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What is the 75 Soft Challenge?

I started hearing about the 75 Soft Challenge, a viral TikTok challenge trend with tags like 75SOFT, after completing the 75 Hard Challenge earlier this year.

I didn’t even know this 75 Day Soft challenge was a thing, and I got curious.

In this article, I’ll explain exactly what the 75 Soft Challenge is, the rules, and health and fitness tips for successfully completing the challenge.

What is the 75 Soft Challenge?

75 soft challenge rules

What IS 75 Soft?

The 75 Soft Challenge is a social media health and fitness challenge with rules to be followed for 75 days.

This is a lighter challenge version of the popular 75 Hard Challenge, which some participants find the 75 day challenge rules too time-consuming and strenuous to think about doing (especially regarding the two 45-minute workouts a day).

The 75 Soft Challenge takes a similar approach to healthy habits with this idea behind the 75 Hard version. Still, the 75 Soft Challenge makes it more accessible to start for those with limitations in time, energy, money, or something else.

What Are the 75 Soft Challenge Rules?

The 75 Soft Challenge is all about creating healthy habits at the right, steady, daily pace.

Similar to its 75 Hard Challenge counterpart, the 75 Soft Challenge has a series of rules and guidelines that must be followed for 75 days to complete the soft challenge, from day one all the way through the 75 days.

The four rules of the 75 Soft Challenge for your daily routine are as follows:

  1. One 45-minute workout a day, every day for 75 days. One active recovery day.
  2. Eat a healthy diet and only drink alcohol socially, if any. Only drink on social occasions.
  3. Drink three litres of water a day. To be safe, make it a gallon of water per day.
  4. Read 10 pages of any book, though self-improvement is preferred.

Let’s break down each of the rules of the 75 Soft Challenge.

Daily 45-Minute Workouts for 75 Days

what is the 75 soft challenge
two 45-minute workouts a day not needed

Regarding the 75 Series challenges, the physical activity aspect often steals the spotlight. Why? Because it’s the rule that yields visible, long-term changes. Let’s be honest; it takes up a good chunk of your day.

Less Is More: The 45-Minute Rule

Unlike its demanding counterpart—the 75 Hard Challenge, which asks for two 45-minute workouts daily—the 75 Soft Challenge is more lenient. Your task? One 45-minute workout a day for 75 days. And get this: you even get an “active recovery” day.

What’s Active Recovery?

Don’t get too excited; it’s not a day on the couch. One day a week must be dedicated to “active rest,” which means a light sweat session. Think of a casual walk or lifting very light weights.

Does the 75 Hard Challenge seem too…hard, and the Soft too soft? Check out the 75 Medium Challenge HERE.

Where Can You Work Out?

Good news: The 75 Soft Challenge doesn’t tie you down to a specific location. Unlike the 75 Hard Challenge, which mandates one outdoor workout daily, this version gives you the freedom to choose. Inside or outside, just make sure it’s 45 minutes well-spent.

The Real Goal: Building Healthy Habits

Remember, this challenge isn’t just about exercise but crafting a healthier you. So, what’s the recipe for success?

  • 45 minutes of exercise per day
  • One active recovery day a week

That’s it. Simple, right?

Eat Well and Only Drink Alcohol Socially, If Any

When we talk about the 75 Soft Challenge, many sigh in relief upon hearing that the food plan isn’t strict. No need to panic about counting every calorie or carb. The rule is simple: eat well and limit drinking to social occasions.

How Flexible Is the Diet Rule?

The term “eating well” leaves much up for interpretation, right? That’s because it’s meant to. Some may take this rule very seriously, opting for a strict regimen, while others might be a bit more forgiving. So yes, flexibility is the name of the game here.

Self-Discipline Is Your Yardstick

When it comes to assessing if you’re sticking to the plan, self-discipline is your best friend. No need to worry about cheat days or meals. It’s about being honest with yourself. You’ll know whether you’re eating well and have stepped off track. Simple as that.

The Alcohol Exception

One significant way the 75 Soft Challenge differs from its harder counterpart is the rule around alcohol. In the 75 Hard Challenge, alcohol is a complete no-go for the entire 75 days. But in the Soft version, you’re allowed to drink socially.

Proceed with Caution on Social Drinking

Before you pop the cork, let’s clear one thing: social drinking should be approached cautiously. Don’t mistake the lax rule as a free pass to binge every weekend. Doing so could set you back significantly on your health and fitness goals.

Drink Three Liters of Water a Day

soft 75 water

Ah, the hydration game. In the 75 Soft Challenge it’s less demanding than its Hard counterpart. You only need to drink 3 liters a day, as opposed to the full gallon required in the 75 Hard Challenge. So, if you were intimidated by the latter, this tweak makes the Soft version a more appealing option.

You’re probably wondering: Can you mix in powders, or does it have to be plain water? The good news—there are no specific guidelines. It’s about “getting it done,” so whether you prefer adding some flavor or keeping it clear, the choice is yours.

However, if you’re curious about my habit, I lean toward a full gallon daily. It’s just how I roll.

Read 10 Pages Daily, Preferably Self-Improvement Books

The simplest rule—reading ten pages of any book—often becomes the most neglected in both the 75 Soft and 75 Hard Challenges. But why? After all, it’s not just about gaining knowledge or enjoying a good read.

More Than Just Pages: It’s About Time Management

This rule serves a dual purpose. It’s a test of your daily time management skills. Can you carve out enough time in your busy schedule to read those ten pages? Well, can you?

Reading: A Taste Acquired or Not

Don’t love reading? That’s okay. This rule still beckons. Whether you’re a bookworm or someone who avoids libraries, you’ll have to spend a chunk of time reading those ten pages. And no, scrolling through social media doesn’t count.

The Freedom of Choice: Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Unlike the 75 Hard, which is more prescriptive about the type of book you should be delving into—think self-help or self-improvement—the 75 Soft is more lenient. Read whatever fulfills the daily requirement, be it fiction or non-fiction. It’s your call.

My Two Cents: Read for Improvement

While the rule leaves the door wide open for book choices, if you ask me, why not use these 75 days to better yourself? Go for those self-improvement books. But at the end of the day, what matters most is fulfilling the ten-page requirement, however you choose to do it.

I did write an article about some great books to read during the 75 day program, which you can read here:

The 75 Hard Challenge vs. 75 Soft Challenge

75 soft challenge pdf
75 Soft vs. 75 Hard Challenge

While both challenges have similarities, they are very different programs offering different results, habits created, personal development opportunities, and outcomes. Let’s dive into 75 Hard Challenge vs 75 Soft.

The 75 Hard Challenge

For the 75 Hard Challenge, there is a lot of emphasis on the mental aspect of the challenge per day.

This is because there is so much time management required for this challenge that those who choose to do the plan need to move and prioritize their habits with daily rules starting from the moment they wake up until they go to sleep.

Let’s be realistic about this challenge. Yes, it is strict. Yes, you do 2 45 minute workouts a day.


You can check out my full review and results from completing the 75 Hard Challenge HERE.

The Soft 75 Day Challenge

The 75 Soft Challenge leaves very little room for a social life, as the food portion and no alcohol make it difficult for many to enjoy social settings. Many people find it to have extreme rules that are too hard to follow.

However, as with many programs, the higher the effort, mental strength, and energy will likely lead to more realistic goals, healthy changes, and better 75 Soft results.

With this 75 Soft Challenge, you will see a high level of body changes, mental toughness, wellness, and a better life, and learn how to establish healthy habits achieved by navigating the tough 75 Soft journey.

This 75 Days Soft will also lead to greater pride in your life upon completion.

75 soft challenge rules

Because the Soft 75 challenge rules are far more relaxed than the 75 Hard counterparts, that doesn’t mean it’s easy, not that it’s not got a lot of long-term great benefits to those who go through it.

The 75 days challenge exercise and diet plans alone are enough to spark physical change, get you in better physical shape, and create a more fit physique. They could also serve as guidelines to help you take new steps towards small changes and healthier lifestyle choices that can stick beyond the program.

Both challenge plans can potentially lead to healthy weight loss and sustainable muscle gain if the exercise and food are on point.

The increase in the liquid will lead to a healthier and more hydrated body, and the ten pages of a book daily for 75 days will undoubtedly lead to greater overall physical and mental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 75 Soft Challenge?

The 75 Soft Challenge is a modified, less intense version of the 75 Hard Challenge, focusing on building better habits in fitness, diet, and mental health over 75 days.

What are the 75 Soft rules?

The rules of 75 Soft include one 45-minute workout daily, eating a healthy diet with limited alcohol, drinking a gallon of water per day, and reading 10 pages of preferably a self-improvement book. These activities must be done every day for 75 days with one active recovery day.

Who created 75 Soft?

75 Soft was born on TikTok as a fitness trend, serving as a less intense alternative to the 75 Hard Challenge.

Does 75 Soft have days off?

No, 75 Soft does not have days off; however, it includes one active recovery day in its 75-day cycle, allowing for lighter exercise.

Is 75 Soft easier than 75 Hard?

Yes, 75 Soft is generally considered easier than 75 Hard as it is a modified, less rigorous version aimed at habit formation without the stringent requirements of 75 Hard.

Is 75 Soft worth it?

Any betterment program you do for 75 days straight will yield benefits.

75 Soft Challenge Pros and Cons

Challenge Pros

  • Fewer Rules To Follow
  • Allows For Alcohol Consumption
  • Easier On Daily Time Needed
  • Strict Enough To Be Effective
  • Will Require Commitment and Growth
  • Helps Prioritize Daily Schedule
  • Lots of Online Community
  • Will Produce Physical Changes
  • Great For Creating Healthy Habits
  • Train for 45 Minutes, Once A Day
  • Physical and Mental Challenges
  • Great Community On Social Media

Challenge Cons

  • 75 Soft Rules Are Not Strict, Which Might Lead To Problems
  • Still Requires Decent Daily Commitment of Time
  • Might Not Be Challenging Enough For Some
  • No Daily Progress Picture Requirement
  • No Minimum Effort Requires for Workouts of 45 minutes

Final Thoughts On the 75 Soft Challenge

Despite the social media posts, the lighter name, and the modified rules, 75 days of the 75 day soft challenge will not be easy for many people.

The rules of the 75 Soft Challenge still require a daily commitment to developing a better daily routine, healthy habits, and a better lifestyle for the long term. The 75 days Soft Challenge still requires a lot of action and mental toughness.

As with any challenge, safety is paramount. We want to avoid anything potentially dangerous or unhealthy, so check with your primary physician to ensure it’s okay.

My YouTube Social Media Video 75 Hard vs 75 Soft Challenge

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