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15 Gifts For Christmas Fitness Junkies Will Love | 2023

Finding fitness gift ideas for Christmas that fitness lovers will love and use can be hard to figure out when it comes to that time of year.

Lucky for you, we have put together a list of the 12 best holiday presents and gift ideas for Christmas that fitness fanatics and junkies would love to get under their tree.

It’s like the 12 Days of Christmas workout edition, and here are 15 of the best fitness gifts for 2023.

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Fitness Christmas Gifts for a Gym Junkie

gifts for Christmas fitness workout gym

When giving fitness Christmas presents to someone who is really into going to the gym and working out, there are a few simple rules to follow that guarantee your Christmas gift ideas are winners.

First, all fitness freaks love anything that helps elevate their workout experience. The best gift for gym goers can be anything from new headphones for listening to music to tools that help them get more out of their workouts, like weightlifting gloves or weight belts.

Many who are into fitness also love wearing athletic and fitness apparel, whether just for lounging or getting a hard workout. Workout clothes can be a slam dunk gift for gym goers.

The 15 Best Gifts For Christmas Fitness Junkies Will Love

1. Electric Powered Shaker Cup

1st Pick
41yviDs2lyL. SL250
A Shaker Bottle On Steroids

You could get a regular old protein shaker cup for that special someone. Many on the market are awesome.

But will they mix your drinks for you? Do they light up?

No, they don’t, and that’s why this is an excellent Christmas gift idea.

I’ve written an article on the advantages of using these types of cups versus traditional cups and also did a rank and review of the best on the market here.

These cups are not only extremely efficient and do a better job of mixing than most traditional shakers, but several also have cool LED lights, making the mixing experience a little more fun and interesting.

2. Beats Fit Pro Noise Cancelling Headphones

2nd Pick
31k0oYM9hfL. SL250
Headphones MADE For Working Out And Fitness

There are a lot of Bluetooth earbuds and headphones on the market, and I’m sure your fitness person would love a lot of them.

But we love the Beats Fit Pro. Why?

Because these headphones were made for active people.

Many gym goers rely on headphones to help block out the noises of the outside world, which helps them focus on the task and workout at hand.

But we don’t want just any pair of earbuds or headphones. We also want them to sound good.

That’s why the Beats Fit Pro is the no-brainer, the obvious choice of headphones for the best Christmas fitness gifts for Christmas workout enthusiasts who want and will love.

It delivers top-of-the-line sound quality and is designed to be a perfect, comfortable fit for those working out and exercising.

3. Workout Hoodies

3rd Pick
41D4jKCOMWL. SL250
For Those Cold Weather Workouts

Finding the motivation to work out outside can be hard when temperatures drop and the weather turns cold.

Many gym-goers prefer to wear hoodies for outdoor and gym workouts.

And lucky for us, Amazon has a ton of workout hoodies at great prices.

This exercise apparel is one of the most popular clothing enthusiasts wear during the colder months.

Not only do they keep you warm for your workout, but with so many styles and brands to choose from, they are also a great way to make a fashion statement at the same time.

4. Bluetooth Beanies With Built-In Speakers

4th Pick
415BV5Kb1mL. SL250
The Stocking Cap With Speakers

Over the last few years, Bluetooth beanies have become more popular, especially as a gift idea for Christmas fitness freaks love.

A beanie with built-in speakers? Who wouldn’t want that?

Another cold weather necessity, stocking caps and beanies are essential to many gym-goers’ winter workout plans.

These fun and cool inventions put the music inside the beanie, allowing you to keep your head warm and bang.

This Holiday gift idea is a bit of a novelty because of its “cool” factor, making it a big hit for anyone into exercise and health.

5. Hand Grip Strengtheners

5th Pick
51X S+dEDKL. SL250
Small And Compact Hand And Forearm Trainer

Yeah, you could get them a gift set of perfume or cologne.

Or, you could get them a set of hand grip strengtheners.

These little strengtheners are a great Christmas gift idea and sure to make anyone who gets them happy and excited to use them for a forearm workout.

It’s hard not to pick one of these up and use them when you see one

Something oddly satisfying about something so simple can turn any moment into an exercise moment.

You can buy these as a single or as a set with various amounts of resistance.

Whoever you get these for WILL have them opened and use them before unwrapping.

6. Gaiter Masks

6th Pick
Perfect For Outdoor Running And Workouts

Outdoor workouts in the cold can be miserable, especially with wind chills that can instantly block and freeze your skin.

That’s why the face gaiter mask is such a great idea. It’s a low-cost Christmas gift idea that any workout enthusiast will love.

Most gaiter masks are a thin fabric to allow for extra breathability, but some are now insulated for those extra cold days when a little more protection is needed.

And there are quite a few options on the market now with different colors and graphic designs, which are great for those who want a little personality with their workout ensemble.

Depending on the area of the country, gaiters are useful year-round. Many runners use these masks to help keep wind and bugs from being problematic during warmer months.

These are not just the best gifts for gym goers; runners will especially appreciate these gifts.

7. Hydration Vests

7th Pick
Stay Hydrated Whereas You Go

The hydration vest has been one of runners’ most popular Christmas gift ideas over the last few years.

These vests are great for those who go for runs where they might need to be hydrated along the way, as they have water pouches built directly into the vest.

All runners know they need to stay hydrated.

They also know the difficulty of carrying a water bottle when trying to get in a workout or some running distance.

That makes the hydration vest a great gift idea for the Christmas season that fitness junkies (especially runners) will love.

All runners and the like will appreciate being able to run further and longer without worrying about how to stay hydrated.

8. Apple Watch

8th Pick
41wRlnnaayL. SL250
The Most Versatile Health And Workout Tracker

While other fitness-specific wearable trackers are on the market, none are as versatile as the Apple Watch.

And there is no tracker that will get used more than the Apple Watch, making it the ultimate fitness tracker.

Why is the Apple Watch the best fitness tracker? Well, a few reasons.

It does a great job tracking heart rate, steps during your workout, and its GPS features for running tracking.

But the main reason it’s the best fitness tracker is because of the Apple app store.

Where other trackers bind you to use the native operating system that comes with the tracker, the app store is full of various food and exercise-tracking apps, ensuring you will find the perfect one that works for you.

9. Workout Bags

9th Pick
41eC2ZqpYZL. SL250
A New Workout Bag For The New Year

Workout bags are a staple for every exercise enthusiast.

Being able to carry all the clothing and supplements into the gym makes our overall experience better.

Nothing is more exciting than walking into the gym for a workout with a brand-new workout bag over your shoulder.

A workout bag is a way to prepare everything you need to do a good workout.

Great for carrying extra clothing and toiletries, supplements, and more.

A must-have for all gym-goers to get for the Christmas season.

10. Energy Drinks

10th Pick
51sUduu8U0L. SL250
For The Caffeine Lover In Your Life

Energy drinks have become a part of the exercise world just as much as other supplements like protein powders.

And it’s no secret that many workout warriors love their caffeine and energy drinks, making a case of drinks a great holiday gift.

If you go into most big gyms or gas stations, they sell energy drinks.

Energy drinks are a great way to boost energy and a great pick-me-up after a workout and when needed.

Because of those reasons, they have become insanely popular over the last few years, which makes them a great gift for Christmas workout junkies (and caffeine while we are at it) would love to get for the Christmas season.

11. Food And Fitness Journal

11th Pick
41turnE4W1L. SL160
Writing And Tracking Your Progress

In a world of apps and smartphones, many still prefer to write down their progress, whether it be food or workout numbers, in a journal.

A fitness journal is a thoughtful Christmas gift to show your support in the athlete’s training and exercise journey.

It’s quite common to see people writing in journals during their workouts.

They track their weight progress, workout, number of reps, sets, etc.

They also track their food and nutrition in these same journals.

A training and food journal is great for anyone trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or track their overall health and fitness level.

12. Slam Balls

12th Pick
41ra0OsI4oL. SL250
Gaining Muscle And Slamming Balls

Slam balls are a fun and exciting way to work out, and maybe get out a little aggression along the way.

A slam ball has one purpose; to be thrown down on the ground with maximum force.

And it’s a blast.

Not to be confused with wall balls (although they are equally as fun), the slam ball is a great addition to any home workout gym at a decent low cost.

A wall ball should not be underestimated; it can provide a great workout despite the unusual concept.

I mean, what exercise junkie wouldn’t want to be able to slam a ball down to the ground as hard as they can over and over?

13. Amazon Halo View Fitness Tracker

13th Pick
image 38
The Fitness Tracker From Amazon

Fitness trackers are always a popular option, and Amazon comes on hot this year with their Amazon Halo View fitness tracker.

It’s a great way to begin the new year working towards your new fitness and health goals.

When it comes to gift giving for gym goers, fitness trackers are always a sure bet.

The new Amazon Halo View fitness tracker does a lot that they will love. It tracks things such as your heart rate, activity points, sleep score, and even on-demand blood oxygen levels.

There are even opportunities to use it with your smartphone to measure your body fat percentage and track your workouts.

The Amazon halo view requires a monthly subscription, which comes with one full year with the purchase, and then goes to $3.99 per month after the year.

14. Digital Smart Jump Rope

14th Pick
image 39
Auto-Track Your Jumps

Jumping rope is an intense exercise and one that many fitness freaks love.

And that’s exactly what makes a digital jump rope such a great Christmas fitness gift idea.

Automatic tracking of your jump rope exercises is a no-brainer when it comes to great gift ideas for fitness freaks.

These high-tech jump ropes are affordable and take the burden off the user by automatically counting each rope rotation, keeping track of every single jump and skip.

Many of these can also integrate with apps on your smartphone to help track calories and other metrics. Not only are these digital jump ropes fun, but they will help get you in shape.

15. Pivo Pod Motion Tracker For Fitness Videos

15th Pick
image 41
For The Would-Be Fitness Influencers

The Pivo Pod is a must-have accessory for any fitness junkie who likes to make their own workout videos and recordings.

The Pivo Pod will track the motion of the body, meaning you can do your workout, and the Pivo will follow you around like a real cameraman.

The Pivo Pod is one of the most interesting and unique tools in recent years for athletes who enjoy recording themselves and making workout videos.

The Pivo Pod acts as a robotic cameraman, using its auto-tracking and motion sensors to follow the subject from left to right, capturing every move.

It’s the equivalent of having a real-life camera person following you around but at a much lower price.

What to Get a Gym Junkie for Christmas

best christmas gifts for gym rats

If you have a friend or loved one who loves to work out, you may struggle to find the perfect holiday gift. There are many great options out there, but it can be tough to know where to start.

Here are a few more suggestions of the best gifts for gym rats sure to please any exercise enthusiast during Christmas.

A new pair of running shoes is always a welcome Christmas gift for the runner in your life.

Look for a shoe designed for the running they do most often. If they are a trail runner, look for shoes with good traction and plenty of support.

If they stick to the pavement, look for lightweight shoes designed for speed.

Either way, a new pair of shoes will surely make their faces smile.

If your loved one is into lifting weights or working out at the gym, a new gym hat or workout gear is the perfect Christmas gift. A new water bottle or set of resistance bands will be appreciated.

You can even buy them a heart rate monitor so they can keep tabs on their progress and health goals.

Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers FAQ

Honestly, this can be done anywhere. However, Amazon has the widest selection and Free Shipping for Prime Members.

For most gym goers, any sort of clothing is a good idea. Or perhaps, consider a gift certificate so they can pick it out themselves.

Anything related to losing weight. Remember, you want them to feel good about the gift you give.

Not at all! Many of the items we have on the list above can be purchased for $50 or less. Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

Pay for their gym membership for 6 months.

Absolutely! Gym goers put their body thought a lot of hard work. A massager (or massage gift certifiate) is a total winner.

Final Thoughts On Fitness Workout Gifts

The holiday season can be stressful when figuring out what to buy your favorite training pals.

This list is a great place to start your fitness holiday season shopping and will bring some smiles to your Christmas and Holiday season.

Buy them one thing or several and make a nice little fitness gift basket. Either way, they will surely love it if it’s from this list. Ultimately, the best Christmas gifts for gym rats are those from the heart.

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