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BlenderBottle Strada VS Bolde Bottle: Which Is The Better Steel Shaker Bottle?

Shaker bottles are a staple of the fitness and workout world, and insulated stainless steel bottles are the cream of the shaker’s crop.

Two of the best insulated stainless steel shaker bottles on the market are the BlenderBottle Strada and the newly released Bolde Bottle, which I ranked in my “best of” protein shaker bottle article HERE.

Both have great features and a few drawbacks, but which one is the better insulated stainless steel shaker bottle?

This article will compare the BlenderBottle Strada Shaker Bottle and the Bolde Bottle and help you decide which is right.

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BlenderBottle Strada

General Summary

Above average shaker bottle, a great basic bottle, and good quality.

Shaker Bottle Capacity Sizes

The insulated stainless steel BlenderBottle Strada comes in a 24 oz. capacity.

BlenderBottle Strada Pricing

You can find the twist top version online, typically around the $30 price point, and the flip lid version between $20 and $30.

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Bolde Bottle

General Summary

Premium stainless steel shaker bottle for those wanting a high-end shaker.

Shaker Bottle Capacity Sizes

The insulated stainless steel Bolde Bottle comes in a 20 oz. capacity.

Bolde Bottle Pricing

The BoldeBottle is available on the Bolde website for $55 and free shipping on all Bolde Bottle orders.

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What Features Should We Consider When Buying A Shaker?

Picking out the right insulated shaker bottle is a big decision. When buying a new shaker cup, there are some common things to consider and keep in mind when doing do:

  • How much liquid does it hold?
  • What kind of agitator does it use to mix the pre workout or protein powder?
  • What is the protein shaker bottle made of?
  • Is the shaker dishwasher safe?
  • Does the shaker do a good job mixing protein powder into the water?
  • Does the stainless steel protein shaker bottle look stylish and cool?
  • What kind of features does the protein bottle have?

The above points are important to me when considering a protein shaker bottle.

However, different people have different priorities and things that are important to them.

But something we can all agree on; no one wants to waste money on a protein shaker bottle that breaks easily or doesn’t do a good job at mixing protein powders, leaving us with a clumpy and undrinkable protein shake.

The BlenderBottle Strada and the Bolde Bottle are great bottles when considering the questions above, but which one is right for you?

BlenderBottle Strada VS Bolde Bottle: A Full Comparison

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In this Blender Bottle Strada and Bolde Bottle comparison review, we will discuss a few key features of these fantastic shaker bottles:

  • Container Capacity
  • Overall Quality of the Build and Design
  • Unique Features
  • Pricing

What is the BlenderBottle Strada?

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The BlenderBottle Strada is a double-walled vacuum insulation stainless steel protein shaker bottle.

It is one of the most popular shaker models put out by BlenderBottle, one of the most well-known names in the shaker business.

This 24 oz cup is very popular on Amazon, specifically. It now has over 5,000 customer review ratings, making it one of the highest-rated blender bottles on Amazon.

What is the Bolde Bottle?

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The Bolde Bottle elite design is the new kid on the shaker block, but don’t let that fool you.

This stainless steel bottle means serious business.

This 20 oz. double-wall insulation shaker bottle is a cup designed for a premium feel, look, and overall premium experience when using the shaker.

The Bolde Bottle company put a lot of effort into designing a bottle of such high quality, and it shows with every sip.

What Is The Different Between The BlenderBottle Strada and the Bolde Bottle?

So you might think, “These are both stainless steel shaker bottles; how are they different”?

While both protein shaker bottles have several things in common, they are actually very different shaker cups.

While the Strada is more of a general shaker cup with the expected features of a mixing cup, the Bolde shaker bottle carries some unexpected swagger and, in turn, an unexpected protein-shaking experience.

BlenderBottle Strada Review:

Let’s look at the features of the BlenderBottle Strada and some of the potential negatives you should be aware of.

There are a few main points to cover when talking about this bottle.

First, it is a well-constructed and solid offering. The interior is a double-vacuum insulated stainless steel design, which allows liquids to stay cold longer (however, it is not stated what grade the stainless steel used inside the cup is).


While the listing on Amazon notes that this cup can be used with hot or cold liquids, the BlenderBottle website only mentions cold. The cup comes with an instruction that says “Nort For Use With Hot Liquids.”

The Strada also includes a Blenderball Whisk made of 316 surgical-grade stainless steel.

The bottle has a 24-ounce capacity, typical of what we see in other cups in the same space.

The cup is made from BPA and phthalate-free material. It is hand wash only, except for the lid, which is dishwasher safe.

For those interested in style, the cup has two choices for a lid: twist top or flip lid and comes in a wide assortment of colors.

BlenderBottle Strada Pros

  • Double Walled Vacuum Insulation
  • Stainless Steel Design
  • Surgical Grade Whisk Ball
  • BPA and Phthalate Free
  • Options for Twist or Flip Lid
  • Rounded Bottom for Better Mixing
  • Locking Lid (On Flip Model)
  • Integrated Carrying Loop
  • 24 oz. Capacity

BlenderBottle Strada Cons

  • No Additional Storage for Powders or Supplements
  • Stainless Steel Grade Is Unknown
  • Losing Whisk Ball Possible Over Time
  • Lid Interior Is Not Stainless Steel, Could Lead To Odor Absorption

Bold Bottle Review:

Now, let’s look at the Bolde Bottle and what it has to offer.

Because Bolde Bottle went above and beyond to make a great shaker, they have some features not seen on most other stainless steel shaker bottles.

This 20-ounce double-wall vacuum insulated shaker cup has an interior of 304 Pro Grade stainless steel construction. This is inside the cup AND lid, which sealed the entire interior steel.

This high-quality steel will keep your liquids hot and cold and protect your shaker bottle from odor absorption, which can make a shaker cup unusable and thrown in the trash.

The shaker has a patented mixing system we have not seen before. This Silent System Mixer is a unique system with an agistator screwed into the underside of the lid, which keeps it from rattling around in your cup and can lead to extra noise when shaking.

The silent mixer agitator was made removable for those who might need to do so.

Bold Bottle has one of the best liquid drinking spouts we have ever used, an enhanced silicone seal, and a spout shield. It’s almost like drinking from a straw while still having a wide opening.

The exterior texture is a premium powder coat finish, and the quality is noticeable from the first time you hold it.

The cup also has an integrated storage compartment at the bottom of the shaker, which can be unscrewed and hold your protein powders, supplements, pills, or just left off if not needed.

This is a common feature on a cheaper plastic shaker bottle, but rarely is this seen on stainless steel shakers.

Bolde Bottle Pros

  • Double-Wall Vacuum Insulated
  • 304 Pro Grade Stainless Steel Interior
  • Odor Proof
  • Even Lid Interior Is Stainless Steel Design
  • Silent System Mixer
  • Integrated Storage Compartment
  • Enhanced Silicone Seal
  • Hygienic Spout Shield
  • Internal Fill Indicator Lines for Easy Measuring
  • Premium Powder Coat Finish for Extra Grip
  • BPA Free
  • Free Shipping On All Bottles

Bolde Bottle Cons

  • Only Available in 20 oz.
  • Limited to 3 Color Choices
  • No Lid Lock
  • Does Not Come with Carrying Loop
  • Only Available On Bolde Site

Difference in Pricing

With the big difference in features for these protein shaker bottles, there is also a difference in pricing for both.

Let’s take a look at the pricing differences for both shaker bottles.

How Much Does the BlenderBottle Strada Cost?

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Screenshot of the BlenderBottle Website

If you buy one of these bottles directly from BlenderBottle, they will run you around the $30 price point without free shipping.

Amazon offers free shipping for Prime members and is typically priced in the same general area.


It’s worth mentioning, that from time to time Amazon will discount certain colors for a short time.

How Much Does the Bolde Bottle Cost?

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Screenshot of the Bolde Bottle Website

The Bolde Bottle is not just a premium bottle with a ton of great features, but it also has a premium price tag as well.

The Bolde Bottle will set you back $55 for a shaker, which some might find hard to swallow.

However, considering the features of the bottle mentioned above and the long-term use you will get from the shaker thanks to its incredibly high-grade construction, this bottle is worth every penny.

Also, Bolde Bottle offers free shipping on shaker orders as well.


Bolde Bottle does sell an seperate silicone carrying loop for their shakers for an additional $8. For the price of the shaker alone, we feel like this probably should be included with the shaker by default.

Is One Shaker Better Than The Other?

The answer to this question depends on your goals, budget, and style.

Bolde Bottle might be your best option if you want a high-end, premium option.

However, for those who don’t care about the bells and whistles and want a quality shaker cup to drink their protein shakes, the BlenderBottle is a better choice.

Final Verdict: BlenderBottle VS Bolde Bottle

BlenderBottle Strada

image 42

We have tried both protein shaker bottles and like them for generally very different reasons.

The BlenderBottle is a great basic stainless steel shaker cup. It’s great for being on the go or taking to the gym. Blender Bottle products are very popular for a good reason.

The Bolde Bottle is an excellent bottle for all the reasons mentioned above, but also a great gift for those needing a great bottle experience.

Ultimately, the best shaker bottle is the one you will use, so make sure you do!

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