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[ranked] The 7 Best Bowflex Accessories You Need NOW | 2023

If you’re shopping for Bowflex accessories and attachments to get the most out of your home gym, you have come to the right place.

I’ve put together this list of 7 Bowflex accessories to help you do that!

These must-have Bowflex attachments probably didn’t come with your gym, so adding these to your inventory will increase the value and quality of your Bowflex workouts.

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What Kind Of Bowflex Accessories Do We Need For a Complete Gym?

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Bowflex products come with a few attachments out of the box (or even used), but these may not be enough to get a well-rounded workout.

For a Bowflex gym to be helpful, it needs to accommodate most of the same exercises you would do at a fully-equipped gym.

So aside from the standard handle accessories, you’ll see several other ropes, bars, and straps that you can use with the cable machines for a more extensive Bowflex workout experience.

These Bowflex attachments create more opportunities to increase muscle and strength, as they offer far more angles and variations for fitness exercises.

Let’s look at the Bowflex attachments list that can get that done for you.

The Best Bowflex Accessories For Your Bowflex Home Gym

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1. InnStar Resistance Bar (for squats)

Depending on the model, you might not have a natural way to do squats or be missing the right equipment.

The 38″ InnStar Resistance bar can fix that.

The resistance bar can attach your cables (lower set) to give you a way to place a bar across your back and perform a squat motion.

Each Bowflex model has a slightly different design, so the location of your lower cable pulleys might require you to get creative to find a way to attach the carabiner hooks from your machine to the bar.

But once you do, this bar has an 800-pound weight load, more than enough to get a great squat workout.

This bar is great for other exercises too. Bench press, shoulder shrugs, and so much more are possible with a resistance bar like this.

When it comes to a Bowflex squat attachment, this one is highly versatile.

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2. Yes4All Tricep Pulldown Rope

Several Bowflex home gym models don’t have an attachment specifically for tricep workouts.

You will need proper attachments to target the triceps to build bigger arm muscles with an arm workout.

At the gym, the tricep pull-down is one of the most popular tricep exercises, so getting a good tricep rope is vital.

The Yes4All is a no-frills rope that gets the job done, typically for less than a twenty-dollar bill.

The nylon-braided rope has plastic ends to make for a comfortable grip.

It comes in 2 sizes, 27″ and 36″, and a few different color variations.

These accessories are also great for bicep curls, as they add a slightly different arm and hand angle to the movement, which is great for additional muscle targeting.

You can’t do a proper arm workout without targeting the triceps, and a pull-down rope is an excellent Bowflex accessory.

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3. THEFITGUY Ergonomic Single Tricep Rope Pull Down

We already looked at a tricep rope!

I know, but this rope is different. This is a single tricep pull-down rope.

What is a single tricep pull-down rope?

With any Bowflex exercise using two arms or two legs, both appendages share the duty of moving the weight. It’s a great workout, but both are sharing the load.

A single tricep pull-down rope allows you to isolate one arm at a time, concentrating on muscle contraction and strength.

THEFITGUY makes a unique single pull-down rope with an ergonomic handle for better grip, which decreases slippage and hand soreness.

There are cheaper single rope pull-downs you can get on Amazon, but the unique design of this specific rope is also worth consideration.

And as a bonus, these single and dual ropes are great for various back, lat, trap, and shoulder workouts, which makes these accessories very valuable Bowflex attachments.

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4. allbingo Pro Cable Handles And Clips

The Bowflex home gym has handles, but they are basic and slightly uncomfortable.

Upgrading the cables isn’t only about being more comfortable; it’s also about being able to push more weight.

Increasing weight with low-quality handles causes issues with slipping and blisters. Wrong handles can limit the amount of weight you can move, limiting the quality of your Bowflex workout.

These upgraded allbingo handles are heavy-duty handles, with tactile silicone hand wraps and heavy-duty D-rings to ensure extra safety.

So, ensure you address the situation and upgrade your standard handles to equipment that can handle more weight and is more comfortable.

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5. Power Rod Upgrade For More Weight

Depending on your model, you probably have somewhere between 210 to 310 lbs of resistance.

However, there may come a time when you need more weight.

Bowflex accessories make it easy to increase the resistance on your machine (check your product specs to determine which units can be upgraded and how much.

There are two upgrade types.

For Bowflex units with 210 lb resistance, most models have two empty rod openings that can accommodate 2 50 lb resistance rods.

If your Bowflex machine is upgradeable to 410 lbs, there is most likely a place for an adapter box that allows you to add two more empty slots, each for a 50 lb rod.

You can pick up both of these options on Amazon. If upgrading to the 310 lb, you don’t need an adapter; these will drop directly into the two open slots.

If upgrading to 410, the adapter comes with the two upgrade rods, so there is no need to purchase another.

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6. FIGHTECH Ankle Straps Pro Series

Quality ankle straps are an essential piece of the accessory tool belt and one of the top cable attachments for a full-body workout.

A quality set of ankle straps allows for adding many legs, lower body, and core exercises that would otherwise be impossible.

But not just any ankle strap will do. An ankle cuff must be high-quality equipment to endure the weight resistance you will put it through.

The FIGHTECH Ankle straps are a great example of this.

These heavy-duty ankle cuffs are broader and thicker than most ankle cuffs, making for a much more comfortable and safe Bowflex workout experience.

These also have three attachment points to offer even more angle options when doing your leg and lower body workouts.

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7. Ulalov 6 Piece Handles Set

Amazon also has the option of being able to buy a bunch of items together in a package.

The upside to this is that it’s a simple way to get a bunch of needed Bowflex attachments quickly.

The downside is that you don’t get to pick the pieces you want to include; you get what you get.

The Ulalov 6-piece commercial-grade set is an excellent option for this.

It comes with the following:

  • Tricep Pull Down Rope
  • Steel Rotating Straight Bar
  • V-Row Handle w/Rotation
  • V-Shape Press Down Bar
  • Gym Handles
  • Ankle Cuffs

It’s a quality set for those who want the attachments but not the hassle of hand-picking each one. If you don’t like what you see on the Ulalov, several other similar sets are here.

Why Do I Need More Accessories?

While the Bowflex comes with a few accessories, it doesn’t have everything you need to replicate a real gym workout.

And the accessories that come with the machines are often basic and can use an upgrade.

This list of Bowflex accessories will not only upgrade the few that came with your Bowflex gym but will add in some new ones to maximize the quality and number of workouts you can do on your new machine.

A Few More Accessory Ideas For Your Home Gym

Several other accessories can help to enhance your workouts with a Bowflex. Some examples include:

  • Resistance bands: Resistance bands can help to add variety and intensity to your workouts. They can be attached to the Bowflex to provide additional resistance, allowing you to target specific muscle groups and increase the challenge of your exercises.
  • A mat: Using a mat can help provide cushioning and support for your body while working out. This can be especially helpful if you use your Bowflex on a hard surface, such as a concrete floor.
  • A workout guide or DVD: A workout guide or DVD can provide step-by-step instructions and guidance for using your Bowflex to its full potential. This can be especially helpful for beginners who are just getting started with their workouts.

Which Bowflex Accessories Are The Right Ones?

When deciding which Bowflex attachments you should consider, the recommendation is to consider the types of exercises you do at the gym and look to replicate those same movements.

In other words, if you do a lot of bicep curls at the gym, you would want to consider upgraded grip handles for your Bowflex.

If you do squats and leg work at the gym, a bar for squatting and ankle cuffs for various leg exercises would be a good idea.

If you are new to working out, then perhaps consider what parts of the body the Bowflex attachments and accessories will work well with them.

What Is The Best Bowflex Home Gym For Me?

Bowflex accessories

The best Bowflex home gym is the one that has the options, attachments, and features that you need to get a great Bowflex workout and the results you want.

However, I recently wrote an article where I ranked my favorite Bowflex home gyms along with several reviews, which you can read here.

Bowflex Attachments

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