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8 Awesome Swolemate Workouts Guaranteed To Bring You Closer

Do you have a special swolemate? If so, working out together has become one of your favorite (and most common) date night activities. 

Going to the gym with your swolemate can enhance your relationship by both partners working at bettering themselves while supporting each other.

The gym contains various fitness equipment, cardio equipment, free weights for weightlifting, smith machines, cable machines, circuits, etc. That presents many benefits for you and another person to get close, personal, and sweaty.

What Is A Swolemate?

In a romantic relationship, you may refer to your partner as your “soulmate.”   The fitness term became popular on social media community sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. It immediately became a popular relationship content hashtag for workout partners to post their fitness performance and gym time together.

This is often used for fitness couples with a person, such as a boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, husband, wife, etc. But it can also just mean a friend or buddy who you enjoy working out with.

With that all in mind, let’s look at the 8 best exercises at the gym for swolemates you’ll love.

Best Swolemate Workouts

1. Rowing Machine

Have you ever been on a walk with your swolemate, and eventually, your footsteps line up, pounding the ground to the same tempo?   That’s the best thing about hitting the rowing machines with your swolemate. It is a killer fitness workout representing a sport typically done in team, couple, or buddy form.

When you have a beloved personal trainer buddy rowing right next to you, it’s nearly impossible to avoid rowing together with the same stroke tempo as one. 

2. Circuit Training

One of the best benefits of a good circuit training workout is the journey experience. A proper circuit has a beginning and an end, full of obstacles and chances to sweat through your clothes while you exercise.

That is precisely why circuit training is one of the most fulfilling routines you can do with your partner at the gym. It’s an adventure where you and your fitness partner experience the same machines, sets, and paths together.

And most fitness circuits have a rest timer between movements, giving extra motivation to whisper those sweet nothings before the next round of pain starts. 

3. The Leg Press

The leg press exercise makes our list for one primary reason: it’s all about service.  You must do it all independently when using a leg press alone. Suppose you want to change the amount of weight you are pushing.

In that case, you must get up from your declined sitting position (which, after doing some gnarly leg presses, is sometimes a workout, and change the weights on your own, only to return to the same position and do it all again.

It’s annoying. And with your fitness swolemate by your side, it’s unnecessary

With your workout partner, you can stay seated between sets while they move your weight load for you.

Having your buddy there saves you from getting up between every set and doing it yourself, but it gets you through your sets fast without all the up and down required for weight changes on your own.  Then when you finish your weightlifting sets, you get up and do the same for your partner. It’s an incredible act of service so that your swolemate can get more benefit out of their time on the machine. 

4. Stairmaster

You’re walking a stairway to heaven with your buddy or friend by your side. 

The Stairmaster at the gym is one of the most social spots for you and your special someone at the gym that still allows for a great workout. 

First, the Stairmasters at most gyms are close to each other, lined up like a row of romantic dominoes at the back of the gym.

The close quarters are also perfect for easy chatting and future planning while you and your life partner hold each other accountable and take each grueling step.

5. Barbell Squats

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Have you ever seen someone spotting for someone else while they do squats? It’s the closest weightlifting you can get to a hug at the gym, making it a perfect support swolemate experience.

Too much PDA at the gym is weird.

But a squat spotter who gets up behind their workout partner and uses their hands (and maybe a bit of their body) to support and help ensure that their swolemate has the safest squatting experience of their life?

The body-on-body support and contact with your swole mate is an excellent swolemate workout since it allows for alternating turns or one at a time while the other friend loads and de-loads the weight needed before the next lift. 

6. BOSU Ball or Any Stabilization Exercise

There is something whimsical in seeing a relationship buddy lose their balance. Of course, not when it’s you. And that playful sense of balance (and balance lost) is why the BOSU ball or any stabilization exercise at the gym or home makes this list for swolemates of any fitness level

Stabilization exercise and movements are essential to a proper health and fitness program. But a bonus of doing these movements is that, when done with your swole mate, it can often lead to a few extra smiles when your swole mate loses their balance.

And if the fitness movements are intense enough, they will lose their balance

7. Wall Squats

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It’s just you and your swole mate. Leaning against a wall, shoulder to shoulder, you and your life partner look onward together at the rest of the gym (and your future, of course).

The wall squats exercise rules because if you or the other person are going to have any of your extremities shake due to the pressure of any exercise, there is something special about getting to the edge of your collapse with your boo right by your side.

With wall squats, you and your special friend can choose the same intervals for your up and down, simultaneously benefiting from suffering. 

The wall squats exercise will bring your fitness levels and you closer together to your beloved friend.

8. The 75 Hard Challenge Fitness Program

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Swolemate 75 Hard

A program or fitness challenge is one of the best fitness activities you can do in your relationship with your special swolemate.

The 75 Hard Challenge is a 75 day program that will challenge your body and mind. It has five general rules, which are not hard to follow but can take their toll over 75 days.

Why are so many swolemates interested in this good swolemate workout? Because the 75 Hard Challenge requires a lot of time, energy, motivation, and planning.

Final Thoughts on Working Out With Your Swolemate

The best swolemate workout you can do is one that you can do, learn, and share together.

Strive to be each other’s personal trainer in your relationship. You might find your breath taken away, perhaps from the weightlifting, or your swole mate person had something to do with it


If you wanna make your fitness time even steamier, consider checking out our article on Sexercise.

It’s a great time to give your special friend support, motivation, and encouragement. Keeping each other accountable is also helpful, regardless of your fitness levels. It can help give a little extra push towards fitness and relationship gains. You become each other’s personal trainer with the benefits of a little added passion.

And don’t forget to post your private gym time together on your social media account when you are done. After all, isn’t that the first place we learned about swolemates?

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