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The 8 Best Weight Bench With Leg Extension [ranked]

Are you looking for the best weight bench with leg extension?

We will rank and review the top 8 weight benches with leg extensions on Amazon.

We’ll also provide some information on the benefits of using a bench with a leg extension and how it can help you achieve your strength training and goals.

We will also discuss how the adjustable benches (sometimes called foldable weight benches) benefit the flat bench option.

What Features Make The Best Adjustable Bench With Leg Extension?

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What should we consider when purchasing a new weight bench with a leg extension? There are a few things we will consider:

  • The bench’s weight capacity – Weight capacity is important because you want to ensure that the bench can accommodate your weight.
  • The dimensions of the bench – You’ll want to make sure that the bench is a comfortable size for you.
  • The type of bench – There are many different types of benches on the market, so you’ll want to make sure that you choose one that suits your needs. For leg extensions, we are going to stick with adjustable bench options.
  • Price – Obviously, we want to keep an eye on how much dough we have to spend to get a quality unit.
  • Reviews – We want only the best recommended and reviewed benches for our home gym.
  • Quality of material – We don’t want a cheaply made bench, so we will keep an eye on the construction used.
  • Leg Curls – Many of the options on this list have the options for leg curls in addition to leg extension exercises.

Let’s look at the 8 Best Adjustable Bench With Leg Extension Options on Amazon, Ranked and Reviewed.


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Best Weight Bench With Leg Extension List

1. Marcy Olympic Weight Bench with Preacher Curl Pad and Leg Developer for Full-Body Workout

Our TOP Pick

The Best Bench With Leg Extension Option

The Marcy Adjustable Olympic Bench is an excellent option for those looking for a bench with a leg extension, a preacher curl pad, and the best weight bench.

  • 600 lb capacity
  • Highly Rated
  • Bench Press, Leg extension and Curls
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It has a weight capacity of 600 pounds and measurements of 65.75″L x 65.50″W x 64.50″H, making it a bit larger and sturdier than most foldable weight benches.

This top-rated workout bench features multiple backpad positions to find the perfect angle for your workout.

Aside from offering a decline bench, flat bench, and an incline bench, it’s also great for leg curls and has a leg extension. This developer allows the user to do both leg extensions and leg curls.

And, of course, this full-body system has a detached squat rack, perfect for adding squats and bench presses to your workout. When you don’t need it, simply move it out of the way.

The high-density foam padding provides support and comfort during strength training on the bench and the leg extension attachment, making this the best bench for working out legs.

Based on the price, the reviews, and the features, the 600-pound capacity Marcy MD-879 earns our top spot as the best weight bench with leg extension.

*Barbell not included

2. HARISON Adjustable Weight Bench with Leg Extension

2nd Pick
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HARISON Adjustable Weight Bench Leg Ext

For those interested in a more luxurious feel, the Harison HR-609 heavy duty weight bench with a leg extension is your best choice.

Made of commercial thickness steel and leather, this heavy duty beast has an updated weight capacity of 800 pounds and dimensions of 68 x 22.8 x 55 inches (around 62 pounds), making it quite large and sturdy. The words “stable” and “sturdy” often appear in customer feedback.

It features six different backrest positions and 5seat positions, including the leg developer and preacher curl attachment, so you have plenty of options to exercise.

This is your best bet for those looking for the best high-end utility bench with leg extension.

3. GOLD’S GYM XRS 20 Olympic Bench

3rd Pick
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GOLD’S GYM XRS 20 Olympic Bench

The Gold’s Gym XRS 20 is priced on the higher side of the list, but for a good reason.

Feedback of this product consistently talks about how sturdy this bench is, which is a big deal regarding a weight bench with a leg extension options.

The weight capacity of this unit is 600 pounds, and it has dimensions of 73 x 49.5 x 65 inches. Another alloy steel bench, the legs on the Golds Gym XRS 20 are vast, which will help in overall bench stability.

It features six positions, including the leg developer and preacher curl attachment, so you have plenty of options to work out.

The price might be a bit high, but for those who know the value of the Gold’s Gym brand, the leg extension bench is worth the price tag.

4. Weider WEBE13020 Gym

4th Pick
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Weider WEBE13020

Weider is one of the most well-known brand names in the health and fitness industry, as they put out some excellent quality equipment at an affordable price.

The Weider Gym is another great option for an adjustable bench with a leg extension and leg curl capabilities.

This alloy steel-built bench has a total weight capacity of 610 pounds and dimensions of 70 x 24.5 x 41 inches. This size makes it a pretty large and sturdy weight bench (not to mention it’s a hefty 61 pounds itself, 13 pounds heavier than the Marcy discussed above).

It features seven positions, including the leg developer and preacher curl pad option for additional arm strength training.

5. Wesfital Workout Bench Adjustable Weight Bench

5th Pick
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Wesfital Workout Adjustable Weight Bench

Best Adjustable Bench With Leg Extension For Beginners

The Wesfital Workout Bench is an excellent equipment choice for those looking for an affordable and adjustable weight bench.

It has a weight capacity of 400 pounds and dimensions of 46.4 x 18.8 x 41 inches (around 29 pounds), making it one of the smallest and most lightweight adjustable benches on this list.

It features five different backrest positions, the leg developer, and the preacher curl attachment, so you have plenty of options to exercise.

It also has the unique feature of attached resistance cables at the base of the backrest, providing an additional option for an arm workout.

Based on the price, reviews, and features, the Wesfital Workout Bench is an excellent choice for beginners looking for a budget-friendly adjustable bench.

6. naspaluro Adjustable Weight Bench with Resistance Bands

6th Pick
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naspaluro Adjustable Weight Bench

The naspaluro Adjustable Weight Bench with Resistance Bands is an excellent option for those looking for an affordable and adjustable bench with a leg extension and resistance bands.

Another beginner option is this folding weight bench with leg extension with a weight capacity of 300 pounds and dimensions of 47.24 x 17.32 x 43.31 inches, making it easy to move around and customize.

It features seven different backrest positions, the leg developer, preacher curl attachment, and front base resistance bands (unlike the option above, which was back-based).

Remember that the lower-priced options are typically lighter, so I do not recommend lifting heavier weights, as these benches are not built to withstand high volume weight.

But if you are starting and want to get an intro-level foldable weight bench, this is a solid choice.

7. OppsDecor Weight Bench Adjustable Workout Bench And Fitness Barbell Rack

7th Pick
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OppsDecor Bench Press Set

Best Fitness Bench With Barbell Rack And Leg Curls + Extension

The OppsDecor Weight Bench is a beast of a bench.

This is a weight bench with the capability of offering leg curls and extensions, which is why it makes our list, but it’s so much more.

Of course, it’s an adjustable workout bench with incline decline versatility. Still, it also has the preacher curl options and a full barbell rack, perfect for adding a standard bench press to your workouts.

This bench doesn’t support much weight, with a weight capacity of around 330 pounds.

But with the added rack options, which also provide additional stability, this adjustable bench with leg extension is sure to get you more bench press reps, sit-ups, curls, and strength training in general.

8. ZENOVA Adjustable Bench Workout Bench with Leg Extension and Curl, Incline Decline Exercise Bench

8th Pick
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B08TBPSBTT&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=fizzness 20&language=en US
Zenova Incline Decline Bench

Tne Zenova Incline Decline is an adjustable utility bench that can provide a full-body workout thanks to its versatility and features.

It is a great equipment add-on to any home gym.

This multi-purpose tool is incredibly versatile. The back bench has five adjustable levels, and the foot hook has six adjustable levels.

The combination of these 2 pieces creates a lot of options for different variations of workout positions.

The 400 pounds weight capacity bench has a sturdy steel frame, durable PVC surface, and EPE foam (which is padded 2 inches thick), making for a sturdy and comfortable experience.

This bench is also for leg curls, extensions, and hooks to attach additional workout bands at the base.

Should I Get An Adjustable Weight Bench With A Leg Extension Options?

image 40

An adjustable bench is an excellent addition to any home gym for strength training.

Not only does it provide a sturdy surface for weightlifting, but it also allows you to adjust the angle of the bench to target different muscle groups.

Leg extensions, for example, can be done with the bench set at a high incline to work the quadriceps.

Set the bench at a lower incline for a chest workout and try some presses.

You can also do bicep curls with an adjustable weight bench; set the bench at a flat position and curl away.

You can use an incline decline adjustable weight bench with some imagination for a full-body workout.

By changing the positions of the bench and adding dumbbells or barbells, you can build muscle all over your body and chest by doing various unique chest exercises and others.

Final Thoughts On Weight Benches With Leg Extension Options | Reviewed And Ranked

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