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My Hop WTR Review | Is The Hype Real?

Ever found yourself reaching for that beer can, not because you wanted to feel tipsy, but simply for that flavor-packed, hoppy goodness? I’m going to do a Hop WTR review, your guilt-free and hangover-proof sparkling hop water to your hop craving.

This bright, frothy wave-maker in the low carb beverage world has been catching many an eye, and not just for its slick packaging.

But what’s the real story behind Hop WTR? If you are looking for Hop Wtr reviews, I got you covered!

What is Hop WTR?

WTR is a sparkling non-alcoholic beverage that masterfully combines hops’ familiar citrusy, piney flavor with the refreshing quench of sparkling water. If your heart is saying IPA, but your head is saying, “Oh, please, no,” this is your sweet spot.

Brewed using a blend of Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic, and Azacca hops, Hop WTR is an IPA lover’s daydream minus the booze, the carbs, the calories, and the morning-after regrets.

Exploring Hop WTR Ingredients

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Think back to the last time you read your drink’s ingredients list. Well, brace yourself because, with Hop WTR, you’ll want to do more than just read—you’ll want to shout them from the rooftops.

Let’s start with the main star, the bold hops. This particular blend of hops delivers an enticing and delicious combination of flavors. But hops do more than tickle your taste buds; they’re also natural mood-lifters with calming effects, which could help with those pesky anxiety flare-ups or sleep disturbances. It’s like a warm, fluffy blanket for your brain!

Hop WTR on Amazon
Amazon carries Hop WTR Sparkling Hop Water in 12 packs, either Hop WTR Variety Pack of Lemon Lime, Peach, Mango, Blood Orange, or Hop WTR Classic.
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I might earn commissions on sales made via this link.

The Adaptogens and Nootropics of Hop WTR

Now, let’s talk about the fancy stuff – nootropics and adaptogens. L-Theanine, a nootropic found in Hop WTR, is renowned for enhancing cognitive performance. It’s like the extra RAM your brain didn’t know it needed. And if you’re scratching your head over the word “nootropic,” you might be more familiar with them than you think. Ever heard of caffeine or Omega-3 fatty acids? Yep, they’re both nootropics for added hop water benefits!

But what about those adaptogens? In Hop WTR, it’s all about Ashwagandha, a favorite from Ayurveda’s arsenal. These remarkable herbs help your body cope better with stress by “adapting” to your body’s specific needs. Think of them as your personal stress SWAT team, always ready to jump into action when duty calls.

And the icing on the cake? Hop WTR is brimming with Vitamin C, providing a whopping 120% of your daily requirement. It gives your immune system a high-five and acts as a powerful antioxidant, a collagen-boosting agent, and a brain function enhancer.

You see, friends, Hop WTR is more than just a pretty face!

Distinguishing Hop WTR: FAQs

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It’s time to bust some myths about sparkling hop water again. Does Hop WTR get you buzzed? The short answer is: no. Although brewed with bold hops like traditional beer, Hop WTR doesn’t contain alcohol. So, you get the joy of sipping that hoppy goodness without the boozy side effects. Think of it as a joyride where you’re always in control, unlike drinking alcohol.

And is Hop WTR the same as a classic non-alcoholic beer? Well, not quite. Hop WTR shares some similar characteristics, but its added health-boosting ingredients and lack of calories place it in its unique category. Remember, this tasty alternative lets you sip until you experience sparkling water at its core. Who said hydration had to be boring, right?

As for the FDA, while it does not approve dietary supplements, which is how Hop WTR is classified, it does regulate them. So, you can breathe easy knowing that Hop WTR is made following good manufacturing practices.


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Health Benefits of Hop WTR

“Healthy” isn’t typically the first word that comes to mind when we think of cans of hoppy beverages, but the low-carb Hop WTR is on a mission to change that. The brew’s added benefits are broad, ranging from its stress-busting effects thanks to the nootropics and adaptogens to its potential sleep-enhancing benefits courtesy of the calming properties of hops. It’s like a wellness retreat in a can!

Taste Profile: What Does Hop WTR Taste Like?

Alright, time for the million-dollar question: What does Hop WTR taste like? The proprietary blend of hops gives it an unmistakable citrusy, piney flavor reminiscent of your favorite IPA. But the fun with Hop WTR doesn’t stop there.

They’ve gone above and beyond to curate a delightful fusion of hops with natural fruit flavors. Whether it’s sun-kissed Italian Blood Oranges or tart Mexican Limes, Hop WTR takes your taste buds on a global joyride. And all this with zero alcohol. Sounds like a winner, right?

The Hop WTR Flavors

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Being that Hop WTR is a newer company, they have a limited selection of available flavors. Hop WTR offers the Hop WTR Classic with its citrusy flavor, Blood Orange, Lemon Lime, Mango, and Peach.

The Cost of Hop WTR

“But all this goodness must come with a hefty price tag,” you’re probably thinking. And yes, Hop WTR isn’t the cheapest beverage on the shelf, but considering the healthy benefits of hop water its high-quality, health-boosting ingredients, and the painstaking process of delivering such a unique product, the cost doesn’t seem unreasonable.

After all, can you really put a price on feeling good?

Personal Hop Water Review and Thoughts

HOP WTR blew me away – way better than I thought it would be. I’m not a fan of beer, but this isn’t like beer; it’s different, it’s better.

I tried out a bunch of flavors – blood orange, lime, mango, and the classic one. Every crisp flavor had its own twist, making the hop taste stand out in a good way. It was refreshing, light, and much more up my alley than beer. I did end up enjoying the light hops flavor, which was a surprise to me.

One thing I really loved? The bubbles. There’s something about a well-carbonated drink, especially when you’re chilling by the pool. And HOP WTR nails it. Plus, it’s low-carb and zero calories, which is perfect for anyone watching their intake of calories.

The drink is supposed to help reduce stress, thanks to adaptogens and nootropics like ashwagandha and L-theanine. I can’t say I felt super calm, but I didn’t feel stressed out either, so maybe there’s something to it. Still, it was an awesome drink, regardless of any calming effects.

Bonus: It’s got 120% of your daily vitamin C. Didn’t see that one coming, but I’m not complaining.

In short, I really liked HOP WTR sparkling hop water. It’s a great non-alcoholic drink; it’s refreshing, flavorful, and has just the right amount of fizz. The calming stuff may or may not work, but the taste makes it worth trying. It did seem more like sparkling water than a beer, which is perfect for me.

Hop WTR on Amazon
Amazon carries Hop WTR Sparkling Hop Water in 12 packs, either Hop WTR Variety Pack of Lemon Lime, Peach, Mango, Blood Orange, or Hop WTR Classic.
Click to View Amazon Price
I might earn commissions on sales made via this link.

Final Thoughts on the Sparkling Hop Water

There are a lot of other Hop Water reviews online, but most haven’t tried the product. I HAVE.

Hop WTR is more than just sparkling hop water; it’s a low-carb brew that allows you to enjoy the bright, hoppy flavors you love without any downsides. It’s an adventurous, fun, tasty, and health-conscious choice for people wanting more from their beverages.

Have you tried Hop WTR? Was your experience similar to mine? I encourage you to share your thoughts and stories. And hey, if you know someone who might enjoy this healthy and unique drink, why not share this article with them? After all, sharing is caring.


Get answers to a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

The unique citrusy flavor of HOP WTR comes from its blend of natural ingredients, including a hint of blood orange. This creates a refreshing, crisp taste that sets it apart from your typical sparkling water.

Absolutely! With its bold flavors and carbonation, HOP WTR is an excellent alternative to NA beer. Its added benefits include zero calories, making it a healthier, low-carb option. The citrusy blood orange taste adds a bright, fresh spin you won’t find in a regular NA beer.

In addition to Hop Water reviews, you can check the official site. Our account page provides reviews, detailed product information, and FAQs that can help you learn more about the health benefits and flavors of HOP WTR.

Yes, HOP WTR is a low-carb, zero-sugar drink. It’s a great alternative to beer and a refreshing choice for those looking for a healthy, calorie-conscious beverage. Plus, it comes with the added benefit of natural flavors, including a crisp, citrusy blood orange twist.

Yes, you can! With its bright, citrusy flavor, HOP WTR pairs beautifully with various foods. Its carbonation and crisp taste make it a refreshing drink to accompany any meal. Plus, with zero calories, you can enjoy it guilt-free.

You can find HOP WTR at select stores or purchase directly from our site. Search for the product, choose your favorite flavor, and proceed to checkout. You can choose to pick up your order during store hours or have it delivered to your door for convenience.

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