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The Reason You Need An Electric Shaker Bottle

I stumbled upon electric shaker bottles on Amazon and couldn’t help but chuckle. Electric shaker bottles – really? It struck me as a bit excessive. I mean, what’s the deal with our good old-fashioned shakers? Are we at a point where giving a bottle a quick 30-second shake is too much work?

It took me back to a David Cross comedy sketch about electric scissors. He goes off on a hilarious rant about how we’ve apparently become too lazy to use regular scissors, playfully pantomiming cutting paper and jokingly complaining about the “pain.”

So, looking at these electric shakers, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that they’re the kitchen equivalent of electric scissors.

What Is An Electric Shaker Bottle?

An electric shaker bottle is a protein shaker mixes your protein shakes or other powders automatically via a rechargeable power base on the cup.

The automatic shaker is charged via USB and will whisk and whirl your protein powders into liquid oblivion with the click of a button.

Each shaker has a plastic blade-like mixer at the bottom of the cup, which is attached to the charged base, and spins quickly to evaporate any powder to create a great protein shake.

“No thanks, I can shake my own cup!”

But, as I read the electric shaker bottle description, I became more intrigued.

What Makes An Electric Shaker Bottle So Great?

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It Mixes Protein Powder Thoroughly; No Chunks Remain

I kept reading the descriptions on these electric cups.

One of the features mentioned is “a more consistent mixing experience, leaving no protein powder unmixed.

I was struck by that notion, as one of my biggest pet peeves with mixing protein powders is that I ALWAYS end up with little powder chunks at the bottom of my protein shaker bottle.

It’s undrinkable when I get to that point.

I thought, “Wait, if this electric shaker bottle mixed my powders better than I could, that would save me money because now I could drink my whole drink. No chunks.”

Electric Protein Shaker Bottles Save Time

Sure, shaking a traditional protein shaker doesn’t take forever. But honestly, getting that protein powder fully mixed? It’s a bit of a hassle sometimes.

Enter the electric shaker bottle. These gadgets have a nifty little button that lets you decide the mixing time. So, hit that button, go about your business, and by the time you’re back, you’ve got yourself a smooth, chunk-free protein shake waiting for you. No more gritty sips or surprise powder lumps. Convenient, right?

What Happened When I Tried An Electric Shaker Bottle

I was intrigued by the claim that an electric shaker could actually give me better quality drinks, and I love the idea of saving time.

Not to mention, in the reviews I read on most of the shaker bottles, people seemed to love them.

And if nothing else, I thought the review would make an entertaining video for YouTube, so I pulled the trigger.

I bought my first electric shaker bottle on April 21st, 2021.

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A year has passed, and I’m totally sold on electric shaker bottles. They’re so handy that I haven’t even glanced at a traditional shaker since I got my first one.

Not even once.

I liked them so much that I had to grab a few more. I’ve even rounded up my top picks in a comprehensive review of the seven best electric shaker cups out there.

Do they live up to the hype? Do they mix better than manual shaking? Absolutely – and it’s not even close. No lumps, just smooth sipping, and I’m still amazed every time.

I love that I can press “start” and do something else while my shake gets ready. You can get quite a bit done in those spare 30 seconds.

And here’s the kicker – these electric shakers are really well-built. The quality is way ahead of any of the $10 shakers in my cupboard, especially the lids I usually break.

Final Thoughts On Electric Shaker Bottles

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They might seem silly. I was also a skeptic.

But the electric shaker bottle does do a better job of mixing. And the better it mixes, the less protein powder I waste, which means I have to buy less.

And that saves me money.

And yes, these save me time. Having my protein shake mix while I do other things and be ready for me when I come back is awesome.

Again, here is my full review of the 7 best electric shaker bottles on Amazon HERE.

If you want to see my first electric shaker bottle review video on YouTube…here you go. Enjoy!

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