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The 7 Best Macebells You Need For 2023 [Ranked and Reviewed]

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The best macebells can make a person feel strong, powerful, and perhaps like a Viking.

Macebells have become very popular over the last two years, not just because they are cool-looking and fun to swing around (which they are).

They are also a legitimate workout. Depending on the weight of the steel maces you use, you could find yourself challenged to handle the weight while simultaneously breaking a massive sweat.

With macebells, you can build strength and balance, increase stretching, and burn calories. Because of these benefits, it’s no wonder why they are finally catching on in popularity.

Below are some of our favorite macebells, but this is by no means the complete list. Amazon has a slew of other options you should check out as well

As an affiliate to some of the companies linked below, I may make a commission on sales via those links at no additional cost to you.

Our Picks For The Best Macebells of 2023

1. Retrospec Steel Macebell

Our favorite macebell

Best Macebell Review - Retrospec Steel Macebell

Best Macebell Overall

The Retrospec steel mace is one of the most popularly reviewed steel maces on Amazon, with over 2,000 reviews and almost five full stars.

The Retrospec steel mace is one of the most popularly reviewed steel maces on Amazon, with over 2,000 reviews and almost five full stars.

The weight options range from 5 pounds up to 30 pounds. Like most maces, the construction is 100% steel, with the handle having an additional texture for a more secure grip. The total length of these steel maces is 37.3 inches.

This particular macebell is ranked first on our list due to its highly effective balance, allowing for a much better experience.

There is nothing fancy about this mace. It’s matte black and dull. But as far as a quality piece of pure steel for a great workout, this is our top pick for the best steel mace bell.

2. Yes4All Steel Mace Bell

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The Yes4All company is one of the most well-known companies on Amazon regarding fitness equipment and fitness-related items due to their comparative pricing and the sheer volume of things they make.

So, of course, we would see a Yes4All steel mace on the list.

This quality steel mace comes in the same weight increments as the Retrospec above, but it’s a slightly longer overall unit, at 42 inches, 5 inches longer than the Retrospec. Same as before, this is a durable 100% steel with a textured handle to make for a comfortable grip.

While this increase in size might sound like a good thing, longer macebells can make swinging them around more difficult.

3. ONNIT Steel Mace

Best Macebell Review - ONNIT Steel Mace

The ONNIT Steel Mace is a very popular mace.

The ONNIT macebell comes in slightly different weight increments, starting at 7 pounds to 25 pounds.

The length also varies depending on the weight, ranging from 30 to 40 inches

Similar to what we have seen with other maces, the handle of the ONNIT steel mace is textured to ensure a proper and comfortable grip. Also, in line with others, this is a 100% steel mace.

Additionally, the ONNIT website contains information regarding macebell training, including videos and examples of various exercise movements and workouts. It’s an excellent resource for learning weighted mace training.

The ONNIT steel mace deserves a place on this list.

4. CAP Barbell Steel Mace Series

Best Macebell Review - CAP Barbell Steel Mace Series

The 11-gauge steel and pure cast iron make up the CAP barbell mace.

The CAP is built similarly to the other maces on the list with a few differences.

First, the diamond knurled handle is split into two grips, with a non-textured section.

Additionally, the CAP steel mace only comes in 2 weights, 7 (30 inches long) and 15 pounds (40 inches.

They do at times offer higher weights, but these are often out of stock on Amazon.

So few options may make this steel mace attractive to only some; many find the weights beyond 15 are too much, so these two options are a great place to start learning how to do the macebell workout.

5. Custom-Etched Wolf Brigade Maces

Best Macebell Review - Custom-Etched Wolf Brigade Maces

Wolf Brigade is one of the only companies that make their maces in the United States.

Each of the steel maces is hand-poured, hand-finished, and hand-branded.

They have seamless steel handles, and the ball is cast aluminum.

Wolf Brigade may not be as well-known as some other companies on this list, but that doesn’t mean they don’t belong here.

They do.

These high-quality maces are slightly longer than other maces we have seen here, ranging from 44 to 48 inches. There are also varying weights as possible options.

Aside from the extremely high quality of these handmade maces, they now offer customized maces, which allows you to have a design of your choosing etched into the face of the ball.

These maces are works of art. They are unpainted and raw, giving an incredible industrial look.

6. Synergee Fitness Hammer

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The Synergee fitness hammer is the curveball of the best steel macebells list.

The Synergy fitness hammer also makes tire slamming workouts possible, an incredible and fun way to burn some calories and build muscle.

The weight of this steel fitness hammer ranges from 5 to 30 pounds and varies in length from 28 to 36 inches (though some weights and sizes may not currently be available).

A unique feature of this high-quality hammer is that they have knurling on 90% of the handle, allowing for more options for gripping the hammer.

All the benefits and the bonus available tire slam workout option make this one of the best, maybe coolest, macebells of 2023.

7. ONNIT Quad Mace | ONNIT Steel Maces

Best Macebell Review - ONNIT Quad Mace

The ONNIT Quad Mace is not just a tool for a great workout but also uniquely designed and sure to be a home gym favorite.

The ONNIT Quad mace is one of the most unique and cool macebells.

The mace only comes in one weight, 25 pounds. The handle is longer than most macebells which gives increased leverage. It is also a few options with a slip-resistant ash wooden handle.

ONNIT states that the quad mace is so perfectly balanced that it has been durability tested and can withstand 100,000 swings without showing any signs of wear or stress.

The actual ball of the mace is a highly detailed face on the steel mace is a 4-sided Quad God, representing the unification of wisdom traditions.

Macebells Are Fitness Equipment

You may be wondering, “What is a macebell?”

best macebell macebells Best Macebell Review

A macebell, or steel maces as they are sometimes called, is a unique piece of equipment shaped similar to what you might think of when you think of the mace. It is a long pipe-like shaft with a secure grip handle and a steel mace ball at the end.

Like the mace weapon used in medieval times, a macebell workout means the steel mace is swung around the body and head similarly. This requires a lot of strength in the arms, core, and even grip strength.

The balls at the end of the steel maces can vary in weight, usually from as low as little to no weight, often up to 30 or 40 pounds.

Although this might not sound like much weight, the uneven weight distribution of the round head and mace shaft demands a lot of grip strength and steadiness to swing.

They also come in various lengths, which impacts the type of exercises they can perform.

What Is a Macebell Workout?

Basic Macebell Exercises

You might wonder, “How do I work out with a macebell?”

There are a few movements that can provide a fantastic workout experience. Some basic moves for those just beginning to learn how to use this unique piece of equipment, such as The 360, the Uppercut Press, Alternating Switch Lunges, and Lateral Lunge Ballistic Curls, be learned and performed with some essential learning and practice.

The level of workout mace bells can provide is awesome.

Macebell Flow | Mace Flow Workouts

The mace flow workout is a bit different from the movements mentioned above.

The mace flow takes 3 (or more) different movements and combines them into one continuous sequence. The final result is a “flow” of constant movement, which appears to be one long movement but combines several exercises into one pattern.

The name “flow” comes from the appearance of a seamless and smooth transition between movements, making it appear as though it’s all one movement.

The mace training takes longer to learn due to its higher level of complexity and the requirement of combining several movements into one. That said, it’s a fantastic low-impact workout.

Here is a great video showing a beginner’s mace flow pattern:

Steel Mace Flow Workout Video

Is The Macebell Good For Working Out?

Macebell workouts are a fantastic addition to any fitness regimen. These movements require a combination of balance and strength. Proper exercises also require a lot of control over the mace, as these are slower-paced workouts. Instead, the movements are slow and methodical.

These workouts also increase overall flexibility, especially in your upper body. At times, the swinging motion and flow will require a broader range of arm stretching to accomplish some of the rotation needed for the exercise.

It takes a lot of muscle control to slow down the movement of the macebell swing, as the momentum of the steel mace wants to propel us into quicker movement. But proper muscle contraction and speed restriction help control the mace.

Proper movements require macebell training, so being adequately informed on using a steel mace is essential.

What Parts Of The Body Does It Work?

Mace training is a full-body experience. However, you may notice that a lot of shoulder and back strength is needed to perform even some basic swings. These are the apparent muscle groups being worked.

But aside from that, a lot of core strength is required to perform these exercises effectively. When swinging and handling a mace, your core is in constant action, engaging and strengthening the whole time while you twist, turn, and swing.

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Macebell FAQ

A macebell is a weight workout tool. It is typically made of steel and shaped like a huge lollipop, with a long shaft and a weight on the end.

This depends on the brand and the desired weight, but you can find them typically for under $100 and often close to $50.

Working out with a macebell will help burn calories and lend a hand toward weight loss. The macebell is only a supplement for weight loss; it can’t do it alone.

Absolutely. It’s a great strength trainer and balance and endurance tool.

This depends on what you want to use it for. Basic swinging is easy, with a slight learning curve. Macebell workouts such as mace flow take more learning to understand and perform.

Start with 1 or 2 at a lower weight. Once you become accustomed to those, consider increasing your macebell inventory with higher weight.

Final Thoughts On The Best Macebells

Best Macebells Review
Best Macebells Review

On this list, we have seen the best macebells of 2023.

As these workouts become more popular, we will surely use the macebell in new and innovative ways, and new exercises will be created. We should expect new designs and tech as the genre expands and broadens.

Yes, these offer a great workout to improve your level of fitness. Macebells can help you improve many aspects of your overall health and wellness. But they can also help your general level of enjoyment while working out.

I became familiar with the steel mace during my recent 75 Hard journey and used it many times as an extra option for my workouts. That’s when I fell in love with it.

If you have a chance to hold a macebell and feel the spirit of the Viking or barbarian rush over you, you should take it. It will make you feel strong, powerful, and happy, even in some strange way.

So consider trying one of these macebells from the list above. Watch a few of the training videos that are available on YouTube. I am convinced you will be hooked once you hold a steel mace and swing it a few times.

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