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You Got 75 Hard Questions? I’ve Got Answers

Embarking on the 75 Hard Challenge? Kudos! You’re setting foot on a journey toward physical betterment, mental evolution, and comprehensive health enhancement. But, with a myriad of rules to adhere to, this journey can appear overwhelming.

This extensive guide will respond to some of the most common queries about the 75 Hard Challenge, assisting you in navigating this life-altering regimen.

The 5 Rules of the 75 Hard Challenge

The 75 Hard Challenge is based on five simple yet formidable rules, each with its unique benefits and challenges. These include committing to two daily 45-minute workouts (one must be outdoors), following a diet plan without any cheat days, drinking a gallon of water daily, reading ten pages of a non-fiction book, and taking a progress picture daily.

Yes, these may appear tough at first glance, but they work together to establish a robust routine, boost your physical strength, and more importantly, foster mental resilience.

We’ll begin by focusing on the Exercise Rule – a vital cog in the 75 Hard machinery, and a source of numerous inquiries. Don’t worry; we’ve got all your questions covered. Let’s jump in!


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The Exercise Rule Questions and Answers

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The exercise rule is indispensable to the 75 Hard Challenge but often creates many inquiries. Here, we address some of the most common questions about this rule:

Q: Can I combine both workouts into a single 90-minute session?

A: No, the Challenge requires two separate 45-minute workouts, one of them being outdoors.

Q: What types of exercises should I do during the Challenge?

A: The choice is yours. You can incorporate a mix of strength training, cardio, and flexibility exercises that suit your fitness level and preference.

Q: Can I take rest days during the Challenge?

A: There are no rest days in the 75 Hard Challenge. You must complete two 45-minute workouts every day for 75 consecutive days.

Q: Can I do low-intensity workouts?

A: Yes, you can choose low-intensity workouts like walking or yoga as long as you complete the required workout duration.

Q: Can I work out with a partner or in a group?

A: You can work out with others if you adhere to the Challenge rules and maintain consistency.

Q: Can I split the 45-minute workouts into smaller sessions?

A: No, each workout must be a continuous 45-minute session to fulfill the Challenge requirements.

Q: How important is it to do one workout outdoors?

A: Completing one of the two daily workouts outdoors is essential, as this rule tests your commitment and adaptability to various conditions.

Q: Can I practice the same type of exercise for both workouts?

A: Yes, you can, but for optimal results and overall fitness, it’s recommended to incorporate a mix of different exercises.

Q: Do I need to track my workouts or have a specific fitness goal?

A: You don’t need to track your workouts or set specific goals, but doing so can help you stay motivated and measure your progress throughout the Challenge.

Q: Can I participate in the 75 Hard Challenge while recovering from an injury?

A: Consult with a medical professional before beginning the Challenge. If you have clearance, you may need to modify exercises or intensity to accommodate your recovery.

The Diet Rule Questions and Answers

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The key to a successful 75 Hard Challenge can be your diet. Let’s resolve some of your questions:

Q: Which diet should I choose for the 75 Hard Challenge?

A: Choose a diet that aligns with your goals and is sustainable for 75 days. Popular choices include clean eating, paleo, ketogenic, or vegetarian diets.

Q: Can I have a cheat meal during the Challenge?

A: No, cheat meals and alcohol are prohibited during the Challenge. The goal is to maintain consistency and discipline in your eating habits.

Q: What if I have a special event or celebration during the Challenge?

A: You must adhere to the diet rule, even during special events. Plan ahead and make choices that align with your chosen diet.

Q: Can I adjust my diet during the Challenge if it’s not working for me?

A: It’s essential to choose a diet that’s sustainable for 75 days. If you need to make adjustments for health reasons, consult a professional and ensure the changes align with the Challenge’s principles.

Q: Can I use supplements or protein shakes during the Challenge?

A: You can use supplements and protein shakes as long as they fit within your chosen diet plan and do not replace whole, nutritious meals.

Q: Can I have a “re-feed” day if I’m following a strict diet like keto?

A: The 75 Hard Challenge does not permit re-feed or cheat days. You must stick to your chosen diet consistently for the entire 75 days.

Q: How do I handle dining out or social situations during the Challenge?

A: Plan ahead, research restaurant menus, and choose options that align with your chosen diet. Communicate your dietary needs to others to help you stay on track.

Q: Can I have sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners during the Challenge?

A: As long as they fit within the guidelines of your chosen diet, sugar substitutes and artificial sweeteners are allowed.

Q: Can I have a protein bar as a snack or meal replacement?

A: You can have a protein bar that aligns with your chosen diet. However, prioritize whole, nutritious foods whenever possible.

Q: How do I handle cravings or hunger during the Challenge?

A: Plan balanced meals and snacks to help manage hunger. Stay hydrated, and consider healthier alternatives to satisfy cravings while sticking to your chosen diet.

The Water Rule Questions and Answers

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Maintaining optimal hydration is crucial in the 75 Hard Challenge. Here are some common questions about the water rule:

Q: Can I drink more than a gallon of water per day?

A: You can drink more than a gallon of water, but ensure you’re not overhydrating. Listen to your body’s needs and adjust your water intake accordingly.

Q: Can I drink flavored water or add flavorings to my water?

A: No, your 1-gallon requirement must be straight water.

Q: Can I count other beverages, like tea or coffee, toward my daily water intake?

A: No, you must consume a full gallon of plain water. You can still enjoy other beverages but they should not replace your daily water intake.

Q: Can I drink sparkling or mineral water during the Challenge?

A: Yes, but not as part of your required gallon.

Q: How do I track my water intake?

A: Use a marked gallon water bottle, an app, or a simple notepad to track your daily water consumption. You can also use a smart bottle like the Hidrate Spark.

Q: What if I struggle to drink a full gallon of water daily?

A: Yeah, it’s hard. You just have to work through it; there are no easy ways around it.

Q: Can I drink water during my workouts?

A: Yes, you should stay hydrated during your workouts. This can be counted toward your daily water intake.

Q: Is it okay to drink water close to bedtime?

A: Drinking water close to bedtime may cause disruptions in sleep due to the need for bathroom breaks. Try to consume the majority of your water earlier in the day.

Q: Can I drink electrolyte-infused water during the Challenge?

A: Yes, but it doesn’t count toward your required gallon.

Q: What if I forget to drink a full gallon of water daily?

A: If you fail to drink a full gallon of water, you must restart the Challenge from Day 1.

The Reading Rule Questions and Answers

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The reading rule not just broadens your horizon but also refines your concentration. Here are some responses to usual inquiries:

Q: Can I listen to audiobooks instead of reading?

A: No, the Challenge requires physically reading non-fiction books to encourage focus and active engagement.

Q: Can I read fiction books during the Challenge?

A: No. The Challenge required you to read non-fiction books focused on personal development or self-improvement.

Q: Can I read more than 10 pages per day?

A: Yes, you can read more than 10 pages but must read at least 10 pages daily.

Q: Can I read multiple books at once?

A: Yes, as long as you read at least 10 pages of non-fiction content daily.

Q: Can I read e-books?

A: E-books are allowed, provided they meet the non-fiction and personal development criteria.

Q: How do I choose a book for the Challenge?

A: Select books that align with your personal development goals or interests. Frisella says the books might meet these three criteria: “non-fiction, educational, and can be used to improve any area of your life.”

Q: Can I read articles or blog posts instead of books?

A: The Challenge requires reading non-fiction books, so articles or blog posts do not count toward the daily 10-page goal.

Q: Can I read books in my native language?

A: You can read non-fiction personal development books in any language.


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The Progress Picture Rule Questions and Answers

Capturing progress pictures can provide motivation and drive your determination. Let’s explore some routine inquiries about this rule:

Q: What time of day should I take my progress picture?

A: You can take your progress picture at any time of the day, but it’s best to be consistent. Many prefer taking their photos first thing in the morning to maintain a routine.

Q: Can I wear any clothing for my progress pictures?

A: Choose clothing that allows you to see your body’s changes clearly, such as workout clothes or form-fitting garments. Be consistent in your choice of clothing for accurate comparison.

Q: Do I need to share my progress pictures publicly?

A: You’re not required to share your progress pictures publicly. However, sharing your progress with a supportive community or close friends can provide motivation and accountability.

Q: How should I store and organize my progress pictures?

A: Use a dedicated folder on your phone or computer or an app to track progress pictures. Organize photos by date for easy comparison.

Q: What if I forget to take my progress picture one day?

A: If you forget to take a progress picture, you must restart the Challenge from Day 1. Consistency and accountability are key components of the 75 Hard Challenge.

Additional FAQs for the 75 Hard Challenge

In this segment, we address more queries about the 75 Hard Challenge that aren’t tied to any specific rule:

Q: What is the main goal of the 75 Hard Challenge?

A: The primary goal is to develop mental toughness, discipline, and consistency by committing to daily habits for 75 consecutive days.

Q: How can the 75 Hard Challenge help me build healthy habits?

A: By following the Challenge rules consistently, you’ll create routines and develop habits that promote physical fitness, mental growth, and overall well-being.

Q: Can I modify the Challenge to suit my specific needs?

A: The Challenge is designed with specific rules to encourage mental toughness. If you have specific needs that require modification of the 75 Hard rules, then understand you are no longer doing the 75 Hard Challenge.

Q: How do I stay motivated during the 75 Hard Challenge?

A: Set personal goals, find a supportive community, track your progress, and remind yourself of the long-term benefits of discipline and consistency.

Q: Can I continue the healthy habits developed during the Challenge after completing it?

A: Absolutely! The 75 Hard Challenge is designed to help you create lasting habits that can be incorporated into your daily life even after the Challenge.

Q: How can I incorporate the Challenge into my busy schedule?

A: Plan ahead, prioritize your time, and consider breaking down tasks into smaller increments to make them more manageable.

Q: How can I create a routine around the 75 Hard Challenge?

A: Establish specific times for your workouts, meals, reading, and other tasks. Develop a daily and weekly schedule incorporating the Challenge rules, and stick to it consistently.

Q: What if I don’t see significant physical changes during the Challenge?

A: The 75 Hard Challenge focuses on mental toughness and discipline, which may not always result in drastic physical changes. However, the healthy habits you develop will contribute to your long-term well-being.

Q: Can I participate in the Challenge more than once?

A: You can repeat the 75 Hard Challenge to build mental toughness, discipline, and consistency.

Q: How can I maintain the mental toughness I’ve gained after completing the Challenge?

A: Apply the principles of discipline and consistency to other areas of your life, set new goals, and continue to challenge yourself.

Q. Is smoking cigarettes allowed?

A. I’ve never seen anything specific related to whether or can you smoke on 75 Hard, but my thought is this..the spirit of the Challenge is to push you to become stronger, tougher, and evolve into something different than you were before. Smoking has no part in that version of you. It’s a gray area, but I advise that if you are addicted to smoking, part of the journey should focus on moving beyond that habit. Plus, you will find this challenge very strenuous, and your lungs might not appreciate the punishment as they try to breathe thru 2 workouts every day. Also, chat with your doctor about this too; some smokers might not be good candidates for such a hard program.

Q. What about recreational drugs?

A. Prescription drugs are always allowed, but recreational is not. If the Challenge required plain water without no extra fun added, then you can imagine the stance on recreational drug use.

Q. Does sex count as one of the workouts?

A. You wish. But, no.

Q. Are there any 75 Hard alternatives?

A. Social media has created the 75 Soft and the 75 Medium Challenges over the last few years. While these are not associated with the 75 Hard Challenge, they are still tough programs that could provide some great benefits.

Final Thoughts On the 75 Hard FAQ

75 Hard FAQ Questions and Answers

The 75 Hard Challenge isn’t simply a physical metamorphosis program. It’s an evaluation of mental toughness, discipline, and steadfastness. While it might be tough, the rewards you reap can significantly improve your lifestyle quality. Hence, are you geared up to undertake the challenge?

Disclaimer: It’s always recommended to seek advice from a healthcare professional before initiating any new dietary or fitness regimen.

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