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Sexercise: How To Get Turned On And Toned Up

What is Sexercise? What are Sexercises?

Sexercise workouts refer to the physical activity of combining exercise and sexual activity (i.e. sex) at the same time.

It’s no secret that sex is a great way to exercise and get fit. But did you know exercise in your love life can also give you a better sex life?

This article will explore the similarities between sex and exercise and discuss how Sexercise workouts can be used to increase sexual performance and for a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle.

We’ll look at the benefits of workout sex and a Sexercise routine for both mind and body and provide tips on getting started in this unique sexual activity.

Let’s talk!

Sex And Cardio Exercises Together?

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In the late 2000s, 1500 students at the University of Texas at Austin were asked about their sex life with the question, “Why Do You Have Sex?” The top answers were for stress relief, improving social status to boost self-esteem and pleasure, and keeping a partner from seeking outside attention.

In 2020, OnePoll studied 2000 people to determine why they exercise. The top answers were feeling more energized, improving headspace, and the boost of happiness it gives.

It turns out that the reasons people have sex and exercise are almost interchangeable. Many of the reasons people exercise are identical or closely related to why they have sex. This can be for vanity reasons, like wanting to look better or to attract others. It can also be done in an attempt to keep someone that you already have from leaving.

Sex can be done to attain a higher social status and lifestyle, just as exercise can. Many people use their better sex life and exercise for mental clarity, as they can’t think straight without it. Some people use sex and working out for the way it makes them feel during, while others like how it makes them feel after. And for some, it’s both.

In this article, I will show five sexual best exercises you can implement in the bedroom for you and your swolemate to try in your next Sexflix and Chill.

Let’s get deep into the best exercises for sex!

5 Best Sexercises and Sexual Strength Training Exercises

Sexercise #1 – Lunge and Hover

Sexercise - Lunges Are A Great Option
Sexercise Workouts – Lunges Are A Great Option

Lunges are a sexy staple of sexual activity and a great Sexercise workout plan test of lower body strength and stability. Lucky for us, these balance exercises are easy to do during sex.

Any sexual positions which keep you on your feet and your backside low is vital.

How To:

First, have one partner lie down while the other gets into the “riding” or “on top” position. The person on top keep their feet planted, knees up, and butt down.

Don’t sit, hover, and let the legs do the work. Pure sexual endurance and enjoyment when done right.

Sexercise #2 – Planks

Sexercise - Foreplay With Planking
Sexercise Workouts – Foreplay With Planking

Planks with proper form are about not moving the body, making them the perfect foreplay and anticipation-building exercise for a sexercise workout plan. They are great muscle group builders, hitting multiple muscle groups at the same time.

They are also an ideal stamina builder, as staying in this position requires a lot of strength and endurance due to the pelvic floor muscles needed to stay in place.

How To:

One partner lays on their back while the other gets into a plank position, face to face. Again, think, hovering over the partner lying down.

Engage the abdominal muscles, keep the legs straight, and constrict the core muscles to create balance. Face-to-face is a great moment to connect and for deep lip-locking.

Alternate top and bottom sexual positions as desired.

Sexercise #3 – Wheelbarrow

Sexercise - Foreplay With Planking
Sexercise Workouts – Wheelbarrow And Plowing

Unlike the previous two sexy sexercise cardio exercises on this list, wheelbarrows are two-person sexual positions.

And not only is it required to have two people, but it’s also a requirement that both come prepared, as a combination of strength and endurance will be in high demand to make this Sexercise routine work.

How To:

Have one person get into a push-up position on the bed or the floor with arms extended (again, think hover).

Standing at their partner’s feet, the second person will grab their partner by the ankles and lift them to their hip level.

Sexercise #4 – Glute Bridge (Hip Raise)

Sexercise - Glute Bridges and Hip Thrusts
Sexercise Workouts – Glute Bridges and Hip Thrusts

There is a good chance that you already do some version of the glute bridge in both the gym and the bedroom, but you haven’t considered they are the same. This exercise will target multiple muscle groups, including the ones in your pants.

This glute bridge variation is a core, abdominal muscles, and lower body shredder, and a master of pelvic floor muscles. This will take your sexual performance to the next fitness level.

How To:

One partner lies on their back and pulls their feet towards the rear cheeks, just over should width apart.

The knees are now pointing to the ceiling.

Their upper back is flat to the ground, and their hands face down at the sides, thrust the hips towards the ceiling, squeeze the butt muscles together, and hold. 

The other partner now has intimate access to drive you wild if you can keep that position, so you will want to stay flexed. Because of that requirement, this position is an epic endurance workout, weight training program, and an addition to your hot sex life.

Sexercise #5 – Push-Ups

Sexercise - Push Ups For Couples
Sexercise Workouts – Push Ups For Couples

Push-Ups are basic, but this exercise program isn’t boring in the bedroom regarding your sex life. That’s especially true with some body-to-body contact and a sexercise routine is thrown into the mix.

And because push-ups are all about repetition and rhythm, they make for the perfect way to build desire and muscle through sexercise.

Why Should I Do Sexercises?

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We have discussed why people have sex and do the best exercises and how the physical benefits of both can lead to the concept of sexercise workouts. The question remains, why should you consider incorporating sexercize into your sex life? Does your sex life need it? Will it lead to better sexual performance?

The truth is that sexercise workouts are all about having fun and combining two activities that you and your partner already love. It’s a new way to enjoy your sex life and is good for your physical and mental health while you burn calories. You can explore new sexual positions, increase connection, and improve sexual performance. Men and women alike can participate in this activity.

These sexual strength training workouts are fun and real exercises like HIIT and can help with sexual performance, even if you are trying to lose weight. By bringing aerobic exercise into the bedroom, sexercise workouts offer swolemates of all fitness levels an exciting way to improve physical and sexual health.

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