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The NEW Voltrx Gallium Electric Shaker Bottle Review

The new Voltrx Gallium electric shaker bottle has been making a stir among fitness enthusiasts and consumers looking for a new shaker bottle and who want the best possible protein shakes.

This state-of-the-art electric shaker bottle has several upgrades from its earlier versions and takes shaking to the next level with its innovative design and features. This robust shaker bottle eliminates clumping, foaming, and other common issues that can cause a less-than-great protein shake.

Plus, it’s easy to clean and use thanks to its intuitive design. Whether you’re just getting into fitness or you’re an experienced athlete, this electric shaker bottle is sure to give you the perfect protein shake every time.

Voltrx Gallium Summary

Overall, I have been a fan of the Voltrx line of electric shakers for years. So to say when the new Gallium came out that I was excited is an understatement. With its newly upgraded features, the question remains:

Do the Voltrx Gallium mix protein shakes as good as the other Voltrx bottles?

We are going to take a look at the bottle and discuss why I think it is a worthy challenger not just to other Voltrx cups, but to other brands as well.


Upgraded Tritan Plastic and denser lid.


Wider than previous models, detachable base and agitator.


Upgraded lid, and carrying loop. Better measuring lines.


Currently cheaper than older versions.


Creates smooth protein shakes, just like it’s predecessor.


Great price, great shakes, great value.

Overall Rating:

4.5 / 5

Voltrx Gallium Pros

  • Upgraded and Tighter Lid
  • Bigger Carrying Hoop
  • Removable Agitator
  • Makes Great Protein Shakes
  • Less Expensive than Older Models

Voltrx Gallium Cons

  • Lid is Very Tight
  • Hard for Small Hands
  • Only 1 Setting for Mixing
  • No Mixing Lights
  • Base Design Could Lead to Spills

My Experience with the Voltrx Gallium

image 31

I have used Voltrx shaker bottles for a few years now, and as a fan, had high expectations for this new iteration of Voltrx cups.

After spending some time using the Voltrx Gallium, there are a few things worth pointing out about the bottle.

First, it does just as good of a mixing job as the other cups in the Voltrx family. I had some concerns as to whether or not this cup would be as effective as the others due to the new design of the bottle, but my tests found it to be almost identical in effectiveness and efficiency.

Its new design makes it actually easier to clean than the previous models’ thanks to its detachable base and agitator.

This bottle just seems like the grown-up version of the original, and a nice step forward for the Voltrx company.


Voltrx is always trying to create great products to help you reach your fitness goals. To find out more about the Voltrx company, visit their website by clicking HERE.

What Is an Electric Shaker Bottle?

IMG 8320

An electric shaker bottle is a convenient tool for mixing and storing liquids, usually nutritional drinks or supplements. The bottle is equipped with an electric motor to mix the contents of the bottle quickly (usually powders and water) and effectively, ensuring that all ingredients in your drink are properly combined.

They are typically charged via a USB cable at the base, which provides the mixing power. They are convenient because not only do they allow you to click a button and do other things while it mixes, but it is extremely effective in mixing very smooth protein shakes and powders.

Who Is the Voltrx Gallium For?

image 30

You might be wondering “Why do I need an electric shaker?”

If you enjoy cool new tech, something like this might be something you enjoy using. It’s also a great shaker bottle in general, and the price is typically similar to what you might find in some other similar-sized shakers.

It can also be a great option for those who don’t want to waste protein powder when their regular cup leaves unmixed clumps at the bottom.

Not to mention, those with a busy schedule might find the convenience of a button-click mixing system a bonus and benefit.

What Benefits Does the Voltrx Gallium Provide?

Here’s a list of benefits that the Voltrx Gallium provides for those wanting something other than a standard shaker bottle:

It’s a Time Saver

The Gallium can save you time since you can simply click the button and do other things while your Voltrx does all of the mixing. The automatic shut-off will make sure that after 30 seconds, the bottle will turn off automatically, saving the battery.

It Does a Great Job Mixing Protein Shakes

These bottles aren’t just cool; they actually do a great job of mixing. The high-power motor and agitator spin quickly, making sure to not leave any protein powder clumps behind.

The “Cool” Factor

There is no doubt, these are not your typical shaker cups. These are cool to watch mix, as the spinning vortex spins quickly and dissolves the powders before your very eyes

Easy to Clean

The updated design of the Gallium makes it much easier to clean than earlier versions. With the new design, simply remove the base and the attached agitator, and throw the cup and lid into the dishwasher.

You can then manually clean off the base.

Voltrx Gallium Pricing – How Much Does it Cost?

Usually, when a new version of a product comes out, it’s more expensive than the older versions. But at the time of release, the Gallium was actually priced lower than the earlier versions.

To get an updated price, click the button below.

Voltrx Gallium Electric Shaker Bottle
The new version of the popular Voltrx shaker bottle, the Voltrx Gallium takes a bold leap with several new upgrades and features that customers have been asking for. The improved lid, wider cup, and carrying loop are upgrades sure to make anyone needing a new shaker happy.
Click to View Amazon Price
I might earn commissions on sales made via this link.

Voltrx Gallium Alternatives

IMG 1202

If the Gallium just isn’t doing it for you, then I have a couple of other recommendations for you.

First, the original Voltrx shaker does just as good of a job as the Gallium but has a few differences. It’s a thinner bottle, and the base lights up whenever it’s mixing. You can see it on Amazon HERE.

The ProMixx electric cup is another popular choice, now with over 11,000 customer reviews on Amazon. It’s a little pricier, but also comes with a cool powder pod to help you transport that precious powder cargo. See it on Amazon HERE.


I also wrote an article with my list of the best electric shakers on the market. You can check out that article HERE if you fancy.

If you simply are not sold on the electric option, then check out this article where I compared two of my favorite insulated stainless steel bottles, the Bolde Bottle and the BlenderBottle Strada.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Voltrx Gallium is BPA-free and safe to use, as there are no metal mixing blades or other safety issues.

I bought my first Voltrx electric shaker in April of 2021, and it’s still mixing just as strong 2 years later.

I think the quality of the electric shaker shakes is just as good, if not better, than the cups that require manual shaking.

My Voltrx Gallium Video Review

Conclusion – Is the Voltrx Gallium Worth It?

image 32

Whether or not the Voltrx Gsallium electric bottle is worth it depends on your needs and wants.

But in my opinion, as the owner of now 3 Voltrx bottles, I always prefer to use my electric cups when mixing, and always shop for them when I am looking for a new bottle.

They make excellent shakes, do a great job of mixing up all the powder, and are simply fun to use.

So if those things are important to you, then yes, these cups are totally worth it.


You can use the discount code FIZZNESS for 10% off by visiting the Voltrx site directly HERE.

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