is planet fitness open on thanksgiving

Is Planet Fitness Open On Thanksgiving? PF Holiday Hours

The question arises for fitness enthusiasts who don’t want to abandon their workout routine completely during the holidays: is Planet Fitness open on Thanksgiving?

A few holidays each year are nearly a slam dunk as far as whether or not it will be open, with Thanksgiving being one of them. However, because Planet Fitness is franchisee-run, it’s still worth double-checking so that you don’t end up looking at locked doors.

Is Planet Fitness Open On Thanksgiving

Whether PF is open on Thanksgiving depends on your specific Planet Fitness location. While some gyms may have adjusted hours or closures, most Planet Fitness gyms tend to be closed on Thanksgiving Day. However, it’s worth noting that most locations close early on the day before Thanksgiving, typically between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m.

But, if you’re eager to burn off those extra calories from your Thanksgiving feast, you’ll be glad to know that many Planet Fitness locations reopen the day after Thanksgiving. You can expect them to resume their operating hours, usually between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m.

However, to be sure about the hours of your local Planet Fitness gym during the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s always a good idea to give them a quick call. They can provide you with specific details regarding their Thanksgiving schedule.


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Other Holiday Hours at Planet Fitness

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While Thanksgiving may have different operating hours for Planet Fitness, the gym follows its regular schedule for most other holidays. Christmas is off the table, and they will all be closed. But other holidays will almost always be open with regular or reduced hours.

However, it’s always a good idea to double-check with your specific Planet Fitness location for any changes in hours or closures. To find the operating hours for your local gym, you can visit the official Planet Fitness website and use their “Find a Club” feature. Enter your location, and the website will provide you with the nearest Planet Fitness gym’s contact information and operating hours.


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By checking ahead, you can ensure you won’t be caught off guard by unexpected closures or limited hours during the holiday season. So, before you plan your workout routine around a holiday, take a moment to confirm the operating hours of your preferred Planet Fitness location.

Planet Fitness Holiday Hours Example

Here is a sample of Planet Fitness club hours. Of course, this is just one store, but it’s an example of what you can expect for most Planet Fitness clubs.


Open regular hours for the holiday


Monday May 29th: 5am – 1pm

Tuesday May 30th: re-open at 5 am


July 4th close at 1pm

July 5th reopen at 6am


Open regular hours for the holiday


Thursday, November 23rd close at 1pm Friday , November 24th reopen at 6am


December 24th: Close at 12PM on Christmas Eve

December 25th: Closed for Christmas Day

December 26th: Reopen at 5AM


December 31st Close at 5pm

January 1st reopen at 5am

Employees Need Time Off, Too!

With the overall Planet Fitness culture, it’s no surprise that the company wants to ensure its employees have time to spend with their families and loved ones during these important holidays.

Planet Fitness employees put a lot of their time and energy into the gym and its members when it’s open; ensuring they enjoy themselves is just as important.

What About the Other Holidays?

Planet Fitness is open pretty much all other holidays. Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Halloween, Veterans Day, Easter Sunday, and certain holidays keep the same schedule as normal operating hours, with the Planet Fitness close time being the same as normal days.

Final Thoughts

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It’s important to note that Planet Fitness locations may have varied operating hours during the Thanksgiving holiday. While some gyms may be open with limited hours, most Planet Fitness locations will be closed on Thanksgiving Day the whole day. It is advisable to contact your local gym to confirm their specific Thanksgiving hours and any potential changes in operating hours during the holiday season.

Remember, keeping fit and staying healthy is essential, even during the holiday season. But spending time with people you care about and enjoy your family is also a big deal. It might not be helping you build muscle, but building relationships is just as important.

Whether your Planet Fitness location is open or closed on Thanksgiving, plenty of other opportunities exist to continue your fitness journey. I encourage exploring alternative workout options, such as at-home exercises or outdoor activities.

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