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The #1 Home Gym Bicep Workout Mistake To Avoid

Working out at home with a gym machine can greatly benefit; a home gym bicep workout is a popular choice for at-home athletes.

But, the home gym’s design is unique in how the cables and machine are set up.

Because of this, if you are not careful, you may make some mistakes with your form that can impact your overall results.

Proper form is important not just to get your desired results, but also to avoid injury.

Look at the bicep curl and a big mistake you don’t want to make.

The Biggest Bicep Curl Mistake On A Home Gym Machine

Home Gym Bicep Workout

When it comes to using a cable machine, whether at home or at the gym, proper form is different than if you are using free weights.

You need to be more aware of the direction of the cable resistance pull. With a home gym machine, the resistance pulls more down and away from your body.

However, with free weights, the resistance is straight down.

This difference in resistance directions requires a change in body form to accommodate.

How To Avoid Bad Bicep Workout Form On A Home Gym

I put together a video to show how a Bowflex or home gym can impact the body form and how to correct this mistake. Here is the video.

More Bowflex Bicep Workout Ideas

If you are looking for more bicep workouts on the Bowflex, here is a short video showing a great arm workout for your home or Bowflex home gym.

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