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WTF Is 75 Soft? The 75 Soft Challenge Rules And Program Overview

I started hearing about the 75 Soft Challenge, a viral TikTok challenge trend, after completing the 75 Hard Challenge earlier this year.

I didn’t even know this 75 Day Soft challenge was a thing, and I got curious.

In this article, I’ll share exactly what the 75 Soft Challenge is, the 75 Soft Challenge rules, and tips to get through the challenge successfully.

What Is The 75 Soft Challenge?

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The 75 Soft Challenge is a health and fitness challenge with rules to be followed for 75 days.

This is a lighter challenge version of the popular 75 Hard Challenge, which some find too time-consuming and strenuous (especially regarding the two 45-minute workouts a day).

The 75 Soft Challenge takes a similar approach to healthy habits with this idea behind the harder version. Still, it makes it more accessible to those with limitations in time, energy, money, or something else.

What Are The 75 Soft Challenge Rules?

The 75 Soft Challenge is all about creating healthy habits at a steady, daily pace.

Similar to its hard 75-day challenge counterpart, the 75 Soft program has a series of rules and guidelines that must be followed for 75 days to complete the soft challenge.

The four simplified rules of 75 Soft Challenge are as follows:

  1. One 45-minute workout a day, every day for 75 days. One active recovery day.
  2. Eat a healthy diet and only drink alcohol socially, if any. Only drink on social occasions.
  3. Drink three litres of water a day. To be safe, make it a gallon of water.
  4. Read 10 pages of any book, though self-improvement is preferred.

Let’s break down each 75 Soft Challenge rule in-depth.

One 45-minute workout a day, every day for 75 days

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When it comes to the 75 Series challenges, the workout portion of the 75 Soft program often gets the most attention and fanfare, primarily because it’s the one rule which leads to physical changes and results that are easy to see.

Unlike the big brother version of this 75-day challenge which requires two 45-minute workouts daily, this rule is simple.

Do one session a day, train for 45 minutes long for all 75 days, and save one day for active recovery.

There are no specific requirements for your workouts, but one day a week must be dedicated to active rest, a fancy term that means an easy workout like walking or very light weights.

There is no challenge requirement that states where you should work out, unlike the 75 Hard challenge program, which requires one outdoor workout daily.

The 75 Soft Challenge is less about where you work out and the exercise.

Eat well and only drink alcohol socially, if any

The food plan of the 75 Soft program is not a strict rule, which many will find relief. It does not require you to follow a diet specifically.

The 75 Soft diet simply needs to be healthy, whatever you deem acceptable when eating. This might mean they should follow a diet strictly, and others may prefer to be a little more forgiving when it comes to this rule.

In the end, you know if the diet is healthy eating or not and if you break this 75 soft Challenge rule. So when it comes to rule #2, you decide if you are actually on track.

The big adaption of the Soft version of the 75 Soft challenge with this diet rule is the alcohol consumption aspect.

With the Hard challenge version, zero booze is allowed for 75 days. However, alcohol is allowed during the 75 Soft Challenge, but only to drink on social occasions.

This means no drinking booze at home just for the sake of drinking for any of the 75 days.

And maybe a note to add on this point; drinking socially should be approached carefully and sporadically. Drinking every day or weekend, even if only socially, can have many negative effects and derail your goals for this challenge.

So even if it’s allowed on the Soft 75 Challenge, don’t use that as a green light to drink as much as you want.

Drink three liters of water a day

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Instead of drinking a gallon of water daily on the challenge, which we see on the harder adaptation, 75 Soft Challenge only requires you to drink 3 liters daily.

Drinking three liters of water daily is a bit less than 1 gallon, so this rule is another modification to the program, making it a bit more accessible to many who find the hard option too much.

There is no specification with this 75 Soft Challenge rule regarding whether or not you must drink the agua plain or if powders are allowed to be mixed in as an alternative to plain water.

But in my opinion, since the spirit of the 75 Soft challenge is more about “getting it done,” I recommend doing whatever it takes to drink three litres of water per day, powders or none.

Read 10 pages of any book, though self-improvement is preferred

It’s odd, this rule is probably the easiest rule of the 75 Soft challenge, but it’s the one that most people decide not to follow.

Reading ten pages of any book is a 75 Soft Challenge and 75 Hard Challenge program requirement that are not just about the knowledge and enjoyment of the book you are reading.

Still, it’s also a rule reinforcing that the 75 Soft challenge requires daily time management and prioritization.

Especially for those who do not enjoy reading, this 75 Soft rule requires that you dedicate a portion to your day, every day, to read 10 pages.

There is a requirement in this variation of the 75 Day Challenge that states what kind of book you should read, unlike the hard 75 Day challenge, which requires the books to be self-help or self-improvement.

Although I recommend using these 75 days as an opportunity to challenge yourself, pursue self-improvement, and read those same books, the most important part of this rule is the 10 pages, not the kind of 10 pages. Non-fiction would also be ok here.

Read whatever you need to to complete the daily requirement.

I did write an article about some great books to read during the 75 day program, which you can read here:

The 75 Hard Challenge VS 75 Soft Challenge

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While both of these challenges have similarities, they are very different programs, with each offering different types of results and outcomes.

The 75 Hard Challenge

For the Hard 75 Challenge, there is a lot of emphasis on the mental aspect of the challenge.

This is because there is so much time management required for this challenge that those who choose to do the program need to prioritize the daily rules starting from the moment they wake up until they go to sleep.

75 Soft leaves very little room for a social life, as the food portion and no alcohol make it difficult for many to enjoy social settings.

However, as with many programs, the higher the amount of effort and energy required is likely to lead to high levels of goals reached and results achieved.

With this version, you will see a high level of body changes in addition to the mental toughness achieved by navigating the tough journey.

This will lead to a higher level of pride upon completion as well.

The Soft 75 Day Challenge

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Because the rules are a bit more relaxed than the hard version, that doesn’t mean it’s easy, not that it’s not got a lot of great benefits to those who go through it.

The daily exercise and diet plans alone are enough to spark physical change and create a more fit physique.

Both plans will lead to weight loss and muscle gain if the exercise and food are on point.

The increase in the liquid will lead to a more healthy and more hydrated body, and the 10 pages of a book a day will undoubtedly lead to greater overall physical and mental health.

75 Soft Challenge FAQs

The 75 Soft Challenge is a 75 day challenge with a set of rules which must be followed every day, without exception.

You can, but then you won’t be doing the true 75 Soft Challenge. All rules must be followed, everyday for 75 days.

The best place to find others who are also doing or done the 75 Soft is on social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok.

Yes, you can lose weight on 75 Soft. You can also build muscle. It all depends on your goals and the type of diet and workout path you choose for your program.

There is no defined category of book you are required to read 10 pages of, but I recommend THESE books to help you on your 75 Soft Challenge journey.

Andy Frisella is the creator of the 75 Day Challenges and owner of 1st Phorm. He is also a podcaster, public speaker, and social media influencer.

Final Thoughts On The 75 Soft Challenge

Challenge Pros

  • Fewer Rules To Follow
  • Allows For Alcohol Consumption
  • Easier On Daily Time Needed
  • Strict Enough To Be Effective
  • Will Require Commitment and Growth
  • Helps Prioritize Daily Schedule
  • Lots of Online Community
  • Will Produce Physical Changes

Challenge Cons

  • Rules Are Not Strict, Which Might Lead To Problems
  • Still Requires Decent Daily Commitment of Time
  • Might Not Be Challenging Enough For Some
  • No Daily Photo Requirement
  • No Minimum Effort Requires for Workouts

Despite the lighter name and the modified rules, 75 days of the 75 Soft challenge is not easy.

The 75 Soft Challenge still requires a daily commitment to developing a better daily routine, healthy habits, and a better life. It still requires a lot of physical action and mental toughness.

As with any fitness challenge, check with your primary physician to make sure it’s ok to do.

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