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5 Gym Essentials You Must Have For Planet Fitness This Summer

planet fitness must haves

Summer is here, which means gyms are about to be packed with new and experienced athletes alike, all looking to shed a few pounds and get ripped during the sweaty Summer months.

But before you head to your local Planet Fitness to burn some calories, there are a few things that you should take with you to make sure your workout not only gets you the results you want but also is comfortable while doing it.

The Importance of Being Prepared When Hitting the Gym

You are pumped up on pre-workout, ready and eager to get to the gym to start hitting the weights and working in gnarly cardio. It’s not until you get to the gym that you realize that you are going to be stuck listening to their less-than-desirable music playlist playing over their speakers.

Or imagine that you have dripped every last bit of sweat out of your pores, and you go to reach for your water bottle, only to realize that you didn’t even bring it. Sure, you could hit the water fountain and drink with the savages, but, ew.

These situations can wear a person down and leave them feeling that the gym is a hassle, uncomfortable, or just not worth the discomfort. Over time, this can lead to going less and less, eventually abandoning those hot body dreams for good.

Being prepared for the gym, whether a newbie or advanced, helps to ensure that not only is your next visit going to go much better, but it will help sustain your new habit over a longer period

Fail to plan, plan to fail.

As a long-time gym-goer and Planet Fitness member, I have compiled a list of 5 must-haves for those hitting the gym. Some will be good for newbies, some for advanced, and some will benefit all.

5 Must-Haves for Hitting Planet Fitness This Summer

1. Gym Bags

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Easily Haul Your Gym Gear

Gym bags aren’t just necessary to carry with you to the gym; they carry other necessary things you will need to the gym.

A gym bag is just as much about functionality as about style. They are a great way to make a statement that says that not only are you stylish, but you also mean business.

Gym bags are all about being prepared. Not only are they looking cool, but they also carry the tools you will need for battle (or the tools to clean yourself up afterward). Everything on this list can be thrown into a gym bag and then some.

They are also great for carrying toiletries like deodorants, colognes/perfumes, hair gels, clean clothes, etc. A gym bag is like taking a tiny suitcase for a gym vacation. It can hold everything you need it to make sure you get your money’s worth at the gym and plenty of room to make sure when you leave, you’re going in style.

2. Protein Shaker Bottles

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Drink What You Want, When You Want

Especially after Covid, trying to go back to drinking out of the public water fountain has never been the same. Having your own way of staying hydrated isn’t just a matter of convenience; some could say it’s a matter of safety, too.

Whichever way you look at it, it sucks to be thirsty and not have a good option for quenching that thirst.

Enter the shaker bottle.

Protein shaker bottles are the unsung heroes of gym essentials. Not only do they make mixing your post-workout protein shakes a breeze, but they also serve as a trusty companion for staying hydrated throughout your gym session. Just like gym bags, having a quality protein shaker bottle on hand can make all the difference in your workout experience.

These versatile bottles are perfect for more than just protein shakes – they can be used for pre-workout mixes, BCAAs, or even just water to refresh you during your workout. With various designs, materials, and features, there’s a protein shaker bottle out there to match your style and needs.


Need a drink? I put a list together of the best shaker bottles on Amazon.

A top-notch protein shaker bottle is like a loyal sidekick on your fitness journey. It’s always there to ensure you’re fueling your body with the nutrients it needs to recover and perform at its best.

3. Gym Towel

image 48

Wipe Off the Sweat, Keep the Gains

Gym towels are not merely an accessory to wipe away sweat; they are essential in maintaining a hygienic workout environment.

A gym towel is the perfect blend of practicality and consideration for others. By bringing your own, you’re keeping yourself clean and comfortable and showing respect for your fellow gym-goers.

Gym towels are a must-have for any fitness enthusiast. They help maintain a clean, comfortable workout environment and demonstrate good gym etiquette. As an essential accessory, a quality gym towel can enhance your overall experience, making it more enjoyable and efficient.

Gym towels can be used in various ways during a workout, including wiping off sweat to keep you cool and comfortable, laying them over gym equipment to minimize contact with germs, or even as a makeshift stretching aid. With numerous materials and styles, there’s a gym towel to suit everyone’s taste and requirements.

So, when packing your gym bag for your next session, don’t underestimate the importance of bringing a reliable gym towel. It’s a small addition that can make a difference in promoting a hygienic, enjoyable, and effective workout.

4. Headphones

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Get Pumped and Get Moving

Headphones have evolved beyond just a means to enjoy music; they’ve become a symbol of focus and determination in the gym.

A quality pair of headphones delivers crisp sound and creates a personal space, allowing you to concentrate on your goals and get in the zone during your workout.

I’m not going to lie. There have been times when I have driven to the gym only to realize that I forgot my headphones and then left. Not having my headphones isn’t just about the music; it’s also about staying focused.

The right song or playlist helps keep me in the zone while drowning out the chaos and noise from the outside world. I also love that I can control my environment by using music to create whatever vibe I want. The right music can always make all the difference, whether it’s a mellow, chill atmosphere or an energized and motivated one.


On the hunt for new headphones? Check out my list of the best over-ear gym headphones for working out.

And, of course, it also keeps me from listening to whatever is playing over the main gym speaker, which is always good.

5. Weightlifting Gloves

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Protect Your Hands

Workout gloves may seem like a simple accessory, but they carry the power to transform your training experience.

A solid pair of workout gloves is a testament to your commitment and dedication to your fitness journey. They protect your hands and send a clear message that you’re prepared to push your limits and take your performance to the next level.

Workout gloves are the ultimate gym companion for those looking to elevate their fitness game. Not only do they offer a fashionable flair, but they also provide the necessary protection and support your hands need during intense training sessions. These gym essentials are all about giving you the confidence to tackle your workouts head-on.

These practical accessories are perfect for weightlifting, calisthenics, or even cycling, ensuring a secure grip and preventing calluses or blisters. With an assortment of designs, materials, and sizes, workout gloves cater to every fitness enthusiast’s preferences and performance goals.


Check out my list of the best workout gloves on Amazon.

A top-quality pair of workout gloves is like a secret weapon in your gym arsenal. They’re always ready to help you maintain proper form, enhance your grip, and boost your overall performance. So, when preparing your gym bag for your next workout, remember to include a reliable pair of gloves – your hands will thank you!

Planet Fitness Gets Busy During the Summer

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Planet Fitness gets busy during the summer months. Part of that is because of their promotion that allows teenagers to work out for free during the summer in addition to its basic and black card members. Still, it’s also because adults are looking for ways to stay fit and healthy for all of their planned summertime social events.

But sometimes, a busy gym can become frustrating for those trying to navigate learning the way out of the gym or just trying to get in a decent workout. This frustration can often lead to a lack of motivation. 

That’s why being prepared whenever you go to the gym is so important during these months, as it will help eliminate some of that frustration by ensuring that you have precisely what you need to reach your daily and overall goals. Being prepared also means that you have committed to training when you walk into the gym, whether you like it or not. 

Dressing for the Hot Gym During the Summer

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Even though it doesn’t make our list, being properly closed during summer is an absolute must. Even though these gyms are climate-controlled, keeping them super cool is hard whenever temperatures get into the triple digits. Because of that, it’s essential to come prepared with proper clothing to ensure you can have the type of workout you desire and remain comfortable in your clothing.

However, it’s also worth noting that Planet Fitness does have a dress code. Even though some locations do not strictly follow it, it is something that you should be aware of before you head to the gym. Generally, they are quite lax in their overall rules, and anything that most gyms would consider proper also goes here.


Planet Fitness has a few other rules you need to follow so that you don’t set off the Lunk Alarm.

Wrapping It Up: Achieve Your Fitness Goals This Summer

As the summer heat rises, so does the motivation to hit the gym and achieve those fitness goals. But, as we’ve seen, going to the gym is not just about working out – it’s about having the right gear and mindset to make your workouts efficient, enjoyable, and hassle-free.

Whether part of the High School Summer Pass program or a regular member, it’s always important to be prepared.

Whether you are a Planet Fitness beginner or expert, with our list of five must-have items, you’re now equipped to confidently face the challenges of a busy gym season. Investing in a quality gym bag, protein shaker bottle, gym towel, headphones, and workout gloves will enhance your overall gym experience and demonstrate your commitment to your fitness journey.

Remember, being prepared is essential to staying motivated and making the most of every workout session. So, gear up, follow the dress code, and make this summer the season where you conquer your fitness goals with determination and style.

Let’s make it a summer to remember at Planet Fitness!

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