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Does The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Work? Here Are My Results [2023]

Are you looking for real Sweet Sweat reviews or Waist Trimmer reviews? Are you wondering if the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer works? Do they burn fat? Will they get you shredded? Does the Sweet Sweat work at all?

You aren’t the only one wondering this. The phrase “sweet sweat waist trimmer” gets around 6,000 Google searches monthly. So, many people are looking for an honest Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer review.

It seems people want to know if Sweet Sweat works. 

Why I Decided to Write This Sweet Sweat Review

I have had the Sweet Sweat belt for a couple of years and tested the waist trimmer to answer that exact question. 

I think it’s vital to preface this Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer review. I wear mine every time I do cardio outside or do weight lifting. So I wear my Sweet Sweat waist trimmer to run, HIIT, jumping jacks, walking, whatever it is. 

But I don’t wear the Sweet Sweat wrap to lose weight, burn belly fat, or for the same reasons that may have brought you here. But we will get to that in a moment.

Let’s begin the Sweet Sweat Trimmer review by discussing the waist trimmer and why it is best known.

Sports Research Sweet Sweat Trimmer
This extra thick neoprene waist trainer for women and men is flexible and will adjust to your body's unique shape and size.

The waistband perfectly contours your midsection, giving you a full range of motion while enhancing your workout.
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I might earn commissions on sales made via this link.

What is the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer?

sweet sweat waist trimmer sweet sweat review sports research
Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer review

The Sweet Sweat waist trimmer by Sports Research, sometimes called a waist trainer, is an ideal sweat belt that wraps around your abdomen during regular exercise or workouts.

The textured grid interior material is some latex-free neoprene material, which feels like rubber. The belt’s pressure and the material used helps to induce sweating around your midsection. 

The cloth-like exterior allows the belt to attach to the velcro connector, which keeps the waist trimmer in place (much like a buckle).

The Sports Research Sweet Sweat waist trainer is exceptionally well-made. As I said before, I have used mine a lot over the past two years, and it shows 0 signs of breaking down, ripping, or falling apart.

For sizing, there are no Sweet Sweat small or large sizes. The Sweet Sweat is a one-size-fits-all belt, although they sometimes offer a larger coverage option.

But What Does The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Do?

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According to the Sweet Sweat company Sports Research, waist trimmers have a few primary purposes.

This belt targets those problem areas that are often slow to respond by improving circulation and sweating thanks to thermogenic activity.

The Sweet Sweat belt also accelerates warm-up and recovery time and encourages thermogenesis using its neo-sweat technology. The superior heat insulation is better than some coats I’ve worn. Not to mention, a tummy trimmer also fights muscle fatigue and painful injuries as it increases circulation. Plus, the waist trimmer provides instant abdominal compression and lumbar support.

You may notice something odd about that list of what it’s purported to do.

Sports Research does not mention weight loss, losing belly fat, or getting abs using the waist trimmer. There is also no specific reference to The waist being trimmed, reduced in size, or getting smaller is not mentioned. 

The Weight Loss Myth

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There is a misconception that waist trainers are tools for weight loss. I would venture to say that most people who get a waist trimmer are doing so with the idea of the sweat waist trimmer belt being a tool to help them lose weight and shed some unwanted pounds. 

Looking at other Sweet Sweat reviews online, it’s not uncommon to see negative reviews from people who tried the belt but didn’t see any loss in weight.

But, they did their Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer review under the misconception that the belt is supposed to induce the loss of belly fat.

The belt doesn’t promise weight loss. The fitness industry has done an outstanding job of selling gimmicks and magic pills with promises of getting shredded and a hot beach body and muscles in 4 weeks. 


Make sure to check out our article How To Actually Lose Weight for Beginners.

Waist trimmers have been prone to this as well.

The Sweet Sweat website makes no promises of such results. The only somewhat close mention of this is the name itself, “waist trimmer,” which indicates that your waist size will decrease with use. 

And really, that part is genuine, to a degree. Increased sweat in your mid-section means less water weight in that area. Less water weight can undoubtedly decrease the size, at least briefly (until you rehydrate and replenish the sweat you lost).

Weight loss can only happen when you have a caloric deficit in your food intake. Waist trainers cannot cause you to lose fat; eating fewer calories can.

Sports Research Sweet Sweat Trimmer
This extra thick neoprene waist trainer for women and men is flexible and will adjust to your body's unique shape and size.

The waistband perfectly contours your midsection, giving you a full range of motion while enhancing your workout.
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I might earn commissions on sales made via this link.

So Then, What Can It Do?

As mentioned, I often wear the Sweet Sweat belt during outside cardio or interval training sessions. So you might wonder why I wear the waist trimmer so often, especially if I don’t think it’s a weight-loss tool. 

There are a few reasons why I use the quality waist trimmer so often.

Personal Benefits of Wearing the Sweet Sweat Belt

Having owned the belt for so many years now, I’ve learned what the belt can and can’t do. Although losing body fat isn’t the purpose of this belt, it does still provide several benefits to me, which make it worth wearing when I do my cardio workouts.

1. Lumbar Support

Lower back pain has always been a problem, especially when running. My lower back, specifically around my LPHC (Lumbo Pelvic Hip Complex), has sometimes been sore. I have often had to stop a run early out of lower back discomfort. 

One of the benefits touted by the Sports Research Sweet Sweat team is how the waist trimmer will enhance lumbar support back compression, and I have to say, I am a believer.

Some studies show that lower back compression can help alleviate that pain for a short time.

So, for me, there is a lot of value in something like the Sweet Sweat waist trimmer if it allows me to continue with my runs and will enable me to get my full Sweet Sweat workout in. 

2. The Feeling of Compression

I have a personal preference here, but I always prefer tighter clothing rather than loose when I run. 

I often wear either compression pants, shirts, or both when I run, even when it’s pretty warm. The restrictive feeling of the clothes makes me feel more aerodynamic and fast. 

The Sweet Sweat waist trimmer enhances that feeling of compression around my midsection.

The slight increase in compression from the waist trimmer gives me a little more of that “tight” feeling that I prefer without restricting movement. 

3. Warmth

image 5

During the cold months here in the Midwest, outdoor exercising gets incredibly difficult, especially on windy days when you can feel the air cutting through your clothes and chilling your body.

One of the extra benefits of wearing this Sweet Sweat belt, specifically during the winter months, is an incredible heat insulator. It does a great job of keeping your core temperature warm.

Also, the Sweet Sweat width blocks the wind from hitting your body where you are covered. 

Remember how I said above that the fitness belt encourages thermogenesis? Not only is the belt helping you from getting cold, but it’s warming you up simultaneously. 

During warmer months, if I were to forget to put my Sweet Sweat trimmer on, it’s not a big deal. But forgetting the waist trimmer is a deal breaker if it’s cold out. It’s a must-have if I want to be outside and keep my core temperature up.

4. It Does Reduce Water Weight

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Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Review

The #1 claim of the Sweet Sweat trimmer is that it causes you to sweat more, and they are right. It does make you sweat. If I do a Sweet Sweat workout for more than 20 minutes and take the fitness belt off, it’s usually dripping with sweat, even when the rest of my body is just beginning to sweat. There is no doubt that direct skin contact with the rubber material and the compression overall does create more sweat in that area. You will sweat harder.

When I take off the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer belt, I enjoy seeing the amount of sweat it has collected, and I also feel slightly thinner in that area. The waist trimmer effectively helps in shedding excess water weight, though it’s important to note that this is only water weight and not actual weight loss. The reduced water weight resulting from sweating is the most probable reason for temporary weight loss.

The compression provided by the Sweet Sweat Trimmer likely contributes to visible changes in body shape following a workout. However, rehydrating will replenish the same water weight, nullifying the water weight loss.

I appreciate how the Sweet Sweat trimmer makes me feel immediately after a challenging workout. Additionally, removing the waist trimmer and allowing fresh air to touch your body is a small reward for your hard work.

It might not directly burn body fat, but losing a little water weight can feel pretty good after a hard workout.

Which Sweet Sweat Waist Trainer Is Right For Me?

There are a few variations of the Sweet Sweat Waist Trainer available. I opted for the standard trainer belt, which has done me fine.

There is also a Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer called the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Pro, which is slightly bigger and can hug just a little tighter around the midsection.

The Sweet Sweat Trimmer is not just a waist trainer for women. This is also a tool for men. Its effect is the same, regardless of who you are.

What About The Sweet Sweat Stick For The Waist Trainer?

The Sweet Sweat Stick (also called a workout enhancer) is a roll-on topical gel applied to those same “trouble” areas under the belt (usually the lower belly fat, sides, and lower back fat areas).

Apply the topical gel before putting the belt on. Once it is on, the latex-free premium neoprene material adheres to the topical gel, providing extra contact to your skin and even more adherence. 

I still have my original stick of workout-enhancing gel from 2 years ago, but I don’t use it anymore.

The Sweet Sweat ingredients of the topical gel are listed as follows:

  • white snow petrolatum
  • Brazilian carnauba wax
  • acai pulp oil
  • organic coconut oil
  • pomegranate seed oil,
  • organic jojoba oil
  • virgin camelina oil
  • squalane oil, (olive)
  • aloe vera extract
  • d-alpha tocopherol (vitamin E)
  • fragrance

The Sweet Sweat Gel Review

image 14

First, the consistency of the gel is almost identical to Vaseline, which, if you have ever had it on your skin, leaves your skin feeling oily when mixed with sweat. This Sweet Sweat Stick leaves you with that same feeling in your central areas after removing the trainer.

Additionally, the topical gel doesn’t have any additional and specific benefits. The website claims it does the same thing as the belt, amplifying the original benefits.

Now, when the topical gel is applied, and then the belt is removed after a workout, it does look like a lot more sweat has been made, but I feel like it is more of an optical allusion, as the oil-based gel repels water naturally, which causes the sweat to bead up on the belt. It repels moisture, but that’s not much of a benefit.

So I no longer use the sweat workout enhancer cream, but I know some people (and based on the Sweet Sweat cream reviews) prefer topical gel with their waist trimmers.

Perhaps it’s worth the money to try it yourself to see which way you like.

Can I Lose Weight With Sweet Sweat?

image 13

Yes, you certainly can.

But, the Sweet Sweat Belly Band will not cause you to lose weight; it is only a fitness supplement to induce more sweat for your overall weight loss and fitness journey.

As mentioned before, proper nutrition and burning more calories than you take in, which means being in a caloric deficit, is the way to weight loss and fat loss.

Waist trimmers can support your abdominal region to achieve those goals, but the waist trimmer won’t be the thing that causes it to happen to you.

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Sweet Sweat FAQ

It’s important to keep the waist trimmer clean. Put the belt in your bathtub with warm water and a little soap and scrub it. Then let the waist trimmer air dry.

Sweet Sweat is a compression waist trimmer worn around the midsection with the goal of inducing sweating to decrease water weight.

It wraps around your waist and abdominal region, and latches using double velcro.

It induces sweating during exercise, leading to a reduction in water weight in the body.

By compressing the skin around the midsection, which caused the area to increase in heat, resulting in excess sweating.

The goal of a waist trimmer is to induce sweating to increase the loss of water weight in that area.

Final Thoughts: Sweet Sweat Trimmer Review By Sports Research

image 15

These are the reasons I am still a fan of the Sweet Sweat waist trimmers by the Sports Research brand. It’s an inexpensive tool (usually priced under $30 on Amazon, with free shipping and delivery) that enhances my workouts by providing comfort, reducing pain, and boosting my motivation to tackle challenging exercises.

One of its standout features is the exceptional post-workout sweat it generates. The Sweet Sweat waist trimmer is a must-have for me and the ultimate workout waist trainer tool. Based on these points, I highly recommend using the waist trimmer.

Additionally, Sweet Sweat offers arm trimmers that function similarly to waist trimmers, although I haven’t personally tried them.

No magic gimmicks or fantasy pills can do the job when it comes to weight loss. A combination of targeted ab exercises and a proper diet is essential to achieve weight loss or a sculpted six-pack.

If you’re interested in learning more about health, wellness, and calorie counting for weight loss, I’ve written another article in a step-by-step format that you can find HERE.

I hope this review of the Sweet Sweat waist trimmer provides valuable insights and helps you make an informed decision about purchasing it.

Product Pros

  • Improves Lumbar Support
  • Adds Warmth Around Mid-Section
  • Induces Sweating
  • Decreases Water Weight
  • Comfortable During Workouts

Product Cons

  • Doesn’t Cause Fat Loss
  • Can Be Too Constrictive For Some
  • Sweet Sweat Topical Gel Is Oily
  • Bit Bulky, Can See It Under Clothes
Sports Research Sweet Sweat Trimmer
This extra thick neoprene waist trainer for women and men is flexible and will adjust to your body's unique shape and size.

The waistband perfectly contours your midsection, giving you a full range of motion while enhancing your workout.
Click to View Amazon Price
I might earn commissions on sales made via this link.

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I did a video Sweet Sweat Trimmer review showing it and its construction. Here it is:

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