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The 16 Best Planet Fitness Memes On The Internet

Planet Fitness memes are funny, especially if you have ever been to Planet Fitness.

I’m a member of Planet Fitness, and it’s the primary gym I go to when I work out. I have no hate for Planet Fitness. I actually enjoy going. That said, I love a good exercise meme, and it’s not a perfect gym and has certainly earned some of the criticism it gets (a lot around their monthly Pizza Day).

So, I thought it would be fun to assemble a collection of the best Planet Fitness memes on the internet. I like Planet Fitness, but I also like to laugh.

The Best Planet Fitness Memes On The Internet

1. The Home Alone – Planet Fitness Meme

best planet fitness memes
best planet fitness memes

2. Pizza Day At Planet Fitness Meme

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3. Another Pizza Day At Planet Fitness Meme

IMG 4002

4. Bad Form At Planet Fitness Meme

IMG 4001

5. The Kevin Hart Planet Fitness Meme

IMG 3999

Credit: @gymflow100

6. The Cupcakes At Planet Fitness Meme

IMG 3998

7. Another Pizza Day At Planet Fitness Meme

IMG 3997

Credit: @awkwardgymmoments

8. The Star Trek Planet Fitness Meme

IMG 3996

9. The Buzz Lightyear Planet Fitness Meme

IMG 3995

Credit: @robertfrank615

10. The Sorta Judgement Free Zone Planet Fitness Meme

IMG 3994

11. So Many Pizza Day At Planet Fitness Memes

IMG 3993

12. Oh Look, Another Pizza Day At Planet Fitness Meme

IMG 3992

Credit: @goldhammerfitness

13. The South Park At Planet Fitness Meme

IMG 3991

14. So Much Pizza At Planet Fitness Meme

IMG 3990

Credit: @robertfrank615

15. Crowded Gym At Planet Fitness Meme


16. Get the Eff Outta Here

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Why Planet Fitness Is So Popular

Planet Fitness is one of the most popular gyms in the country, and there are a few key reasons why.

For starters, it’s extremely affordable, with many locations offering monthly memberships for less than $10 (although the Black Card membership and its perks will run you $24.99 a month).

It’s also a very comfortable environment – unlike some gyms that can be intimidating and overwhelming, Planet Fitness is designed to be welcoming and inclusive. Beginner exercisers will appreciate the wide range of equipment and classes available.

Why Does Planet Fitness Get So Much Hate?

There are a ton of Planet Fitness jokes and memes floating around out there. There are a few reasons why many people do not like Planet Fitness.

First, the rules.

For example, no loud noises or being disruptive to others. If you break these rules, you get ejected from the gym. This can be frustrating for people who are trying to work out and get results and are used to being demonstrative.

Second, the lunk alarm (mentioned above). If you drop weight or make too much noise, the alarm goes off, and everyone in the gym looks at you. This can be embarrassing, and it makes people feel like they are being judged.

Finally, the atmosphere is generally quiet and relaxed, which can turn off people looking for a more high-energy workout environment.

How Much Does Planet Fitness Cost?

Planet Fitness offers two main membership types: Basic and Black Card.

The Planet Fitness Basic Membership

The basic membership gives you access to the gym’s amenities, like workout equipment and showers. That’s really about it. It’s a basic access membership.

The Planet Fitness Black Card (My Membership Type)

The Black Card membership costs a bit more but has additional perks, like access to massage chairs and tanning beds.

But the biggest perk of the Planet Fitness Black Card is the unlimited guest pass privilege. This means you can take one person with you every time you go to Planet Fitness for free, for an unlimited number of times. This is great if you have family or friends who want to work out with you occasionally but don’t want a full membership.

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