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Which Is The Best Julio Rodriguez Rookie Card? The Top 5 Ranked

The Julio Rodgriguez rookie card has become a highly sought-after item in the collectible market, thanks to his exceptional talent and impressive performance in his young career in MLB.

This article explores the top five Julio Rodgriguez rookie cards currently available, providing potential buyers with an in-depth look at which card is best suited for their collection and budget.

Julio Rodriguez Rookie Card Table Of Contents

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What Year Was Julio Rodriguez Rookie Card Released?

best julio rodriguez rookie card cards

Mostly, the 2022 baseball card sets are considered to be where the real J-Rod rookie cards come from. However, there were several released in the years prior as well.

Which Julio Rodriguez Rookie Card Is The Best Rookie Card?

1. 2021 Bowman’s Best Julio Rodriguez RC #49

With the 2021 Bowman’s Best edition, confusion abounds among collectors over Julio Rodríguez’s rookie card status.

This release blends traditional MLB players and prospects together in one base set with an accompanying on-card autograph of Rodriguez – turning what many ordinarily consider a true Julio Rodriguez rookie card into his second-year offering instead.

However, some remain faithful to pre-2006 definitions that regularly included prospects as part of any given cardsets premiere series’.

To further complicate matters, there are multiple rare parallels such as Refractors, Atomic Refractors , Purple Refractor, and Superfractor versions released – each limited in availability too.

Regardless of all of that, it remains one of the most sought-after base Julio Rodriguez rookie cards.

2. 2019 Bowman Chome Prospect Julio Rodriguez Rookie Card #BCP-33

image 109
image 110

Get your hands on Julio Rodríguez’s coveted Bowman Chrome “1st Bowman” card, which can be found in the 2019 edition of Bowman Baseball.

For those looking for a real bargain-hunter’s find, you have plenty to choose from – including autographed base cards and Refractors without an auto.

The set also contains several limited parallel options such as Camo, Sky Blue, Purple, and Printing Plates Black – all priced affordably despite their rarity.

Unless you happen to stumble across the 1/1 parallels, like the printing plates or the Transcendent VIP Party cards…but that’s not likely to happen.

3. 2022 Topps Chrome Julio Rodriguez RC #222 SP

image 112
image 113

It’s not often that we find a short print card listed in our ranking of the best rookie cards for a player, but this one is a bit unique.

Baseball fans have something special to look forward to with the 2022 Topps Chrome Baseball edition. Newly added is an extended base set card #222 SP of Julio Rodríguez, unfortunately, left out of hobby boxes and now issued in silver packs as an offering for those who purchased them originally.

An impressive addition that can’t be overlooked is cards autographed by recent American League Rookie Of The Year himself — providing a convenient way for collectors seeking his rookie card without breaking the bank.

Not a conventional way of getting a card, but I don’t think anyone is complaining.

4. 2019 Bowman Sterling Prospect Autographs Julio Rodriguez Rookie #BSPAJR

image 114
image 115

Baseball collectors looking to get their hands on a Julio Rodriguez rookie card without breaking the bank may find what they’re searching for with the 2019 Bowman Sterling release.

This premium set comes jam-packed, offering an autograph in every pack and ranging from non-graded cards of similar value to die-cut refractors presented horizontally – not something seen often.

Additionally, parallels such as Refractors, Wave Refractors, Speckle Refractors and more can offer variation at different price points – all exclusive designs weaved into this premier set’s regal signature style.

Still, these are much less expensive than some of the Bowman Chrome cards, which put this Julio Rodriguez autograph card within reach for those looking at building their baseball card collection.

5. 2017 Panini Elite Extra Edition Julio Rodriguez #136 /999

image 116
image 117

Panini’s 2017 Elite Extra Edition offers an attractive early rookie card for budget-conscious collectors of Julio Rodriguez.

This product includes the signless variation and several limited edition parallels – including Aspirations Purple, Status Die-Cut Red, and Tie Dye statuses, as well as Future Threads Silhouettes Autographs (which feature on-card signatures).

It is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive collections regarding its variety in rarity available at such a great value price.

The product also features Future Threads Silhouettes Autographs, which showcase autographed memorabilia in remarkable fashion. These signature pieces offer a unique glimpse into sports history with an unforgettable memento for any fan’s collection!

Who Is Julio Rodriguez, MLB Superstar?

image 119

Julio Yarnel Rodríguez, or ‘J-Rod’ as his fans have come to call him, is a dynamic young outfielder making waves in Major League Baseball. Signed by the Seattle Mariners back in 2017 at only 16 years of age, J-Rod officially made his MLB debut this past year and has been electrifying ever since.

Julio Rodriguez And The Minor Leagues

Julio Rodríguez – already a rising star in the baseball world at 16 years old, has made an incredible journey from signing with the Seattle Mariners as an international free agent to playing for their Rookie-level Dominican Summer League team. Showing promise early on – boosting his batting average to .315 and amassing 50 runs 9 triples 5 home runs, 36 RBIs, and 10 stolen bases during season one; after battling through injury, he was promoted again into Class A West Virginia power, where success followed shortly thereafter when chosen AFL Rising Star by starring once more in Arizona Fall league’s Peoria Javelinas to line up.

This year, the Mariners ensured they didn’t miss out on their future star. After a successful 2021 season with Double-A Arkansas Travelers featuring an All-Star Futures Game selection and rankings of No. 1 in Seattle’s prospect list and No2 overall according to MLB’s top 100 prospects, he was then added to the 40-man roster — sealing his place as one of baseballs most promising young stars for years to come!


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Getting Signed To The Seattle Mariners And His Rookie Year

image 120

Julio Rodríguez’s ascent to the MLB began in his humble home country of the Dominican Republic, where he had honed his craft on local baseball fields. His hard work paid off once scouts from the Seattle Mariners recognized him for possessing extraordinary skill and great potential. This prompted them to offer to sign a contract as an international free agent back in 2017 – launching Julio into a bright future within professional baseball!

Rodríguez’s professional career began in the minor leagues with Seattle and rose quickly to success. After an awe-inspiring season at Rookie level, his batting average soared to .315, accompanied by 50 runs, 9 triples, 5 homers, and more than 30 RBIs – plus 10 stolen bases! – Rodríguez was promoted up to Class A West Virginia Power before eventually settling into a role as MiLB All Star for Modesto Nuts of California League; on September 2nd, this hardworking player earned himself Player of the Week honors too.

After soaring through the ranks in 2021, Julio Rodríguez cemented his legacy as one of baseball’s top prospects. He was promoted to Double-A Arkansas Travelers and named for the All-Star Futures Game before finishing out the year at No. 1 on both Seattle Mariners’ prospect list and MLB’s Top 100 Prospect List – a staggering feat! To make sure he sticks around, The M’s added him to their 40-man roster ahead of what promises to be an exciting 2022 season.

Julio Rodriguez Becomes A Star Player

image 121

After a long-awaited major league debut on Opening Day, Rodríguez began to shine in his first season. He received American League Rookie of the Month honors for two months straight and was selected as an All-Star representative. But that wasn’t all – he even competed in the Home Run Derby, showing off some impressive power by hitting 81 home runs across three rounds and finishing second overall!

Rodríguez was nothing short of impressive throughout the season and stunned fans on August 23rd when he hit his 20th home run. After reaching this milestone, Rodríguez became only the 6th nig league player in Seattle Mariners history to join the illustrious 20-20 club – an elite group composed of those who’ve achieved a minimum stat line of twenty homers & twenty stolen bases within one single season. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t long until Rodriguez accomplished new heights; On September 14th, becoming the first rookie ever recorded to reach 25–25 – joining even more exclusive company with unprecedented feats for any debuting ballplayer!

On August 26, 2022, Rodríguez scored an impressive contract extension with the Mariners – up to $400 million over 14 years! By season’s end, he was one of MLB’s youngest qualified batters and had racked up some serious numbers: a .284 batting average linked to 84 runs, 28 home runs, 75 RBIs, and 25 steals in 511 at-bats. His performance also earned him no fewer than two awards – the Silver Slugger Award & AL Rookie Of The Year.


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What Does The Future Hold For Julio Rodriguez?

image 122

Julio Rodríguez is undoubtedly one of the brightest prospects in baseball. Just a year into his professional career, he has already become an All-Star and earned Silver Slugger Award recognition thanks to impressive stats: .284 batting average, 84 runs scored, and 28 home runs. His exceptional performance led Seattle Mariners to reward him with a 14-year contract extension worth up to $400 million – confirming their faith in this young phenom’s talent for years to come. The future certainly looks bright for Julio Rodriguez, as only heights await him.

Julio Rodriguez Career Accomplishments and Awards

image 123

Julio Rodríguez’s career accomplishments and awards include the following:

  • American League (AL) Rookie of the Month for May and June, 2022
  • Selected to the 2022 MLB All-Star Game
  • Placed second in the 2022 Home Run Derby
  • Became the 6th baseball player in Mariners history to join the 20–20 club, and the fourth player in MLB history to do so in their first MLB season.
  • Became the 1st player to join the 25/25 club in his rookie season
  • Silver Slugger Award in 2022
  • AL Rookie of the Year in 2022
  • MiLB Organization All Star in 2019
  • AFL Rising Star in 2019
  • Selected to the All-Star Futures Game in 2021
  • Ranked No. 1 on the Mariners prospect list and No. 2 on the MLB top 100 prospect list in 2021
  • Youngest qualified batter in major league baseball in 2022

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Final Thoughts – What’s the Best J-Rod Rookie Card?

The Julio Rodriguez rookie card has captured the attention of collectors in the baseball card market thanks to his exceptional talent and impressive performance since his MLB debut. This article has highlighted five top Julio Rodriguez rookie cards that cater to various collectors with diverse preferences and budgets.

From the popular 2021 Bowman’s Best Julio Rodriguez RC #49, which features an on-card autograph and a range of rare parallels like rainbow foil, to the more budget-friendly 2017 Panini Elite Extra Edition Julio Rodriguez #136 /999, offering limited edition parallels and Future Threads Silhouettes Autographs, there is a Julio Rodriguez card suitable for every collector.

The 2019 Bowman Chrome Prospect Julio Rodriguez Rookie Card #BCP-33 and 2019 Bowman Sterling Prospect Autographs Julio Rodriguez Rookie #BSPAJR allow collectors to own an autographed Rodriguez rookie card without spending a fortune. Meanwhile, the unique 2022 Topps Chrome Julio Rodriguez RC #222 SP adds a touch of rarity to any collection, as it is a short print card only available in silver packs.

As Julio Rodriguez continues to excel in the big leagues and progresses in his career with the Seattle Mariners, wearing their iconic uniform, these Rodriguez rookie cards are expected to become even more valuable. Collectors and investors alike should consider the information provided in this article, which is part of the eBay Partner Network, to make well-informed decisions when adding the best Julio Rodriguez rookie cards to their collection.

With prospect cards like Rodriguez’s becoming increasingly popular, it’s not surprising that names like Fernando Tatis Jr. and Ken Griffey have been mentioned alongside Julio Rodriguez in conversations about the future of the sport. Whether it’s an opening day or a milestone game, Rodriguez cards will likely be a good investment as his star continues to rise in the American League.

In addition to the Rodriguez rookie cards discussed in this article, there are other options like the RC logo, prospect autographs of Julio Rodriguez, and the printing plates black that collectors can explore. As Julio Rodriguez’s career continues to soar, his cards, including those featuring a Saint Pierre or Saint Lucia design, will only become more sought-after, making them a must-have for any serious baseball card collector.

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