Clothing Haul for Men | Best Workout Tops from Amazon

Are you looking for another workout clothing haul for men? Look no further, I have you covered.

In this haul, we are trying on some of the newest shirts, tank tops, and hoodies available on Amazon. I tried to get a few different colors and brands. I’ll try them on, and give you some details on each, as well as my overall thoughts on each one.

I’ll post the complete video review at the end of this article as well, so you can see the live workout clothing haul in action!

All Tops, 1 Flop

DEVOPS 3 Pack Men’s Y-Back Dri Fit Workout Tank Top

Price: $20-25

clothing haul for men

I’m typically not a tank top guy, and I really don’t care for the muscle tank specifically, but I actually kind of liked this Devops 3 pack. At least, I did when I looked at the video and saw how it looked.

The multi-pack deals are iffy on Amazon because often you will find that the items in the packs are of cheaper quality. Basically, a bulk deal for cheaper material. And these definitely felt cheaper. In fact, I thought the material was a little too loose, I think a result of the quality of the material.

That said, it’s a 3-pack priced just over $20, so per shirt, that’s pretty cheap, and they do look good.

adidas Men’s Designed 2 Move Feelready T-Shirt

Price: $15-$30 (varies by size and color)

image 13

The adidas Designed 2 Move shirts are one of my favorite straight t-shirts I have got in a while. To be honest, there is nothing special about them. They do what a good quality workout t-shirt should do…fit well and look good.

Part of the allure of the D2M shirts from adidas is the material they are made from. The material is Primegreen, which is made from recycled materials.

Whatever it’s made from, I like it and will get more.

Under Armour Men’s Rival Fleece Cloud Dye Hoodie

Price: $33-$55 (varies by color/size)

image 14

The Under Armour Men’s Rival Fleece Cloud Dye Hoodie is a nicely-made cotton-blend fleece with a nice brushed interior.

Actually, the interior made it so warm, this is probably not a spring or summer hoodie. But fall and winter will be a great time to wear it.

This specific model hoodie has a couple of different unique colors as well, almost like camouflage.

The only downside to this hoodie is that it seems a little shorter than most other large-size hoodies I own. Being I am just over 6 foot 3, this ended up being a little short for me. But if you are closer to the 6-foot range, this would be perfect for you.

Liberty Imports 3 Pack Quarter Zip Pullovers

Price: $45-$55 (varies by color/size)

image 16

Next on the workout clothing haul is the Liberty Imports 3 Pack of Quarter Zip Pullovers.

This is another multi-pack, but I will say this…the materials in this pack did not seem to be a lesser quality per se as we have seen in other multi-packs. The material was actually good quality, a nice stretchy type material.

The issue I had with this product is the fit. They mention they are a “regular” fit, but I found there to be just too much material, which isn’t very flattering nor form-fitting. So if you are more of a slim or athletic build, and prefer a more slim look, these are not for you. However, if your body shape jives with a more “regular” fit, these are actually a good deal.

Jerzees Men’s Fleece Pullover Hoodie

Price: $13-$25 (varies by color/size)

image 17

At some point, the classic Jerzees hoodie was going to make it into a clothing haul.

The Jerzees hoodies are exactly what you want out of a good hoodie. Durable, inexpensive, and stylish.

Jerzees fleece hoodies are also a little on the thinner side as far as overall material, which actually makes for a very comfortable hoodie, even in the spring-rising temps.

And at the price point (many around $15), it’s hard to pass up.

Champion Men’s Reverse Weave Pullover

Price: $19-$90 (varies by color/size)

image 18

Champion keeps putting out great threads, and next on the clothing haul, we have the Champion Men’s Reverse Weave Pullover.

This hoodie fits just right. The perfect combination of length and mid-section fit.

The material is quite heavy, so this is another hoodie that will get stored until fall hits again.

But when fall does come, this will be the first one out of the closet.

I might even pick up a couple more because this model has a ton of color options.

Workout Clothing Haul for Men | Final Thoughts

This workout clothing haul ended up being a win overall. The multi-packs didn’t really work out, but everything else on here was a win.

As promised, here is the YouTube video of the full clothing haul.

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