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How to drink more water for better health and weight loss

So you want to lose weight?

Spend any time online researching weight loss or fitness; it is evident how vital water is to the process. Water helps the body heal, detox, and stay in alignment. It helps keep your brain fresh, and your insides refreshed. Water is a must.

This is a problem because water is also dull. Drinking water might be the most effortless lifting you will do on your journey, but the least satisfying and, most likely, the first you abandon.

Why do we hate drinking water so much?

We tend only to consume things we like. And we don’t just avoid foods we dislike, but we also avoid foods we are neutral about. Who wants to taste something they aren’t crazy about? No one, that’s who.

No one dislikes the taste of water. There is none. However, the effort required to consume the adequate amounts needed for your goals is the problem. The issue becomes the issue when tracking, measuring, and then consuming something that we didn’t even really care for.

With no added sugars, caffeine, or other enhancements, there is no energy boost or endorphin rush that you may experience. Heck, even milk has a bunch of sugar that impacts the body.

But deal with it, you need it…

So, what’s a person to do?

Believe it or not, grabbing your favorite water bottle or jug and drinking a gallon of water (my goal) isn’t as hard as I made it out to be. I have learned some tricks to make it happen, which take many mental and physical difficulties out of the equation.

So, I put together a video with three tips for drinking the water you need to hit your goals. Try these out, and see what you think. And don’t forget to check out my other videos on YouTube.

Something worth mentioning, when you drink more water, your body may also retain more water. Many people do not like the feeling of being “water heavy.” A tool like the Sweet Sweat belt can increase sweat during workouts and reduce some water weight for a short period. You can check out my review of that here.

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