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The Reason You Need An Electric Shaker Bottle | 2023

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So recently, I was on Amazon searching for a new shaker bottle. I came across the electric shaker bottle.

The idea seemed absurd.

I was looking at these electric shaker bottles on Amazon, thinking, wow, that’s stupid.

What’s wrong with regular shakers?

Have we become so comfortable that we can’t shake a traditional bottle for 30 seconds?

It reminded me of a bit of comedy bit from David Cross. He talks about an invention he saw for electric scissors in the bit.

He launched into a 5-minute tirade about the ridiculousness of such an invention.

He specifically mocked that using regular scissors has become too hard for humans and even pretended to use regular scissors, cutting imaginary paper and saying “ow…OW”.

This felt very much like electric scissors.

What Is An Electric Shaker Bottle?

An electric shaker bottle is a protein shaker mixes your protein shakes or other powders automatically via a rechargeable power base on the cup.

The automatic shaker is charged via USB and will whisk and whirl your protein powders into liquid oblivion with the click of a button.

Each shaker has a plastic blade-like mixer at the bottom of the cup, which is attached to the charged base, and spins quickly to evaporate any powder to create a great protein shake.

“No thanks, I can shake my own cup!”

But, as I read the electric shaker bottle description, I became more intrigued.

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What Makes An Electric Shaker Bottle So Great?

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It Mixes Protein Powder Thoroughly; No Chunks Remain

I kept reading the descriptions on these electric cups.

One of the features mentioned is “a more consistent mixing experience, leaving no protein powder unmixed.”

I was struck by that notion, as one of my biggest pet peeves with mixing protein powders is that I ALWAYS end up with little powder chunks at the bottom of my protein shaker bottle.

It’s undrinkable when I get to that point.

I thought, “Wait, if this electric shaker bottle mixed my powders better than I can, that saves me money because now I can drink my whole drink. No chunks.”

Electric Protein Shaker Bottles Save Time

I realize it doesn’t take a long time to shake a traditional protein shaker bottle.

But, if you really want to get a complete mix of your protein powder, it does take some time.

With electric shaker bottles, most have a push button that lets you choose how long to mix the powder.

This means you can click the button, walk off and do other things, and return to a high-quality protein shake mix with no leftover powder or unmixed chunks at the bottom of the cup.

What Happened When I Tried An Electric Shaker Bottle

I was intrigued by the claim that an electric shaker could actually give me better quality drinks, and I love the idea of saving time.

Not to mention, in the reviews I read on most of the shaker bottles, people seemed to love them.

And if nothing else, I thought the review would make an entertaining video for YouTube, so I pulled the trigger.

I bought my first electric shaker bottle on April 21st, 2021.

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It is now over a year later, and I can say with absolute certainty that, these shaker bottles are awesome.

So awesome, in fact, that in the year since ordering my first electric shaker, I have not used a traditional protein shaker once.

Not once.

Of course, I had to order a few more electric shaker cups to ensure I had enough to use (which I have put together in a full review of the 7 best electric shaker cups, ranked and reviewed here).

Does the electric shaker bottle do what it advertised? Does it mix better than doing it yourself?

Yes, by 10x. Zero chunkies, and I am still shocked.

Also, I like hitting the “start” button and walking away to do other stuff while it stirs up my powder into the water. You can do a lot in 30 seconds.

But the one thing that I didn’t expect was just how well the electric shaker bottles are made.

They are by FAR better quality material than any of the $10 plastic shakers I have in my cabinet. And that includes the lid, which I often break on my standard shaker bottles.

Final Thoughts On Electric Shaker Bottles

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They might seem silly. I was also a skeptic.

But the electric shaker bottle does do a better job of mixing. And the better it mixes, the less protein powder I waste, which means I have to buy less.

And that saves me money.

And yes, these save me time. Having my protein shake mix while I do other things and be ready for me when I come back is awesome.

Again, here is my full review of the 7 best electric shaker bottles on Amazon HERE.

If you want to see my first electric shaker bottle review video on YouTube…here you go. Enjoy!

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