Planet Fitness Machines and Equipment | What Do They Have?

Planet Fitness Machines and Equipment

So, what equipment does Planet Fitness have?”

The available equipment is one of the most important factors when selecting a gym. Planet Fitness is a popular choice among all levels of fitness enthusiasts, offering a wide variety of machines to help everyone meet their fitness goals. The gym’s focus on a comfortable, non-intimidating atmosphere is reflected in the various equipment and amenities provided.

But what kind of workout equipment do they have? Is it better suited for those looking for heavy, free weights or those looking for more machine-centered exercising? n this article, I will walk you through the different types of workouts, equipment, and machines at planet fitness to help you determine if it’s the right gym. So throw on your training, gloves, drink, and let’s get to work.

Cardio Equipment at Planet Fitness

planet fitness treadmills

Treadmills and Ellipticals

More than any other type of workout equipment in planet fitness, cardio equipment numbers everything. This is most evident at nearly every location by the several rows of treadmill and elliptical machines. Every Planet Fitness location I’ve been too overwhelmingly has more of these types of equipment than anything else. This is primarily because these are incredibly popular, especially at certain times of the year. I have even been to locations with two levels jampacked full of these cardio crushers.

These are larger than average cardio machines, more significant than what you will find in most home gyms. That’s meant to accommodate nearly every body type and size of the person looking to increase their physical fitness levels. They are all effortless to use, even for beginners.

Stationary Bikes and Rowing Machines

planet fitness rowing machines

“Does Planet Fitness have rowing machines?” Heck yes they do.

Although less numerous, all locations have a plentiful supply of rowing machines and various types of stationary bikes. And has the previously mentioned treadmills or ellipticals, but that doesn’t mean they are legitimate cardio choices.

Predominantly considered to be cardio workouts, both the rowing machine and stationary bike options. Also, include strength training to increase your cardiovascular levels and strengthen your overall body simultaneously.


Regardless of which equipment you use, make sure not to set off the infamous Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm!

Arc Trainers and Mountain Climbers

I head to the Arc trainers at Planet Fitness for something a little different. These machines simulate the climbing motion, offering a low-impact workout that targets various muscle groups and improves my balance and coordination. The mountain climber machine, also called a Stair Stepper by many, if available, is an excellent way to engage my entire body and push my cardio to new limits. Mountain climbers work my core, glutes, and leg muscles in one fun workout.

Many people don’t realize that machines like the stair stepper or rowing machines don’t require fast movement to attain a great workout. For most of my workouts, I need slow and steady machines that will have me sweating in short order. These are great for raising the heart rate and getting excellent exercise, all while burning calories.

Planet Fitness always has a variety of cardio equipment to choose from. Whether I like running, biking, or climbing, I have options to help me reach my fitness goals.

Strength and Weight Equipment

Free Weights

“Does Planet Fitness have free weights?”

Nearly every planet fitness location has the same or similar free weight options.

First, you will find a section dedicated to dumbbells. I have seen that various locations carry, perhaps, more dumbbells than other locations; all Planet Fitness branches have dumbbells up to 75 pounds and stop there.

Nearby the free-weight dumbbell area, you will often find a small section dedicated to various types of preacher curl bars or straight curl bars. There are usually few of these available, and it is not a section popularized by gymgoers in general. However, these are generally available for those looking for additional freeway opportunities.

While not necessarily considered a free weight, the location will be stocked full of rubberized weight plates, which can be used in a free week manner for various types of exercises, such as weight plate raises, multiple types of weight plate rows, or farmer’s walks.

Weight Machines

planet fitness equipment machines

Planet Fitness has several weight machines to choose from when I want to target specific muscle groups. Some of the machines I use include the chest, shoulder, and seated leg press. These machines allow me to isolate muscles and focus on my form during workouts.

Keep in mind that these machines are not free weights. You typically sit down on these machines, which various cables and pulleys control. Still a very effective workout, however.

Other Strength Training Equipment

planet fitness pf360

Planet Fitness doesn’t stop at free weights and weight machines. They also offer a range of other strength training equipment to help me vary my workouts. For instance, their collection includes Smith machines, which provide stability and support during exercises like squats, bench presses, hip thrusts, deadlifts, and more. They even have benches available so that I can perform exercises like bench presses and tricep extensions.

Targeted Workout Machines

Leg and Glute Equipment

At Planet Fitness, I enjoy strengthening my lower body with various leg and glute machines. One of my go-to machines is the leg press, which allows me to target my quads and hamstrings. I also incorporate the leg extension machine to focus on my quadriceps. For a more comprehensive lower body workout, I like using the seated leg press, which simultaneously engages my glutes, quads, and hamstrings!

Chest and Shoulder Equipment

The incline, chest, and shoulder press machines are beneficial when working on my upper body, particularly my chest and shoulders. The chest press is excellent for targeting my pectoral muscles, while the shoulder press helps me concentrate on my deltoids.

Suppose I want to focus on my chest muscles. In that case, I utilize the butterfly machine, which is perfect for targeting the pectoralis major and minor muscles.

I’m also a big fan of the pec deck for chest and back work.

Back and Core Equipment

I turn to the lateral pull-down machine for a strong back and core. This machine targets my back muscles and helps strengthen my core. Additionally, I use crunch machines to strengthen my abdominal muscles. These machines effectively work on my upper and lower abs, helping me achieve a well-defined core.

Biceps and Triceps Equipment

Lastly, I give my biceps and triceps the attention they deserve. I achieve this using the bicep curl station and cable biceps bar for my biceps and the cable triceps bar for my triceps. The angled leg curl machine is also a versatile piece of equipment that I use for targeting both my biceps and triceps, depending on the adjustments I make to the machine.

With all these targeted workout machines, I can develop a well-rounded and balanced fitness routine at Planet Fitness.


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Cable Machines

image 17

In most locations, the cable machines occupy the most space behind the treadmills and other cardio equipment. The cable pulley machines are great for various upper body and core workouts and even for some lower body for those who can get creative.

I do a lot of my back and shoulder work with the cables, as the flexibility and ease of use are perfect for my quick workouts. I love having access to their different types of handles and tools to incorporate into the workouts.

These machines offer plenty of exercise opportunities, such as lat, pull-downs, various types of flyes, chest presses, shoulder raises, and anything related to the upper body. These are very flexible machines with a lot of workout opportunities.

Extra Equipment

image 18

All locations have a designated room with additional cable, pulleys, and alternative weights, such as kettlebells, medicine, balls, and battle ropes. He will typically also find a room dedicated to lower body workouts, containing various types of machines for enhancing the strength and aesthetic of your lower body.

Planet Fitness Equipment Is Missing A Few Things

The biggest knock by those critical of Planet Fitness is their lack of more free weight opportunities.

For instance, they don’t have squat racks, which can be a real deal-breaker for some people who love incorporating squats into their workouts. You might also notice the absence of barbell benches for bench presses, which can be crucial for anyone looking to build chest muscles.

Another thing that surprised me was the need for more traditional deadlifting platforms. This doesn’t mean you can’t do deadlifts, but you might need to find creative ways to incorporate them into your workout.

Membership Options

Classic Membership

My experience with Planet Fitness began when I signed up for their Classic Membership. At just $10 a month, it’s a budget-friendly option for anyone starting their fitness journey. I appreciate the convenience of unlimited access to my home club, making it easy to fit workouts into my busy schedule. Furthermore, the Judgement Free Zone® creates a comfortable atmosphere for me. Planet Fitness prides itself on maintaining clean and spacious clubs.

The Classic Membership also includes access to tons of cardio and strength equipment, which has been a massive help in keeping my workouts varied and engaging. My favorite machines include:

  • Stairclimbers
  • Treadmills
  • Stationary and recumbent bikes
  • Ellipticals

PF Black Card Membership

After a while, I wanted to explore the perks of the Black Card, so I upgraded to the PF Black Card Membership. At $24.99 a month, it provides a wide array of additional benefits:

  • Unlimited access to any Planet Fitness location
  • The ability to bring a guest with me for free
  • Access to the exclusive Black Card Spa, featuring Total Body Enhancement, HydroMassage beds, and massage chairs
  • Tanning facilities

This new membership level has made my fitness journey even more enjoyable, allowing me to work out with friends and enjoy great amenities. I also appreciate the flexibility of visiting different Planet Fitness locations while traveling.


Teens can work out for free all summer long with the Planet Fitness Summer Pass!

In conclusion, my experience with Classic and PF Black Card Memberships has made my fitness journey enjoyable and motivating. Planet Fitness offers great membership options that cater to different preferences, budgets, and needs at their gym locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What machines are available for leg workouts?

When I want to work on my chest, Planet Fitness provides several machines designed to focus on this muscle group. These include chest press machines, incline and decline presses, and various free weights for bench press exercises. It’s easy to mix up my workout routine and target different areas of my chest with these options.

Which equipment targets the chest?

Yes, Planet Fitness does have indoor rowing machines available. I love using these for low-impact, full-body workouts targeting my arms, back, core, and legs.

Does Planet Fitness offer indoor rowing machines?

Yes, Planet Fitness does have indoor rowing machines available. I love using these for low-impact, full-body workouts that also target my arms, back, core, and legs.

Is there an elliptical trainer at Planet Fitness?

I can confirm that Planet Fitness has elliptical trainers available for use. It’s a fantastic low-impact cardio option that helps me work on my endurance and burn calories at the same time.

What kind of bench press options do they have?

At Planet Fitness, I have seen a variety of bench press options. Flat benches are for traditional bench presses, and adjustable benches are for incline and decline presses. With both barbells and dumbbells available, I can easily switch up my chest workout routines to keep things interesting.

Can I find a leg curl machine at Planet Fitness?

Yes, Planet Fitness does have leg curl machines in their facilities. This machine is perfect for targeting my hamstrings and giving them a good workout as part of my lower body routine.

Final Thoughts

IMG 8480

I’ve had the opportunity to visit various Planet Fitness locations, and I must say, their planet fitness equipment list is quite impressive. There are several different Planet Fitness cardio machines, such as stair climbers, treadmills, stationary and recumbent bikes, and ellipticals. To give you an idea, here’s what I usually find at Planet Fitness:

  • Cardio Area: Loaded with diverse machines, ensuring I never get bored. The facility is also spacious, so I rarely wait for a specific machine to become available.
  • Strength Training Section: It’s equipped with various arm, shoulder, and chest machines, consisting of bicep curl stations, shoulder presses, chest presses, and lateral pull-down machines, to name a few. This enables me to have a complete upper-body workout.
  • Leg Machines: As a gym-goer, I appreciate how they cater to lower-body workouts, such as the seated leg press and thigh machines.

One thing I appreciate is the welcoming atmosphere Planet Fitness provides. Their famous “Judgement Free Zone” truly helps me feel comfortable and at ease while exercising. Also, their well-maintained facilities make the experience even more enjoyable.

On the flip side, the lack of heavier free weights and the limited selection of squat racks may not be ideal for more advanced gymgoers.

For anyone considering joining Planet Fitness, it’s an excellent choice for beginners or those simply looking for a casual workout space. The availability of various machines enables versatile workouts and ensures that you can find the right fit for your fitness goals. So, there you have it—my take on Planet Fitness and its equipment offerings.

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