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The Best Weighted Vest List Of 2022 [Ranked and Reviewed]

best weighted vest vests

If you’re looking for the best weighted vest for running and working out in 2022, you’ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll rank and review the top five best weighted vests on the market.

We’ll consider factors such as weight capacity, comfort, durability, and price to help you decide which weighted vest is best.

So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, read on for the best weighted vests of 2022!

Weighted Vests Overview

A weighted vest is a fitness vest worn close to the body and typically has weights sewn into it.

Typically, this is worn over clothes such as a shirt or workout hoodie.

The best weighted vests are often used for physical therapy, fitness, or as an adjunct to a weight loss program.

The added weight of a weighted vest increases the amount of resistance your body must overcome to move. This resistance requires the body to work harder to move as needed, which can help to increase the number of calories you burn, improve your cardiovascular fitness, and build strength and endurance.

But which is the best weighted vest?

Best Weighted Vest List Of 2022

Our Pick for the best Weighted Vest
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RUNMax 12lbs-140lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest with Shoulder Pads option. Workout vest for men and women

The RUNMax (also called the Runfast Max) is one of the most popular weighted vests on Amazon, with over 7,000 reviews and a 4+ rating.

The RUNMax weighted vest has a pocket where you can put your phone so it doesn’t get lost during the workout or run.

  • Weights Included
  • Shoulder Pads Available
  • Bottle Holder
  • Pocket For Holding Phones
  • Up To 140 lbs

The weight range on this weighted best begins at 12lbs and goes up to 140; choose which best suits your needs and strength training goals you want to achieve.

Whether it’s light weights for short-distance running or heavy gear needed when focused primarily on strength workouts like lifting heavier objects, this running vest can accommodate.

This weighted vest design offers both shoulder pads option which many people find helpful while exercising. However, they cost a little extra (my advice is, it’s worth the upgrade, or you will sometimes struggle with the vest chaffing your shoulders).

Stay hydrated by carrying a water bott in the water bottle holder allowing users on long-distance walks to have a drink handy.

This adjustable vest is the perfect way to carry your phone while working out.

Made with a thick, durable material that securely holds any size or shape mobile device in place, it’s always within arm’s reach!

The adjustable straps on this weight vest ensure an ideal fit for all shapes and sizes- no matter what kind of fitness gear kit this person brings along on their adventures through life (and exercise).

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WOLF TACTICAL Adjustable Weighted Vest – WODs, Strength and Endurance Training, Fitness Workouts, Running

The WOLF TACTICAL Adjustable Weighted Vest is an excellent accessory for any fitness enthusiast looking to make their workouts more intense.

Constructed with high-quality nylon material, this weighted vest can withstand sweat and dirt from training sessions and everyday use; the vest also features oversized airflow panels that provide a breathable fit while maintaining shape after extended wear time.

The padded yoke back shoulder pads give a perfectly even weight distribution.

The adjustable waist traps and tensional bands on this weighted vest ensure that you have the most unrestricted movement possible while still being able to tightly secure your adjustable vest with these adjustments for safety’s sake!

The steel Wolf Tactical adjustable weight vest weight plates add extra intensity to your workout.

The heavy-duty design of the Wolf Tactical weighted vests ensures an excellent training effect with these rugged, durable, and strong weights!

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CAP Barbell 20-150 Lb Adjustable Weighted Vest, Regular and Short Options

CAP Barbell is one of the biggest names in fitness equipment, so it’s not surprising to see them make the best vest list for 2022.

The Cap Barbell adjustable weighted vest is one of the few weighted vests on the market with an option for size.

CAP calls this their short vest, as it doesn’t cover as much of the core as some other vests. This can be a bonus for those looking for more range of motion through their mid-section.

The weighted vest also has a high weight capacity, holding up to 150 pounds of weight, although it should be noted that most users of an adjustable weighted vest will not be able to carry that weight for most workouts.

That said, they do have options for less costly, lighter-weight vests.

The weighted vest is adjustable, so you can add or remove weight packets to achieve your desired sweat level. The belt and shoulder straps are padded for comfort, making this a great product if you want an intense workout.

This is a plus since some weight vests charge extra for the shoulder pads.

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miR Air Flow Weighted Vest with Zipper Option 20lbs – 60lbs Solid Iron Weights Machine Washable. Workout Vest for Men and Women

The mIR weighted vest is the luxury weighted vest.

It’s the only adjustable weighted vest on the list specifically designed for breathability and air flow.

The mIR weighted vest uses a soft, comfortable material that will keep you cool during workouts, as it is made from a hybrid material to induce airflow.

The hard material of standard vests has been replaced by this new hybrid design to prevent discomfort and allow for more airflow.

One of the cool features about this weighted vest is that it’s the only one of the best weighted vests list with a zipper option.

You put them on most weighted vests by sliding them over your head and down onto the body.

The mIR weighted vest has a zipper option that allows you to put the vest on the same way you would a jacket, making for a more comfortable experience.

This is a smaller vest than others on this list and doesn’t hold as much weight.

That said, this vest was designed to be used with cardio and many movements, and the smaller vest design is perfect for that. This also makes it a perfect weighted vest for women.

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North Gym Adjustable Weighted Vest

With the North Gym weighted vest, we see a different design that will be a better option for many looking for a weighted vest option.

Instead of several small weights, this weighted vest comes with 2 total weights, one for the front and one for the back, and is held in a plate carrier.

The weight plates on this weighted vest are molded into a similar shape as your body with this adjustable weight vest. The 3D body-shaped plates fit perfectly to each side in a plate carrier, ensuring it’s always comfortable and supportive no matter the activity.

And because the plates are flat, the total width of the vest is cut significantly, allowing for more total body rotation and comfort.

The curves of the weight plates allow a higher fit which spreads the weight across your shoulders, rather than pulling it down straight.

The shape of this weighted vest, combined with its cut, means that you can move freely without having to shift as often due to an uncomfortable amount of pressure being placed on one area for extended periods (especially pressure on the lungs, which some struggle with when using weighted vests).

The vest offers a flexible design and 2 buckle options, allowing it to fit different body types.

The vest straps are adjustable, so you can adjust the height of your equipment according to how tall or short you may be, from slim athletes with long lats to bulky gentlemen with broad shoulders!

These weighted vests are made from Oxford600D Nylon.

This material is strong and long-lasting with a PVC finish, making it water resistant for durable outdoor gear like jackets or pants.

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Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO Weighted Vest Men and Women

The Hyper Vest PRO is a weighted vest that will help you take your training to the next level.

This accessory adds intensity at all levels with its adjustable straps, whether sports performance, cross-training, or general fitness.

This innovative weighted vest features a unique fabric control system that hugs your body for an extremely comfortable yet supportive fit like no other but does not restrict movement.

Hyper VestPRO is a revolutionary weight vest that comes pre-loaded with 10 lbs of high-density steel weights and is fully adjustable.

The individual bar weighs 2.25 ounces each, making removing or adding more for your workout routine easy.

You can arrange the weights across three different pockets, which will change how much weight you have on distributed on the weighted vest.

The vest design is much more of a slim one, whereas some other vests can be bulkier depending on the shape of the weights.

The design allows full chest expansion while keeping the weights in place, even during vigorous multi-plane movements.

Weighted Vest Pricing

The cost of a weighted vest can vary based on the features and the brand of the vest.

However, it’s a common range to see vests with a good amount of weight included between $50 and the $100 mark.

But like I said, the number can fluctuate depending on the specific brand you are looking at.

Best Weighted Vests Alternatives

A rucksack is an alternative to a weighted vest that can provide many of the same benefits.

Rucksacks are typically backpack-style bags with weight added, usually in the form of sandbags or metal weights.

This means that the weight is predominantly loaded onto your back and shoulders, whereas a weighted vest weight distribution is between the front and back of the vest.

Like weighted vests, rucksacks can help increase the resistance your body must overcome to move.

The Benefits Of Wearing A Weighted Vest

Wearing a vest with wights can yield some great results. Let’s look at a couple of the main benefits.

A Weighted Vest Can Help Build Muscle

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The added resistance of extra weight will force your muscles to work harder when you wear a weighted vest.

This results in your muscles breaking down, working harder, and rebuilding themselves stronger than before.

The muscles must exert more effort and energy to accomplish exercise routines that may not have been so difficult without a running vest.

In other words, wearing a weighted vest can help you build muscle!

A Weighted Vest Can Help You Burn More Calories

Yes, a weighted running vest is a great way to burn more calories.

The additional resistance created by the weight in the running vest will make your body work harder, which will cause you to burn more calories.

One study found that participants who wore a weighted vest while walking on a treadmill burned 12% more calories* than those who didn’t wear a running vest.

A Weighted Vest Can Make Your Current Workouts Better

There are so many exercises that you are probably already doing that benefit from bodyweight workouts.

Consider the push-up, which requires arm and upper body strength to push your body weight against gravity and away from the floor.

This exercise can be challenging as is, but add in some extra pounds from a weighted vest, and your push-up just goes to the next level.

A squat, in any form, is another great example of this. The lower half of the body must generate enough power to push the body into a standing position.

Add in a weighted vest, and your leg workout went up a notch due to the increase in pounds.

A Weighted Vest Can Revive Bodyweight Workouts

This is one of our favorite reasons for using a weighted vest.

Throwing a vest with weights into the mix can bring back some workouts that you thought were “too easy”.

A great example of this is walking. For many, walking is seen as a low-return workout since it does not do a great job raising the heart rate and is not very strenuous.

But, with a weighted vest, walks on even the flattest surfaces can elevate the heart rate and turn an ordinary and boring walk into a full-scale cardio session. That makes a vest for walking a great idea.

“Easy” exercises become a different kind of challenge when including a weighted vest.

Conclusion Of The Best Weight Vest List Of 2022

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I love wearing my weighted vest.

I wear it on almost every long walk and even on some runs.

I love wearing it on steep hills, thanks to a tip from my friend John Loftus, running coach and owner of the website

A weighted vest workout can add resistance to push-ups, pull-ups, and most body movement exercises.

Consider a weighted best if you are looking for a fun and unique way to add more resistance to your body weight workings, walks, and runs.

*study by American Council on Exercise

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