yards and featured on three scores – averaging 11.6 yds per grab too!

Not only that but his impeccable ball control means not once did he fumble – quite a feat considering it follows such aggression of play between two formidable teams.

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Travis Kelce FAQ

Travis Kelce is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kelce has been named to the Pro Bowl three times and has been a first-team All-Pro selection twice. He has also been named to the NFL Top 100 Players list four times, ranking as high as number 12 in 2019.

Kelce has set numerous Chiefs franchise records, including most receptions and receiving yards by a tight end in a single season. He has also set the record for most consecutive games with a catch by a tight end.

Kelce has played nine seasons in the NFL, all with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kelce’s most notable career accomplishment is helping lead the Kansas City Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory in 2020, where he was named the Super Bowl LIV Offensive Player of the Game.

Yes, Travis Kelce is involved in several charitable and community efforts. He has participated in numerous events with the Chiefs’ community outreach program and started his own charity, the 87 & Running Foundation, which focuses on improving the lives of children in the Kansas City area.

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