The 75 Hard Workout Rule: How To Get It Done

In a world overflowing with get-fit-quick schemes and silver bullet weight loss strategies, there’s one program that stands out in its call for hard work and unyielding consistency – the 75 Hard Challenge. The program is as rewarding as it is demanding, requiring physical workouts, strict adherence to dietary rules, reading, progress photos, and even daily water consumption.

This article aims to delve into the workout aspect of the 75 Hard Challenge, which is perhaps the most intense part of the regimen and the first rule that captures the attention of many potential challengers.

Understanding the 75 Hard Workout Rule

The workout rule of the 75 Hard Challenge mandates two daily workouts, each 45 minutes long, with one of them to be completed outdoors. Many people stumble upon the challenge in search of a new fitness routine, and the idea of doing two workouts per day, one of them outdoors, is undoubtedly enticing.

Some common questions revolve around the timing and structure of the workouts. For instance, one might wonder if they can fuse both 45-minute workouts into one long 90-minute session. Unfortunately, the rules specify that the workouts need to be separate, ideally spaced out by at least three hours. Moreover, each workout needs to be a continuous 45-minute chunk rather than multiple mini-sessions spread throughout the day.

However, within that 45-minute workout, you can mix and match different exercises to break the monotony and make your routine more engaging. For example, a 45-minute outdoor session can be split into 15-minute segments of strength training, jump rope, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Remember, each additional minute you work out beyond the stipulated 45 does not count towards any other workout—it’s just an extra effort on your part.


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The Importance of Outdoor Workouts

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Outdoor workouts are a pivotal part of the 75 Hard Challenge. While some people may view the outdoor workout as an add-on or supplementary to the main indoor workout, this is a misconception. The outdoor workout holds equal if not more, significance than the indoor workout.

Dealing with external factors such as weather conditions and other unexpected situations makes outdoor workouts uniquely challenging. It provides an opportunity to build resilience and adaptability, qualities that are essential not only for fitness but for life in general. Whether it’s braving the chill of winter or the heat of summer, the outdoor workout pushes you beyond your comfort zone.

Walking, A Legit Exercise For Your 75 Hard Workout

While intense activities like running or weight training may first come to mind when thinking about workouts, do not underestimate the power of walking. This seemingly simple exercise is a legitimate workout. Depending on your fitness level, walking could be a perfect way to start the challenge.

The advice from a challenger on his last day of the program was insightful. He expressed regret over only walking for his outdoor workouts, as he felt he could have pushed himself harder. His experience highlights the importance of recognizing your capabilities and pushing yourself to make the most of your efforts.

Using the Challenge as a Catalyst for Growth

Beyond physical fitness, the 75 Hard Challenge offers a unique opportunity to exercise your mind and promote personal growth. The outdoor workouts, while monotonous at times, provide ample time to contemplate your goals, whether they’re related to your personal brand, business, or relationships.

This was exemplified in the story of a challenger who used the outdoor workout time to think about expanding his brand. He ended up filming a ten-video workout series during his outdoor workout times, adding a soundtrack, and posting it on Spotify. This example shows how the 75 Hard Workout can be a catalyst for innovation and progress beyond physical fitness.

Incorporating Variety in Your Workouts

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To keep your workouts interesting and beneficial for your overall health, including different forms of exercise in your routine is important. This could involve combining strength training with cardio exercises or perhaps integrating yoga or pilates for balance and flexibility. I even branched out and used things such as cordless jump ropes and macebells to keep things exciting.

Such variety will help keep you motivated and ensure that different muscle groups are exercised and that your body remains challenged.

Moreover, incorporating different exercises can mitigate the risk of overuse injuries, which are common with repetitive movements. This diversity can also contribute to improving your overall athleticism and physical capabilities, making you more equipped to handle physical tasks in your daily life.

Potential Concerns with Working Out Twice a Day in the 75 Hard Program

The 75 Hard Program’s mandate for two 45-minute workouts every day, one of which must be performed outside, is a significant commitment beyond the typical fitness regime. While this schedule can undoubtedly push your limits and challenge your mental fortitude, it also raises several potential concerns that are worth discussing.

Overtraining and Injury Risk

One of the most significant concerns with any intensive exercise program, especially one that requires two daily workouts for an extended period, is the risk of overtraining and subsequent injuries. Our bodies require adequate time to rest and recover following intense workouts. If we don’t provide this essential recovery period, we risk causing injuries and can impair our immune function. Additionally, working out too much without proper recovery can lead to a decrease in performance and can cause mood swings, fatigue, and problems with sleep.

Time Management Challenges

Not everyone may have the flexibility to fit two 45-minute workouts into their daily schedule, especially if they’re juggling other responsibilities such as work, family, or education. Ensuring you have enough time to complete both workouts, properly warm up, cool down, and recover could pose a significant challenge.

Potential for Burnout

While the 75 Hard program can certainly improve mental resilience, the intensity and duration of the program also have the potential to lead to burnout. Completing two workouts every day for 75 days straight is no small feat and can cause mental and physical exhaustion if not properly managed.

Disregard for Individual Fitness Levels

The 75 Hard Program’s “one-size-fits-all” approach may not be suitable for everyone, especially those new to fitness or individuals with existing health conditions. For someone unaccustomed to regular exercise, jumping straight into two workouts a day might be too much, too soon.

While the 75 Hard Program can certainly instill discipline and demonstrate the amazing capabilities of the human body and mind, listening to your body’s signals and prioritizing your health and well-being is crucial. If you decide to take on this challenge, consider consulting a healthcare or fitness professional to ensure you’re doing so safely and responsibly. Tailoring your workouts to your fitness level and incorporating ample rest and recovery into your regime is important.

Embracing the Challenge

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In conclusion, the 75 Hard Challenge is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a rigorous regimen that demands dedication, consistency, and resilience. The two 45-minute workouts per day, one of them outdoors, are a testament to this commitment.

However, the rewards are worth the effort. Not only does it offer the chance for significant physical improvements, but it also promotes mental toughness, discipline, and personal growth. The challenge is not just about getting fit, it’s about pushing yourself beyond your perceived limits and embracing the journey toward a stronger, healthier, and more disciplined version of yourself.


If the 75 Hard Challenge is too demanding for you right now, consider either the 75 Soft or 75 Medium Challenges, both tough challenges with a little give.

Remember to listen to your body as the challenge unfolds and adjust your workouts accordingly. Incorporating a variety of exercises can make the process more engaging and beneficial. And above all, enjoy the journey.

After all, the challenges we overcome shape us into who we are.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the workout rule in the 75 Hard program?

The 75 Hard program stipulates that participants must do two 45-minute workouts each day, one of which must be outdoors, for 75 consecutive days.

Why does the 75 Hard program require two workouts per day?

This program is designed to challenge your mental toughness and resilience, not just your physical strength. By requiring two workouts per day, the program forces you to manage your time effectively, prioritize your health, and develop discipline.

Why does one of the workouts need to be outdoors?

Having one workout outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions, further tests your mental fortitude. It pushes you to leave your comfort zone and deal with variables you can’t control, like weather and temperature.

What happens if I miss a workout on the 75 Hard program?

In the 75 Hard program, if you miss a workout or fail to meet any of the program’s daily requirements, you must start over from day one. The goal is to complete all tasks, without any exceptions, for 75 days straight.

Can the two workouts in the 75 Hard program be done back-to-back?

Nope, they must be done with a few hours in between them.

What types of workouts should I do in the 75 Hard program?

The program doesn’t specify the type of workouts to be performed. It can be anything that challenges you and improves your physical fitness, such as weightlifting, running, yoga, cycling, or swimming. The key is consistency and pushing yourself mentally and physically.

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