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How to Crush the 75 Hard Challenge

If you’re gearing up for the 75 Hard Challenge, here’s the real talk from my own experience. It’s not just about hitting those workouts or sticking to the diet; it’s about fighting through those moments when all you want to do is quit.

From my own hits and misses, I’ll share the tactics that kept me on track and what I wish I’d done differently. This isn’t just about getting through 75 days; it’s about setting up habits that last a lifetime. Let’s crush this challenge together, learning from each step of the way.

This is my 75 Hard review.

Key Takeaways

  • The 75 Hard Challenge is a transformative mental and physical regimen that demands strict adherence to daily tasks, including two 45-minute workouts, a strict diet, daily reading, and progress photos for 75 days, aiming for a comprehensive lifestyle change.
  • This challenge tests mental toughness and discipline, requiring efficient time management and prioritization, offering significant benefits like enhanced energy, confidence, and improved physical fitness.
  • Completing the challenge can lead to a profound sense of achievement, impacting not just physical appearance but also instilling lasting habits for mental well-being and self-improvement.

What Is the 75 Hard Challenge?

what is 75 hard
My 75 Hard Challenge Results

The 75 Hard Challenge by Andy Frisella is not just a fitness routine but a transformative program aiming for long-term wellness benefits, including boosted energy and confidence. It requires unwavering dedication, with no cheat days, and integrates daily tasks like progress photos and a strict diet, ensuring a comprehensive approach to health.

This challenge goes beyond mere physical fitness to test and strengthen mental resilience, necessitating diligent time management and commitment. It’s a holistic journey towards self-improvement, inviting participants to fully commit to its demanding yet rewarding regimen.


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A Transformative Mental Toughness Program

75 day hard challenge
what is the 75 hard challenge

In late October 2021, the dual daily workouts and the balanced diet required by the 75 Hard Challenge caught my eye on social media, leading me to embrace the program. Initially drawn to its physical benefits, I soon discovered its focus on mental toughness, a facet I initially underestimated.

This journey wasn’t just about physical transformation but also about developing resilience and discipline, challenging my initial perception of the program as merely a fitness challenge.

What Are the 75 Hard Challenge Rules?

There are no cheat days; you must complete the challenge to succeed. The 75 Hard program is not for the faint of heart – it requires dedication, discipline, and a strong will. However, those who complete the 75 day challenge may be physically and mentally transformed.

The 75 Day Hard Challenge rules are simple. For 75 days straight, these are the daily activities:

  1. This lasts 75 Days. Does 75 Hard have rest days? No. No rest day for 75 days straight.
  2. Two workouts a day. Two 45-minute workouts twice a day. One must be outside. You cannot work out for 90 minutes as a substitute.
  3. Follow a diet. No cheat meals for 75 days. No rest days for 75 days.
  4. One gallon of water per day. Zero substitutions. No alcohol or cheat meals.
  5. Read ten pages of a self-help book every day (non-fiction book).
  6. Take a progress photo daily.

The 75 Hard Challenge rules push your mind and body to their limits. These are not arbitrary 75 days challenge rules; they are the real deal.

At an early glance, these challenge requirements and commitments list might intimidate some, multiplied by the length of time required. Heck, usually, it would scare me. But I needed structure, and I needed it to get me through the holidays. So the 75 Hard rules were a challenge, not a deterrent. I needed the 75 Hard challenge rules to get the 75 Hard challenge results.


If the 75 Hard Challenge feels like a bit much, perhaps the 75 Soft Challenge might be more what you are searching for.

Tips for Each Rule of the 75 Hard Challenge

After watching videos, reading articles, and listening to podcasts, I picked up ideas and tricks before starting the program. However, because our journeys are different, I also learned some lessons (some the difficult way) that I wanted to share to help you if you decide to go through this intense program.

I want to start with some general advice and helpful tips you need to know to survive every day of the 75 days. Then, I will walk the day through the required steps and give you my 2 cents on getting that done effectively every day to help you get the 75 Hard challenge results you want in your life.

Tips for the Daily Workouts

before and after 75 hard

Ok, now let’s get specific with each daily requirement. First, the twice-a-day workouts rule:

  1. Variety and Creativity: Mix up outdoor workouts by exploring new locations and dividing your sessions into different activities to avoid boredom and enhance engagement.
  2. Thoughtful Reflection: Use workout time to think positively about your goals and improvements.
  3. Incorporate Tools: Utilize various exercise tools to keep workouts interesting and challenging, like weighted vests or jump ropes.
  4. Listen to Your Body: Adjust workouts to avoid overstraining and focus on different body areas as needed.
  5. Embrace Active Recovery: Don’t underestimate low-intensity workouts; they contribute to recovery and still count towards your goals.
  6. Personalize Your Routine: There’s no one-size-fits-all; choose activities that keep you moving and motivated, tailoring your exercise to fit your needs and preferences.

Tips for the Daily Water Requirement to Drink a Gallon a Day

  1. Prepare Your Water: Use a 1-gallon jug, fill it at night, and refrigerate to ensure you drink cold, refreshing water the next day without tracking each glass.
  2. Commit to Completion: Make it a rule to finish your gallon daily to stay on track with hydration goals, remembering that every sip counts towards your success.
  3. Mind Your Timing: Drinking too close to bedtime might disrupt your sleep, so plan your intake accordingly.
  4. Prioritize Water: Expect to reduce other beverages and focus solely on your water intake to meet the gallon-a-day goal.
  5. Keep It Pure: Avoid mixing anything into your water to enhance its taste, sticking to plain water to meet the challenge’s requirements.

Tips for Reading 10 Pages of a Self-Help Book Requirement

  1. Research and Purchase: Select and buy self-improvement books from Amazon to ensure you have a variety to read throughout the challenge.
  2. Recommended Start: Begin with “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins as a highly recommended first book for its impactful insights.
  3. Organize Your List: Plan which books to read and in what order to streamline your daily reading habit.
  4. Focus on Enlightenment: Aim for mental wellness and enlightenment through your reading, rather than just absorbing information.
  5. No Skipping: Remember, the reading component is crucial; skipping it is not an option for those committed to the full benefits of the challenge.

Tips for the 75 Hard Diet and Food Requirements

  1. Flexibility with Structure: Choose a nutrition plan that suits you, focusing on whole foods and minimal processing.
  2. Consistency is Key: Embrace a simple, repetitive diet to save energy for other aspects of the challenge, ensuring all meals align with your chosen dietary rules.
  3. Preparation Prevents Pitfalls: Pre-plan and prepare your meals to avoid being caught without suitable food options.
  4. Mindful of Intake: Keep track of your calorie consumption to maintain a healthy balance, even with a nutritious diet.
  5. Kitchen Gadgets Can Help: Utilize tools like an air fryer to make daily cooking more manageable and enjoyable.
  6. Strict Adherence: Avoid alcohol and stick firmly to your diet from start to finish, without modifications or cheat meals.

Tips for the Daily Progress Picture Requirement

  1. Consistent Conditions: Snap progress photos daily under the same conditions for clear comparisons.
  2. Morning Routine: Make it a habit to take photos first thing in the morning to stay consistent.
  3. Patience with Progress: Wait at least three weeks before reviewing photos to avoid discouragement from early, subtle changes.
  4. Importance of Documentation: Regular progress shots are key for visualizing your journey and keeping motivated; skipping isn’t an option.

Additional Tips and Advice

75 hard results male
Run/Fast Weighted Vest Runs During 75 Hard Challenge
  1. Adapt to the Weather: Gear up for all conditions—cold, rain, or heat—to ensure your outdoor workouts are uninterrupted.
  2. Hydration and Nature Calls: Plan your water intake and breaks smartly around your outdoor activities.
  3. Scale and Progress: Don’t be swayed by daily weight fluctuations; focus on the overall journey and trust the process.
  4. Routine and Focus: Establish a daily schedule for consistency and concentrate on your tasks without distraction.
  5. Seek Support and Pace Yourself: Consult healthcare professionals as needed, engage with the 75 Hard community for motivation, and aim to surpass the initial 30 days as a milestone toward completing the challenge.
  6. 75 Hard Challenge Results

75 Hard Challenge | 75 Hard Before and After Photos

75 hard before and after results
Day 1 VS Day 75

Completing the 75 Hard Challenge was transformative for me, culminating in a mix of pride and a touch of sadness for the mission’s end. The comparison between my Day 1 and Day 75 photos revealed significant physical changes. While I didn’t achieve the abs I initially aimed for, I lost 14 pounds, dropping my body fat percentage from 17.1% to 15.7%. My muscle mass also decreased from 183 lbs to 174 lbs, a result of the program’s rigorous exercise routine.

I adhered to a strict diet, resisted cheat meals, and significantly increased my water intake. I even braved cold temperatures and doubled my step count, all contributing to my weight loss. However, the benefits extended beyond physical transformation. The challenge greatly boosted my self-esteem, mental toughness, and overall mental health. I established positive habits, improved my lifestyle and dietary choices, and maintained determination throughout.

Ultimately, the 75 Hard Challenge was about more than weight loss; it was a journey of self-improvement and developing resilience. The physical changes were gratifying, but the most significant impacts were on my mental well-being and lifestyle. Embracing this intense program allowed me to take control of my life, achieving exactly what I set out to do.

Final Thoughts on the 75 Hard Challenge

Considering the 75 Hard Challenge? It’s a solid plan for anyone willing to test their limits, blending physical and mental strength training. It’s not just about fitness; it’s a total lifestyle overhaul. I’ve seen varied success across the board, proving it’s about more than just physical capability. Ready to transform?

Dive in, but always ensure it’s the right fit for your health by consulting a professional. Got results to share? I’d love to hear. This challenge might just be the start of a new you.

75 Hard Challenge Before and After Youtube Video

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