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The Ultimate Mammoth Headwear Review + Coupon Code | 2023

I knew as soon as I put this awesome hat on my big head for the first time. I wanted to do a Mammoth Headwear review.

I knew my big head cap search was over, finding large enough hats to fit correctly.

I like when things fit right. I have many articles on my site where I am just trying new workout clothes to see how they fit me. The same goes for hats too. If it doesn’t fit right, I can’t wear it. Finding big hats for big heads that fit right has been challenging my whole life as a long-time owner of a massive cranium.

mamoth headwear
Big Hats for Big Heads – Coupon Code

Check out the massive hat assortment of designs over at Mammoth.

Mammoth Headwear discount code: Click the link below and use the code FIZZNESS to get 10% off your order.

Who Is Mammoth Headwear?

Mammoth Logo
Mammoth Hat Logo

“One size fits BIG.”

If you visit the company website and visit the “About” section, the first paragraph written by founder Taylor Holst sums up exactly why I wanted to give this company a try:

“I grew up with an oversized head and a passion for design. I’ve had a very specific style since I was a child which made buying clothing hard for anyone thats not me. Buying a hat for me that fits AND I like is nearly impossible.”

Mammoth offers free standard shipping, which is a significant win. If you want expedited shipping, you can order that for $10. However, I ordered my Mammoth cap on a Friday night, and it arrived at my home in the Midwest by the following Wednesday, a total of 5 days. They also have excellent customer support.

My Mammoth Hat Review

hat for big head
Classic Trucker Hat

The first thing I noticed out of the box was the logo. That logo looks tough. Perfectly sized and framed on the front of the hat. The Mammoth Products logo is raised just a bit off the cap, giving it a nice texture. Details like this make or break a hat.

The Overall Quality of the Mammoth Hat

The Mammoth hat quality is precisely what I was hoping for and, at the same time, better than I expected.

The Mammoth cap material is stated as acrylic, and it just feels like its quality. It has the same type of build and feels that I have come to expect from other more prominent and well-known cap companies, so it’s good to see that even as a never company, Mammoth is starting by doing it right.

These large Mammoth hats are built with quality in mind, and it shows.

The bill of the Mammoth cap came completely flat, which is how I prefer to wear my hats. The website says “slightly curved bill,” but take that to mean flat. It’s perfect for sunny days.

The Styles of Hats

Mammoth has three types of headwear: standard snapback, classic trucker, and performance hat. I own all three types to change based on the mood or the day. Let’s take a look at each below and talk about their features.

The Mammoth Snapback Cap

big hat review
Mammoth Hats Review – Best Hats For Big Heads

Mammoth hat products feature unique details for added character. The left side of the hat displays a small “M” for balance. The interior shows a well-designed strap with the company name and star motifs. The tag uniquely features the company slogan instead of the typical size, serving as a reminder that others also require large hats.

The Mammoth Classic Trucker Hat

mammoth headwear review hats

Trucker hats are usually a no-go for me because of my big head. So, I was pretty stoked to try out this hat from Mammoth Headwear. I went for the black-on-black look, but they have other colors too.

I was a bit thrown when I had to adjust the back of the hat four snaps down instead of the usual two. It fit well and looked cool, but the size difference between this and the snapback was strange. I hit up the owner to see what was up.

He explained that the trucker hats are a bit smaller than the snapbacks because of the fabric and the fact they’re all handmade. But he reassured me that they’d stretch out with regular wear, which totally makes sense.

Since then, I’ve ordered almost ten more of these truckers; that’s how much I like them.

Mammoth Performance Hat For Working Out

workout hats for big heads

Mammoth just released a performance hat for big heads that is perfect for a workout or hitting the gym. It’s a different design and features lighter material. You can see it on our list of the best workout hats.

Product Pros

  • Made For Big Heads
  • Great Looking Logo
  • Available in Trucker or Snapback
  • Performance Hat is Now Available
  • Free Shipping
  • Blank Hats Available With No Logo
  • Attention To Design Detail
  • Constantly Releasing New Colors
  • Great Discord Channel with CEO

Product Cons

  • No Fitted Hats

My Mammoth Headwear Reviews Final Thoughts

I’ve been on this earth for four decades. In a world of over-promising and under-delivering, I’m skeptical of everything. But Taylor over at Mammoth has knocked it out of the park with these quality product hats.

The build, quality, size, style, (and most importantly) fit are exactly what I needed to restore my faith in finding quality snapback hats with dope details and fit right. No more wearing my hats on the last snap, and no more hats being too small.

The only caveat I would mention is the price. These are not cheap hats; you can expect to drop around $50 on one. This isn’t really much more expensive than any hat you might get from the mall, but the price is worth mentioning.

Use that giant brain, make an intelligent decision, and buy yourself a snapback hat from Mammoth.

mammoth headware

Big Hats for Big Heads – Coupon Code

Check out the massive hat assortment of designs over at Mammoth.

Mammoth Headwear discount code: Click the link below and use the code FIZZNESS to get 10% off your order.

YouTube Video Review

*As a Mammoth affiliate, I may make a commission on purchases made through links on this page at no additional cost to you.

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