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The Easiest Bowflex Bicep Superset For Big Gains

Regarding Bowflex exercises, arm workouts are some of the most popular for Bowflex users to do on the Bowflex home gym. This is partially because everyone loves to work bicep muscles but also because the design of the Bowflex (and most home gyms, for that matter) is very upper-body-centric.

Today, we will walk you through one of the easiest bicep supersets you can do for an excellent arm workout to grow your biceps.

best bowflex bicep exercises

This Bowflex superset requires no body movement between sets. This means you can go directly from one bicep exercise into another without needing to get up and move positions.

So without further adieu, let’s look at the Bowflex bicep superset big gains.


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Setting Up The Superset

For this superset, we will use the rear lower pulleys attached to the tower and the front lower pulleys, mostly used for leg workouts.

image 101
The Rear Pulleys on the Bowflex
image 102
The Front Lower Pulleys

As you can see in the video screenshots, standard handles are attached to both sets of pulleys, which is exactly what we want (if you are short on handles, you can check out the ones we recommended on this list of Bowflex accessories you need to have).

You will also see that the seat is in an incline position. For this exercise, the seat’s backrest doesn’t matter, as we will be doing this superset seated but not resting our back.

That’s all for the setup; let’s look at the two bicep exercises and how to do them.

How To Do The Bowflex Bicep Superset

Sitting forward on the Bowflex, reach back and grab the two handles on either side. Pull the handles forward in a bicep curl motion with your arms almost completely extended backward.

image 103
Bowflex Exercise #1 – The Rear Resistance Curl

Make sure as you are doing this motion that your elbows stay back and the whole movement in the same general place. Let the bicep contraction do all of the work.

This is the first exercise of the Bowflex bicep superset.

Now we want to reach down in front and grab the two lower handles. This will force our arms and shoulders forward, a very different resistance than the first exercise.

image 104
Bowflex Exercise #2 – The Front Resistance Curl

Now, pull up n the handles, again in a bicep curl motion. Keep your elbows locked close to your side, and just as before, don’t let the resistance of the rods move your elbows. Keep all the pressure on your biceps through the motion.

Something important to note in this second exercise is that it is imperative to keep your hands close together throughout the movement.

Not only does this provide an excellent bicep pump, but it’s necessary to ensure that the cables do not slide off the lower pulleys. And sideways deviation can cause the lower pulleys to slip off the track, which is annoying to fix.

image 105
Elbows In Tight and Hands Close Together

So make sure to keep your elbows locking in and your hands close together.

That’s the exercise! Pick however many reps and sets you want to do, and enjoy the massive bicep pump.

Here is a video I made for a live demonstration walking you through the process.

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