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What is Hop WTR? My Taste Test Review

Have you ever wanted the taste of a hoppy brew without the hangover? You’re not alone. Hop WTR has taken the beverage world by storm, promising all the flavor without the fuzziness the following day. But does it deliver? As someone who’s taken the Hop WTR journey, I’m here to spill the tea, or rather, the sparkling hop water. Dive in with me as we explore this frothy trend. Is the hype around Hop WTR real? Stick around to find out!

WTF is Hop WTR?

If you’ve been living under a rock or haven’t recently visited the beverage aisle, Hop WTR is the latest entrant in the non-alcoholic beverage game. Imagine a sparkling drink that marries the familiar citrusy, piney flavor of hops with the crispness of sparkling water. That’s Hop WTR for you. When your heart says IPA, but your body screams, “Please, no alcohol!” this drink aims to hit the sweet spot.

But why the sudden fascination? Traditional beers and IPAs have been around for ages. Yet, the allure of Hop WTR lies not just in its taste but its promise: all the flavor of your beloved brew without the downsides of alcohol—no more compromising taste for wellness.

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Distinguishing Hop WTR

what is hop wtr

With its bold claims and slick packaging, Hop WTR has made waves. But let’s address some myths. First off, no, Hop WTR won’t get you buzzed. It’s brewed with the same bold hops as traditional beers but sans the alcohol. So, you get to relish the hoppy goodness without the wooziness. And while it shares similarities with non-alcoholic beers, it’s the added health-boosting ingredients and the absence of calories that set it apart. It’s not just another beer wannabe; it’s sparkling water with an edge.

Exploring Hop WTR Ingredients

hop wtr infused

One might argue the magic lies in the ingredients. And with Hop WTR, the ingredient list is worth shouting about. The blend of hops, specifically Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic, and Azacca, delivers a unique flavor profile. But hops bring more to the table than taste. They’re nature’s mood-lifters, potentially aiding with anxiety and sleep disturbances. It’s comfort for your mind, in liquid form.

Now, to the fancy stuff: nootropics and adaptogens. If these terms have you scratching your head, think of them as brain boosters. Hop WTR contains L-Theanine, which is known to enhance cognitive performance. Have you ever felt your brain could do with some extra speed? That’s L-Theanine working its magic. And adaptogens, like Ashwagandha in Hop WTR, help your body manage stress. It’s like having a personal wellness coach in a can.

But the crown jewel? The generous Vitamin C content. With 120% of your daily requirement, it’s a health booster in every sip.

Taste Profile of Hop WTR

hop wtr flavors

The ultimate test of any beverage lies in its taste. So, what does Hop WTR bring to the table? Its proprietary blend offers a distinctive citrusy, piney flavor reminiscent of IPAs. But Hop WTR takes it a notch higher. They’ve curated a delightful fusion of hops with natural fruit flavors, ensuring every sip is an experience. Whether it’s the zest of Italian Blood Oranges or the tang of Mexican Limes, it’s a global flavor fest in a can.

And all this without a trace of alcohol.

The Hop WTR Flavors I Tried

hop water flavors

Navigating the beverage world, especially the newer entrants like Hop WTR, can sometimes feel like a gamble. But, having personally tried this product, I can vouch for its authenticity. I ventured into Hop WTR flavors, from the classic citrusy blend to the adventurous blood orange, lime, and mango. Each flavor brought its twist, highlighting the hop taste in unique ways.

Personal Hop Water Review and Thoughts

To be honest, I was blown away. While I’ve never been a massive fan of beer, Hop WTR felt different, in a good way. Each flavor, from the zesty lime to the tropical mango, had its distinct character. The light hops flavor was refreshing, and the bubbles added that perfect touch of zest. What stood out? It’s perfect carbonation, especially when lounging by the pool or chilling after a long day. The low-carb and zero-calorie aspect was the cherry on top for someone like me who’s mindful of their intake.

As for its calming properties, while I can’t claim a Zen-like state, the adaptogens and nootropics, including ashwagandha and L-theanine, did seem to offer a subtle sense of relaxation. Whether it’s the drink’s calming effects or just the sheer joy of sipping something delicious, I can’t tell. Either way, it was a win in my book.

The Cost of Hop WTR

cost of hop wtr

Quality often comes with a price. And while Hop WTR might not be the most pocket-friendly option out there, its unique combination of taste and health benefits seemed worth the investment. After all, what’s the price of a beverage that’s both delightful and beneficial?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hop WTR?

Hop WTR is a sparkling non-alcoholic drink that combines the distinctive flavors of hops with the crispness of sparkling water, offering a unique alternative to traditional beers and IPAs.

How is Hop WTR different from non-alcoholic beer?

While both are non-alcoholic, Hop WTR stands out with its blend of health-boosting ingredients, lack of calories, and unique taste profile, making it more than just a beer alternative.

What flavors does Hop WTR come in?

Hop WTR offers a range of flavors, including the classic hop blend, as well as fruit-infused versions like Blood Orange, Lemon Lime, Mango, and Peach.

Are there any health benefits to drinking Hop WTR?

Yes, Hop WTR contains natural mood-lifters from hops, cognitive enhancers like L-Theanine, stress-reducing adaptogens like Ashwagandha, and a generous dose of Vitamin C.

Does Hop WTR contain any alcohol?

No, Hop WTR is entirely alcohol-free, allowing you to enjoy the hoppy flavors without any of the effects of alcohol.

Where can I buy Hop WTR?

Hop WTR is available at various retailers and can be purchased online, with platforms like Amazon offering packs in multiple flavors.

Final Thoughts and Verdict

Having journeyed through the world of Hop WTR, tasted its varied flavors, and experienced its touted benefits firsthand, I can confidently say it’s more than just a fad. It’s a thoughtful blend of taste, wellness, and refreshment.

There might be numerous Hop Water reviews floating around, but here’s my take: Hop WTR stands out. It’s not just another non-alcoholic beverage; it’s a statement, a testament to the fact that you can have the best of both worlds – flavor and health.


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For those who’ve been on the fence about trying Hop WTR, my advice? Give it a go. Whether you’re a fan of hoppy brews or just looking for a refreshing, non-alcoholic option, Hop WTR might be the drink you didn’t know you needed.

And to those who’ve already taken the plunge, what’s been your experience? Do share. Because, in the end, sharing our stories, reviews, and favorites makes the beverage world so wonderfully diverse and exciting.

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Hop WTR on Amazon
Amazon carries Hop WTR Sparkling Hop Water in 12 packs, either Hop WTR Variety Pack of Lemon Lime, Peach, Mango, Blood Orange, or Hop WTR Classic.
Click to View Amazon Price
I might earn commissions on sales made via this link.

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