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An Honest Melin Hats Review Of 2024 | Worth The Hype Or Not?

Are you looking for an honest Melin Hats review? I’ve been using the Melin hat for a bit and have put it to the test. Here is my review of the Melin hat.

I keep seeing ads for new products for guys with big heads, specifically new hats, so I was really intrigued and wanted to do this review.

The Melin Brand: Who Are They?

image 31
Melin Odyssey Stacked Hydro

Melin Headwear is a company that specializes in hats. They are known for their high-quality and active products that are perfect for exercise and staying healthy.

The company was founded in 2013 by Joe Croft and Alex Drury. Both guys were passionate about caps and wanted to create a company to make the best Melin hats possible.

Melin Headwear started as a small operation but has become a successful business. The company now has a team of skilled designers and hat makers who constantly create stylish and innovative hats.

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What Makes The Melin Hat A Good Hat For Active People?

Melin caps have become a popular choice in the fitness community for several compelling reasons.

First and foremost, these caps are renowned for their stylish designs, with a range of colors and patterns to choose from to complement your personal style.

Additionally, they are versatile and well-suited for various settings, from the gym to everyday activities.

Furthermore, Melin caps are crafted from premium, soft, and stretchy materials, offering a comfortable fit suitable for extended wear during your daily routine.

These all apply to all hats, including the Melin A Game Hydro, Icon Trenches, and others. This is also why the Melin Headwear is ranked #1 on my list of the best workout hats.

The Melin Hats Review

The Hydro Hat Sizing

As you have noticed in some of my other content, I have problems finding hats that fit well due to my large head.

When I wear a New Era fitted, for example, I wear a size 8, which is not a common size. So I was thrilled to see that the hats come in 2 sizes, including an X-Large.

Out of the box, I couldn’t believe how perfect the Hydro hat sizing was. The snapback only required me to move one notch. This is a big deal, especially if you prefer to put it on backward.

I have tried to use a lot of snapbacks in the past that required me to move to almost the last snap. This makes the hat appear ridiculous and unwearable. So, the X-Large was a surprise to see offered, and an even bigger surprise that it was a true X-Large for my big head.

The Hydro Hat Design

image 6

The Melin Hydro hat design and popular shape are unique, as the front of the hat dome is split into two different prices of material, one on the front and one at the top front.

I wasn’t sold on this design at first, as it does look a bit different from other similar caps I wear. However, after trying the hat on, I think this design and shape lend themselves to being a more comfortable hat. They hit their mark with a flat bill and crown panels (front, side, and rear) designed to have a unique look.

Crown panels are designed to bead away water and prevent absorption and sweat help give this hat such a cool look.

The back of the Hydro hat is netted for ventilation but is not similar to a trucker cap style. The holes are much more spread out, which helps the cap maintain more of a fitted style than one would expect.

The modern design includes some awesome features, specifically the Melin style logo on the front, side, and under the brim.

image 8
image 9

They even managed to put one on the snap buckle:

image 10
Snap to Adjust Size

The design of the narrow curved bill hats is similar, but they do not have the same dual-material front details of the hat as the Trenches Icon Hydro does.

In these hats, like the Odyssey Stacked Hydro hat or the Melin A Game Hydro hat, the front is all one piece, as a regular hat would be. And they still managed to work on the logo for a few extra design touches.

The details on these quality hats are beautiful inside and caught my attention when I first received the Hydro hat.

image 11

Again, we see another logo and the brand name on the Hydro hat cross stitching, but we also see a stylish fabric on the front.

If we look at the hat’s brim, it’s constructed of some material that feels different from other hats I own. I believe this is part of the design of their sweat-wicking moisture-reducing system.

image 12

A typical hat would be a cloth-like brim, but it has a different feel. Whatever it is, it also makes that hat extremely comfortable on my head.

The Melin Hats Performance

I was shopping for Melin hats because I needed a quality hat for working out, running, and other physical activities. But I also wanted a hat to wear socially and just for the sake of wearing it.

That is not easy to accomplish with typical hats.

I have worn this Hydro hat for 30 days, including runs in the 95-degree heat and plenty of trips to the gym. I can’t believe how well it is holding up and not staining from water.

Look at this photo of the brim and headband I took just today: No stains, no wear. The ballcap looks like it did the first day I wore it.

I’ve owned enough hats to know that any other hat would be sweat-stained and smelly by now. The Melin style hat is absolutely holding up to the pressure and living up to its title of being a performance hat.

The Melin Baseball Cap Durable Materials

The fabric of the Melin brand is a premium blend of cotton and spandex, making it soft and stretchy. This allows the cap to mold to your head for a customized fit. And because the fabric is breathable, you won’t have to worry about getting too hot or sweaty.

The attention to detail and quality sets the Melin brand apart from the competition. Every seam is carefully stitched, and the brim is reinforced with a flexible plastic strip.

This makes the Hydro more durable and resilient to enjoy for years.

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The Sweat-Wicking Hats

image 15

The hydro hat sweat-wicking technology is a moisture control system that helps to keep you cool and dry while exercising or being active.

The water-repellent system keeps water away from your forehead and skin and into the Melin hat’s fabric and prevents absorption, where it can evaporate quickly. As a result, these hats help you stay dry, even when you’re sweating.

The Melin system comprises three key details: a performance moisture wicking lining fabric, a ventilation panel, and a sweat guard.

The moisture-wicking fabric is designed to draw water away from your skin and into the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly. The hat’s ventilation panel helps to circulate air and improve breathability around your head.

Lastly, the sweat guard helps to keep sweat from dripping down your face or into your eyes. These three components of these hats work to keep your head cool, dry, and comfortable, even when sweating.

The Price Of The Hats

We need to talk about the price of the hats when we are doing the Melin hats review. The only downside to the Hydrohat is the price. The average pricing for these hats is $60 to $70. I know that sounds like a lot, but other hat companies charge $40 to $50 for hats that can hold up to this type of activity. Due to sweat staining, you may run through 2 or 3 of those hats simultaneously.

One hat might last you that same amount of time. So, in my review opinion, while the hats are pricey upfront, they will outlast other similar caps, saving you money in the end.

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Melin Hat FAQ

They are a very high-quality build hat and can handle pretty tough active environments, whereas most other hats have a much shorter shelf life under the same circumstances.

Amazon offers them free shipping, as does the Melin website.

All of their Hydro collection are water-repellant floatable and breathable and constructed for water use.

Put the hats under warm running water and a little hand soap on the cap. Spend a few minutes rubbing the soap in with your hands, rinse, and let dry. After a few hours, the Hydro hat will be clean.

They design all styles in California and produce in China.

The small is a 56cm hat, and the Classic is 58cm They also offer an XL size, which is 60cm.

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I might earn commissions on sales made via this link.

Melin Hats Review Summary

Melin Pros

  • Hats Are Water-Repellant
  • Water-Resistant Exterior and Interior
  • Sweat-Repellent
  • Several Designs and Colors
  • Comes in XL Size for Big Heads
  • Designed to Float in Water
  • Breathable and Moisture-Wicking
  • Unisex Fit
  • Hydrophobic Crown Panels
  • Laser-Perforated Side and Rear

Melin Cons

  • The Hat is Pricey, But Quality Costs
  • That’s it. Melin makes great hats.

Personal Experience with the Hydro Hat

I’m not one to buy into the hype. The gray in my beard has come at the expense of learning many lessons in my time. And I didn’t want to buy into the hats hype, but I’m always willing to shop for something new.

The hat turned out to be a legit product, and it’s perfect for what they say. One of the best hats I’ve ever worn and my daily driver when it comes to everyday wearing. Next time I am shopping for hats, I’ll save myself some time and Melin will be a first stop.

Main Features and Benefits of the Melin Hat

The Hydro Hat by Melin is a water-repellant and breathable hat designed for active individuals. It’s exceptionally comfortable, thanks to its choice of materials and thoughtful design. The X-Large size fits well for those with larger heads, and the snapback allows easy adjustment. With a flat bill, moisture-wicking crown panels, and a ventilated back, it’s perfect for outdoor activities.

Made from a durable blend of cotton and spandex, the Hydro Hat offers a soft and stretchy fit. It’s been tested and proven to withstand wear and stains. Whether you’re working out or going for a run, the Hydro Hat is a stylish and functional accessory that suits any occasion.

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