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Ranking The 11 Best Bang Flavors: Which Energy Drink Tastes The Best And Worst?

In this article, we will rank and review the best Bang flavors (and worst) on the market, and even some that aren’t available anymore. We’ll also look at what makes Bang Energy Drink so popular and a little bit of its background.

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How I Was Introduced to Bang Energy Drinks

best bang energy drink flavors

Bang Energy Drinks has been one of my area’s most common and available energy drinks over the last several years. You could find it in almost every grocery store and supermarket, even before some other well-known name brands were available.

This, combined with their clever marketing and roster of flavors, made them a household name, at least in our household, during that time. We would commonly have a Bang drink ready for us in the morning on days when we felt like we needed a little bit of an extra pick me-up.

Since we have been drinking it for so many years, we have tried almost every flavor available from Bang Energy Drinks.

So, let’s get right into the Bang energy drink reviews and rankings and look at the best tasting Bang drinks available.

Ranking the Best Bang Energy Drink Flavors

1. Blue Razz

Our Pick
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It wasn’t really a hard decision on which flavor would take the first spot on the list of the best bang energy drink flavors.

Thanks to its great taste and seemingly neverending availability in almost every store in existence, the Blue Razz takes our top spot.

While Bang Energy Drink doesn’t necessarily come straight out and tell us what flavor this is supposed to be, the name implies some sort of berry, maybe a raspberry or something blue.

Whatever the intended flavor was, this is an absolutely delicious drink.

It’s got just enough sweetness to satisfy, but not overwhelmingly so

And as I mentioned before, this seems to be the most widely available flavor of them all, as pretty much every gas station, convenience store, and mom-and-pop shop seems to have Bang Blue Razz on hand.

Contains: 300 mg of caffeine • EAA Aminos • CoQ10 • Super Creatine® – Creatyl-L-Leucine (Creatine bonded to L-Leucine)

2. Purple Haze

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It’s hard to imagine that any purple-colored drink isn’t probably supposed to have a grape flavor, and I would say that Bang Purple Haze meets that same expectation. 

Another very available Bang flavor, the Purple Haze is a favorite among Bang enthusiasts.

As a fan of anything with a grape flavor, picking the Purple Haze as my second choice didn’t take too much time.

While the taste probably isn’t an exact replication of grape flavor, it is still sweet enough to hint at the delicious fruit flavor but unique enough to have its own character.

If you’re a fan of fruit or grape flavored drinks, this will be a top option for you.

Contains: 300 mg of caffeine • EAA Aminos • CoQ10 • Super Creatine® – Creatyl-L-Leucine (Creatine bonded to L-Leucine)

3. Star Blast

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The Bang Star Blast energy drink flavor is another one of those mysterious flavors that don’t really have a specific flavor label attached to it.

The Bang Energy website says it tastes like “the American dream.”

I’m not sure what that is supposed to mean, but I think it’s probably closer to a fruit punch flavor.

Despite no specific directive regarding what this drink should taste like, it’s still one of the most popular flavors of the Bang Energy Drink family.

While I think its flavor profile is closer to a fruit punch, anybody who has a sweet drink fan will enjoy this. That said, it’s not overly sweet, so you’re not going to be overpowered by too much sugar taste.

It’s well-balanced and sure to be one of your favorites.

Contains: 300 mg of caffeine • EAA Aminos • CoQ10 • Super Creatine® – Creatyl-L-Leucine (Creatine bonded to L-Leucine)

4. Birthday Cake Bash

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Whenever we talk about some of the more sweet flavors of Bang, it’s hard to ignore the Birthday Cake Bash flavor.

While I typically don’t lean toward overly sweet drinks, the flavor on this one is so good that it’s just hard to avoid.

According to the website, this is supposed to taste and smell like your favorite bakery.

It does have a faint smell of a childhood birthday cake, covered with tons of icing and sprinkles. And the taste isn’t far off from that either, including the overly sweet flavors you would expect from such a cake.

If you’re a fan of energy drinks on the sweeter side, or even birthday cakes, in general parentheses, and who isn’t in parentheses, this is a great drink for you.

Contains: 300 mg of caffeine • EAA Aminos • CoQ10 • Super Creatine® – Creatyl-L-Leucine (Creatine bonded to L-Leucine)

5. Delish Strawberry Kiss

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The Delish Strawberry Kiss Bang flavor is one of the first Bang flavors with a specific flavor profile mentioned on the website.

According to Bang, this flavor is supposed to resemble a baked shortcake.

I’m not necessarily familiar with shortcakes, but I can’t tell you that this does have a definite strawberry appeal.

Delish Strawberry Kiss was one of the most recent additions to the Bang Energy Drink lineup.

Introduced between 2021 and 2022, it hit the shelves with much promotion and fanfare from Bank.

And, it turns out that was absolutely warranted.

This is a delicious flavor with a fantastic balance of strawberry and freshness.

Not overly sweet, but good enough to satisfy those sweet tooth urges.

Contains: 300 mg of caffeine • EAA Aminos • CoQ10 • Super Creatine® – Creatyl-L-Leucine (Creatine bonded to L-Leucine)

6. Sour Heads

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Another Bang Energy Drink flavor with no clear flavor description, the Bang Sour Heads has enough of a flavor on its own that it doesn’t even need a description.

It’s obvious what this is supposed to be; sour.

And it does deliver, but not taking it too far.

Sour flavored energy drinks have become quite popular over the last couple of years, with the most similar, and most often thought of as competitor Reign, having a very similar drink.

However, this Sour Heads Bang flavor can stand on its own 2 feet, bringing a flavor profile that is sure to appease those looking for that tart punch but still balanced enough to be an enjoyable energy drink experience for those who don’t like overly sour flavors.

Contains: 300 mg of caffeine • EAA Aminos • CoQ10 • Super Creatine® – Creatyl-L-Leucine (Creatine bonded to L-Leucine)

7. Lemon Drop

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Sometimes you can tell exactly what something is supposed to taste like based on the name, and the Bang Lemon Drop flavor is a perfect example.

From the first sip to the last, you know exactly what you’re getting from this popular and often out-of-stock Bang flavor.

While this one is not necessarily one of my favorites, it is my wife’s favorite, so it deserves an honorary spot on this list of the best Bang Energy Drink flavors.

And I actually do like it quite a bit myself.

It’s very subtle and doesn’t have a strong flavor profile.

That said, that can appeal to those who want something a little bit more middle-of-the-road rather than something with a ton of flavor in any direction.

So if you’re looking for decent-tasting energy drink that tastes as good as it is easy to swallow, this might be your choice.

Contains: 300 mg of caffeine • EAA Aminos • CoQ10 • Super Creatine® – Creatyl-L-Leucine (Creatine bonded to L-Leucine)

8. Power Punch

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It has the flavor listed in the name, and the website even mentions how the drink is refreshing like fruit juices.

The Power Punch flavor makes it obvious what it’s supposed to taste like, and it delivers on that promise.

My favorite thing about this drink flavor is that you know exactly what you’re getting into as soon as you buy it.

No surprises here; it delivers the fruit punch flavor just as it says it will.

And unlike other energy drink flavors, they don’t go too overboard with this flavor, making it great tasting and easy to drink.

Contains: 300 mg of caffeine • EAA Aminos • CoQ10 • Super Creatine® – Creatyl-L-Leucine (Creatine bonded to L-Leucine)

9. Peach Mango

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This drink usually would’ve been higher on my list, but I have a little beef with the peach mango flavor.

I am a huge fan of peach and anything flavored as such, but the mango flavor of this combo knocked this flavor down a few notches for me on this list.

It’s not that I dislike mango; I actually like mango flavor a lot.

But I felt like the mango intruded on the flavor profile of the peach with this drink, nullifying what would have been my favorite part of it.

There are other energy drinks that have a peach option that is much better than the Bang Peach Mango.

That said, I’ll still pick it up from time to time just for a change of pace.

But if I have my choice of a peach pick, it will be a different brand.

Contains: 300 mg of caffeine • EAA Aminos • CoQ10 • Super Creatine® – Creatyl-L-Leucine (Creatine bonded to L-Leucine)

10. Cherry Blade Lemonade

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Even though they tried to play around with the name a little bit to have fun, the Bang Cherry Blade Lemonade flavor is supposed to be like a cherry limeade drink.

Cherry limeade is an incredibly popular drink during the summer because it is refreshing and tastes great.

While Bang Energy Drink gets it close, they missed the mark just a little bit with this flavor.

Look, this is another one of the situations is where I’m not going to turn one of these down.

It’s still a good drink; it’s just not one of the better drinks.

It does carry hints of a cherry limeade, but it’s missing a little bit of that same pizzazz you would expect from a drink with that flavor expectation.

For example, Reign has a much better option if you’re looking for a cherry limeade flavor.

Contains: 300 mg of caffeine • EAA Aminos • CoQ10 • Super Creatine® – Creatyl-L-Leucine (Creatine bonded to L-Leucine)

11. Wyldin’ Watermelon

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Last on the list is the Bang Wyldin’ Watermelon flavor.

One of the most recent additions to the lineup, this flavor does exactly what it is supposed to do; delivering watermelon freshness in a can.

I love anything watermelon flavored, and I do enjoy this drink.

However, it probably should’ve been higher on my list because I love anything and everything flavored watermelon.

So why is it down here at the bottom?

It is because it’s almost got too much flavor.

I’m not exactly sure if it’s the sweetness or just too strong of a flavor profile, but it’s almost too much to drink one of these if I’m thirsty.

Again, I love watermelon, but even I have my limits.

Contains: 300 mg of caffeine • EAA Aminos • CoQ10 • Super Creatine® – Creatyl-L-Leucine (Creatine bonded to L-Leucine)

The Bang Energy Drink CEO

The Bang CEO is a man named Jack Owoc. He is a former professional football player (team unknown) who calls himself a “marketing genius.”

He has been involved in several successful businesses, including creating VPX Sports, which is the parent company of Bang.

Bang Energy Drink has gained quite a large following and has become popular for its unique flavors and even more unique marketing campaigns. But, the company has also faced controversy, including accusations of false advertising and lawsuits related to the safety of its products, one of which you can read about below.


In late 2022, Bang Energy Drink lost a lawsuit to competitor Monster Energy Drinks and were forced to pay $293 Million Dollars over false advertising. You can read about that verdict HERE.

Despite these controversies, Bang Energy Drink remains a popular choice among energy drink consumers and shows no signs of slowing down. Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Bang Energy Drink has made a big impact in the world of energy drinks.

Bang Nutrition Facts

image 46

Let’s face it, we’ve all been tempted to chug a can of Bang Energy Drink in the hopes of a quick energy boost. But is this popular energy drink actually good for you?

Is Bang Energy Drink Good for You? Here’s the Lowdown on Its Nutritional Facts

First things first, let’s take a look at the nutrition facts.

One can of Bang Energy Drink (16 fl oz) contains 300 milligrams of caffeine, which is a lot compared to the recommended daily limit of 400 milligrams for adults.

Caffeine can be great for a quick pick-me-up, but too much of it can lead to negative side effects like increased heart rate and jitters.

Bang Energy Drink also contains taurine, an amino acid that some believe can improve athletic performance. However, the long-term effects of taurine on the human body aren’t clear yet, and more research is needed.

In terms of its vitamin content, Bang Energy Drink has B vitamins which are important for maintaining a healthy metabolism and helping the body produce energy. But it’s worth noting that you can get all the B-vitamins you need through a well-balanced diet, no energy drinks required.

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether or not you want to chug a can of Bang Energy Drink. Just be aware of its ingredients and try to consume it in moderation. And if you have any concerns about its safety or effects on your health, it’s always a good idea to consult a healthcare professional.

Brand Alternatives To Bang Energy Drinks

image 50

If you’re thinking about going for an energy drink but want to try a drink other than Bang Energy Drink, lucky for you, there are a ton of other options on the market to choose from.

Brands like Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, and NOS are some of the most popular and well-known names in the energy drink game. These brands offer a range of flavors and ingredient formulations, making sure that there is a great option for everyone.

Reign Energy Drink is another brand that is often thought of as a competitor to Bang Energy Drink. It offers a variety of flavors and boasts of having no artificial flavors or colors, making it a popular choice for those looking for an alternative to Bang.


I did a great article (if I do say so myself) where I rank and review the best and worst Reign Energy Drink flavors, which you can check out HERE.

Other options include Amp, Full Throttle, Gatorade Energy, and XS Energy Drink.

As with any energy drink, it’s important to read the label and understand the ingredients and potential effects before consuming it.

Final Thoughts On The Bang Drink For Energy

image 49

We’ve been checking out some of the best and not-so-best flavors of Bang Energy Drink. We also did a deep dive into what makes this drink so dang popular and a little on its background.

As for our choice of the best flavors, we’re digging Blue Razz, Purple Haze, and Star Blast.

But hey, taste is a personal preference, so we urge our readers to taste-test the flavors and make their own list of faves.

It’s important to note that Bang has about 30 flavors on its website, so even making it on the top 11 list means these are still the cream of the crop.

Just a friendly reminder, energy drinks like Bang have high levels of caffeine, so it’s important to consume them in moderation and to check the nutrition facts.

And always check with your physician before trying any new supplement or drink, especially if you’re pregnant, nursing, or have pre-existing medical conditions.

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